7 Best ways to get rid of self-doubt, Avoid damaging inner voice


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7 Best ways to get rid of self-doubt, Avoid damaging inner voice
Posted on: October 09, 2020, 08:21:14 PM
Self-doubt is a silent killer. It can be a consistent voice holding you back from doing the things you ought to do. It stops you from taking risks in life that's supposed to push you forward. It stops you from beginning or ending things effectively and in time. Sometimes self-doubt can help open your eyes to situations and show you some things you wouldn't have naturally seen. But, it mainly draws you back.

How to get rid of this damaging inner voice (self-doubt)

1. Command it to halt: Whenever these thoughts come up, be quick to act. Don't allow it to grow worse. Don't let the discouraging whispers turn into full discouraging sentences. Tell it to stop before it progresses. Interrupt the discouraging thoughts and prevent it from taking full control.

2. Think about the past and call back memories: If you think about the past were you had doubted yourself and still succeeded, take a positive step. Whenever you remember how well you had fared in the past even with self-doubts in sight, it is now possible for you to get rid of them and move on with life. Self-doubts mainly try to keep you stagnant.

3. Don't compare: If you're the kind of person that compares yourself to people who display their lives on social media or your friends, there's a high possibility for self-doubt to come in. The best way to handle situations is to compare your present self to your old self to see how far you've reached and know how many hurdles you've crossed.

4. Don't overwork yourself with what other people will say or do: It doesn't matter how people see you as long as you do the right thing and you're happy. If you start wondering about what people will say about you or think of you, self-doubt comes in thereby causing you fear. If that happens, remind yourself that people don't sincerely care about what you do and what you don't do.

5. Look at setbacks as being temporary: Whenever you face a setback, you might think that's your new story or that's what you should be expecting now, but it shouldn't be so. If you look at things this way, you might get stuck by the thought of not taking action at all. Remind yourself that because you failed doesn't tag you as a failure. People who experience setbacks are those who take chances in life. It's not every time that things work out as planned, so use the setback as an advantage to take action.

6. Acknowledge and celebrate any little win: Whenever you take a small step like start a dieting plan or a workout plan and successfully complete it, it's a win and you should learn to celebrate it. Take a break and celebrate yourself. It will be more exciting to refresh our motivation and it will be easier to take action.

7. Recharge your skills: If you feel nervous or scared about certain situations, practice. Read books about it and gain more knowledge, so as to feel confident in yourself.

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