5 Reasons why you need to Get Rid Of Your Waist Trainer


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5 Reasons why you need to Get Rid Of Your Waist Trainer
Posted on: August 31, 2020, 09:49:33 PM
It is not news that many people prefer taking shortcuts to get a fit body since getting a fit body is hard. Waist training has become the latest craze amongst celebrities, and their fans, in turn, have picked it up as well. Waist trainers are an imitation of the tight-fitting corsets that women wore during an old era. The corset was meant to forcefully reshape the midsection, thereby giving the wearer an hourglass shape. These waist trainers aren't like spandex; rather, they are so tight that they can sometimes take your breath away.

How Waist Training Works

Waist trainers are made from thick fabrics with hard metal boning, and they are placed around the midsection of your body and then secured with a belt or a lacing system. It is believed that wearing these waist trainers repeatedly for months will help mould your body in an hourglass figure. According to the people who use these waist trainers, simply wearing them helps take an inch from your waist within a few weeks.

Waist training is not a new thing in the world because it is something that women have been wearing for years. Even the same thing as the contraptions that women were popularly known to wear over 100+ years ago. But now, they have been modernized and made to come in different trendy prints. The popularity or trend of waist training is likely to be connected to some corseting converts like Jersey Shore stars and the Kardashians. These corseting converters took pictures of their cinched-in waist and curvy hips then broadcasted it on Instagram.

All these waist training advocates or proponents claim that the waist trainers helped them shrink their waistline. They also claim that they got a better posture and eat less just because of the waist trainers, but they fail to let people know that they have difficulty breathing when using it. But the real question remains, do these modernized corsets or waist trainers work? Also, is the act of waist training dangerous?

The Truth About Waist Training and Why You Should Avoid It

Although wearing waist trainers once in a while wouldn't harm you in any way, wearing it for a long time to aid in waist training will not be an effective slim down method. It will not help you change any portion of your body; rather, it might lead to different health issues. Here are some of the reasons you should avoid using waist trainers.

* Waist Training Can Damage Vital Organs

Whenever you're making plans towards a quick way to lose stomach fat, you need to remember that your torso doesn't only consist of fat and muscle. Remember that your torso is the home to some of your essential organs like your lungs, stomach, liver, and kidneys. When you try to fit into a corset or a waist trainer, just as your tummy gets smaller, your organs also try to adapt and end up getting pushed into different unnatural positions. The new position of your organs makes them too close and become too crowded to function properly. When you use the waist trainer or corset occasionally, it won't harm you. Still, when you use it as a permanent waist training technique, you will end up harming your organs permanently, or disfigure your body, or even cause a fracture on your ribs.

* You Will Only be Slowly Suffocating Yourself

Waist training with the use of corsets or waist trainers deprives your body of the amount of oxygen it needs, thereby reducing the lung's capacity by an estimated 30-60%. Some of the side effects are inflammation, discomfort, fluid buildup in the lungs, low energy, and passing out. Another effect of binding yourself in a waist trainer is your lymphatic system's restriction because it requires a normal range of motion and deep breathing to remove properly from your body waste products and toxins.

* You Can End Up Crippling Your Digestive System

In the abdomen, an intricate network is made up of your oesophagus, stomach, and intestines. This means that proper digestion can be hindered by extreme compression from a waist trainer or corset. It can lead to blockage in your digestive tract and is likely to cause acid reflux and other issues. While you are wearing a waist trainer, any weight loss that occurs is likely as a result of your stomach being crushed. Sacrificing your health all in the name of weight loss is not worth it because it will one day backfire. Healthily losing weight will bring about a lot of positive side effects.

* Waist Training Does Not Work

Waist trainers do not reduce belly fat the way celebrities hype that it does. Compared to liposuction that contours your body, a waist trainer will only squeeze your torso and give you a temporary change in your appearance. There is no evidence that the weight loss effect that occurs while waist training is because of the waist trainer instead of exercising and restricting calories. All you need to achieve a healthy weight loss is for us to exercise and on your diet.

* You Cannot Change the Shape of Your Body Drastically With a Piece of Fabric

Aside from the weight loss effect, it is believed that waist training gives a perfect hourglass figure. The issue with the claim about a waist trainer giving a person an hourglass curve is that once the waist trainer is taken off, your natural body shape will return. It is normal for you to have a body shape other than the stereotypical hourglass shape. Even athletes and the fittest of people possess different body types.

The Beauty of Slimming Down Naturally and Proven Ways to Reshape

There is no better way to trim down or improve your body's contours than to use the natural method (healthy diet and regular exercise). Strictly watch your food portions and swap out all your sugary and processed snacks for only fresh and whole foods. While regularly exercising, ensure you add some strength training because they will help boost your metabolism and tone down your muscles, leaving you with or giving you a tighter tummy.

If you're looking to lose weight healthily, it is advised that you see a dietician, a personal trainer, or a physician. One of these people will guide you through the process of safely losing weight and even go further to suggesting some exercise you can try out that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Eating healthily and regularly exercising will make you look happier and more vibrant.

Concerning the wait trainers, since you now know the risks of using it, it is up to you to either continue using it or quit using it. If you wish to use us for special occasions, maybe like a party to help your stomach look tighter, you can go right ahead. But if you're looking into using the waist trainer as a way to get your tummy looking tighter like I said, it's up to you, but you can use that money to buy new comfortable clothes for workout.

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