Fairmoney Loan App review | how to get quick loan in seconds


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Fairmoney Loan App review | how to get quick loan in seconds
Posted on: November 28, 2020, 04:11:13 PM
Fairmoney is an outstanding loan provider in Nigeria and across other Africa countries with a flexible interest rate compared to some other loan providers in Nigeria. If you are looking for trusted and easy to use mobile loan provider then think about Fairmoney, they are currently one of the best.

However, my favourite loan app is always Carbon, long time ago I reviewed 8 best mobile loan app in Nigeria excluding Fairmoney loan from that list because they refused to accept me, there is no way I can review them without knowing how their platform works.

The good news is that I have been accepted to join Fairmoney family and I now understand how the platform works. I know some people are still struggling to get approved but I will explain a few things that can help you get approved easily. I hated Fairmoney because they refused to accept me but that hatred disappeared immediately they accepted me.

Accepting me was not good enough for me to like their platform but after using it 3 to 4 times I now decided to share my experience. From what I can see Fairmoney is now one of the best loan providers in Nigeria. They are the real definition of instant loan. Moreover, I don't tag them the best because they can approve loan application faster but the interest rate is good compared to other loan providers.

Interestingly, Fairmoney mode of operation is different from other loan providers, the more you request and repay your loan on time the lesser interest you will pay. They also offer longer loan repayment plan like 3 to 12 months, offering their users the peace of mind they deserve.

How to get your application approved

One big problem you might face after downloading and installing the fairmoney mobile app from Google play store is getting approved. It took me some months to get approved but winners don't quit, below are what you need to do.

Keep Fairmoney app installed on your phone: If you have tried fairmoney for the first time and they refused to accept you, don't worry just keep the app installed on your phone for sometimes. While on your phone they will monitor and determine whether you are worthy of getting a loan from them or not. they need to be sure that you can repay your loans if they eventually approve your application.

Use Fairmoney loan app to buy airtime and data: Fairmoney mobile loan app helps their users to buy airtime and data easily from their bank. However, you can as well use the app to pay other utility bills such as Nepa bills, subscribe to cable Tv like GOtv, DStv etc.

The more you use the app to perform transactions, the more you gain their trust and as well increase the chances of getting approved. If you get angry and delete the app from your phone then getting approved will be hard for you.

Why you should try Fairmoney

I have used almost all the good and bad mobile loan app in Nigeria even when I don't need the money to enable me to find out how every loan platform works. Moreover, it took a couple of months before fairmoney was able to accept me but since then, I have seen why some people praise them. If you have read my other reviews you will know that Carbon and Branch are always my best loan providers and app in Nigeria but right now, I am adding Fairmoney into that list.

* They are Fast and secure: Every information provided during registration is 100% encrypted and secured with top-level security. You don't need to be afraid when providing your personal or debit card details their platform is fully secured. However, once you are accepted into the platform, getting a loan becomes easier than ever, 2 minutes is more than enough to receive an alert.

* Longer repayment plan up to 12 months: For all the mobile loan app that I have used, Fairmoney is the best in terms of loan duration, I tried them two times, and they offered me up to 3 months duration while others will wait until you complete up to 10 transactions with them.

* They offers higher loan amount and flexible interest: I understand that my experience might be different from other users but I was surprised to see Fairmoney offering me up to 90,000 Naira just after two transactions, Other platforms can only offer you such amount after using them for months. Fairmoney also offers a flexible interest rate that will give you peace of mind while repaying your loan, unlike other greedy platforms that only compound your current situation all in the name of offering your quick loan.

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 As they say, seeing is believing, all am trying to do is tell share my experience while using Fairmoney mobile loan provide and which clearly shows that fairmoney loan really works and not just a hype. As I said earlier, the only problem is to get approved and once you succeed you will enjoy their services.

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Re: Fairmoney Loan App review | how to get quick loan in seconds
#1 Posted on: December 05, 2021, 09:12:09 AM
Why am not egilable after paying my dept

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