Glo Berekete tariff plan is of more benefits than you may think: how to subscribe, unsubscribe


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Glo Berekete is the service provider's newest package added to it's tariff plan catalog, and as against generally held sentiments of Glo call packages, this one is of immersive value.

Glo is Nigeria's major indigenous telecom operator and the country's favourite for discounted data packages. Not only is the operator known for slashes in data prices, Globacom in recent years have ushered to it's subscribers varying kinds of products. These attempts are made to stay competitive among industry leaders like MTN and Airtel.

Who occupies the number two position?

Any astute follower of the country's telecom industry wouldn't fail to notice the apparent strife among the four major operators over who gets the majority of subscribers. Eminent among which centers on who gets to be named as the second biggest service provider (in terms of subscriber numbers). This struggle is between the red-branded operator, Airtel and Mike Adenuga's owned Globacom. The number one spot has consistently and ‘unassailably’ been with MTN for years now.

For about four years till the present, Airtel and Globacom have occupied the spot, with one taking on from another after some spell above the other. After months of being the better operator of the two, Globacom was overstepped in August, and left to settle for third spot.

A September report outlining industry figures shows that Globacom now have 54.25 million subscribers, after gaining some 1.32 million persons in the particular month reviewed. This addition is however not enough to cast Airtel from the spot it occupies. The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, reports that Airtel Nigeria gained 55.25 million after adding 483,851 subscribers. In the same month under review, market leader, MTN lost a net subscriber of 448,431 to end the month with 82,635,082 mobile subscribers. The fourth major operator, 9mobile, meanwhile added 351,610 subscribers to bring its total number of subscribers to 12.72 million. After subscriber losses in the beginning part of the year, the fourth major operator got yet another gain.

The frequent release of products by operators particularly Globacom and Airtel isn't unconnected to this prevailing struggle. Both operators have reviewed conditions to some of their tariff bundles, and they had at a time this year provided discounts on their products.

Glo Berekete — the clauses

Like the Yakata, the Berekete product is a tariff package, and how long it remains so without a change of name and corresponding change in benefits is unknown. It should be noted that Glo Berekete isn't a promotional package; it is meant for all subscribers. According to the operator, subscribers would continue to enjoy the plan demanded than they haven't left for some other packages.

Another good news is, you wouldn't have to pay any daily access fee upon making your first call of the day. However, the chargeable rates are high; the rates charged when billed from the bonus accounts being much higher.

Now, although the bonuses are considerable, these could not be used in making international calls. It would also be needless trying to access the bonus while roaming. Furthermore, the Glo Berekete bonuses cannot be engaged in sending both local and international SMS. These aren't surprising as almost other call plans don't allow such.

Glo Berekete call rates

The most important aspect of call tariff plans which atimes is left unconsidered by subscribers is the rates charged on calls. How fast your call credit depletes per second is a function of the rate outlined for the package you're subscribed to.

When calls are billed from the main balance, it's so at a rate of 36k/s. If charged from the bonus account, the rate is 77k/s. Similarly, if it's billed from the one-off welcome bonus, it's at a rate of 70k/s.

These rates are considered extravagant, however after a peep at those of the defunct Glo Yakata, you would easily discern the better package of the two. Meanwhile, SMS charges are at a rate of N4/message and are billed from the main account.

Bonus and benefits

New subscribers to the network enjoys a welcome bonus of N600. This bonus is a one-off perk, with calls made from the line foremostly billed from this account. To get this bonus you will need to get your SIM fully activated. And according to the service provider, successful activation entails registering your SIM, recharging with minimum of N100 and making a first call from it. Regarding the distribution of the welcome bonus, N400 is to be used in placing calls to all networks at a rate which was made known above (70k/s).
The remaining N200 is meant to serve as data at the rate of N1/mb.

Additionally, as a new subscriber to the Glo network, you would be eligible for a 100% bonus on all data plans bought within 4 months of SIM activation.

After the bonuses made above, you've got yourself a 700% bonus to savour in and a unique special data perk. The 700% bonus has no ending date (a date inwhich the beneficiaries would cease getting rewarded the multiplier give-out), however, the special data bonus could only be obtained on first recharge of each month for four months starting from first day of SIM registration.

The distribution of the bonuses are as follows:

RechargeBonus Value (700%)All-Net Voice BonusData Bonus Special Data Bonus *

Remember, you dial *230*1# to check your bonuses. All data and call bonuses valids for 7 days only.

Subscription to the Glo Berekete plan

Dial *230# to subscribe to the tariff plan. Alternatively, you could use the operator's 'all-in-one' USSD code — *777# — to change your profile into the Glo Berekete.

It should be of note that subscription to the package is free for all subscribers, however, multiple subscription within a month attracts a N100 tariff.

How do I Unsubscribe or opt-out of Glo Berekete

Unsubscribing from Glo Berekete, and virtually all other Glo tariff packages needs you to opt-in to another package. The steps through it are well made here.

Glo Berekete vs Yakata — they do share similarities

Glo Yakata was a popular package when it was released in 2018. This acceptability isn't unconnected to the bonuses it came with, in addition to Glo's subsisting data packages. However as has always been done by other operators, Glo chose to devalue the favourite package, and that followed a change of name.

From 'Glo new Yakata' it went southward to be known as 'Glo Yakata Ultra' where it is till today. The stark disimilarities between the defunct 'Yakata' could be seen in the bonuses they did offer:

The Yakata offered:
» 6GB FREE data Every Month for 6 months!
»2,200% which is 22 times value on every N100 recharge to call all networks.
» bonuses charged at a rate of 70k/s

The 'Yakata Ultra' which is still in existence could be activated by dialling *310#. The bonus obtainable are:

Recharge AmountAll-Net CreditOn-Net CreditData Bonus
100120180 30MB

Bonuses like the ones from the Berekete package are valid for only 7 days. And calls made from both main and bonus accounts are billed at 54k/sec.

Conclusively, the 'Glo Berekete' tariff package is one which is value packed, although the length of time it's going to remain so is yet unknown. Nevertheless despite such uncertainty, the Berekete package is a worthy one which is deserving of first individual experience.


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