Cheapest MTN data plans 2021 — the best data subscription bundles so far


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MTN is Nigeria's leading telecommunication network, and one of the most trusted internet service provider in the country. Aside being a brand to beat in the telecom sphere, the operator goes benevolent in providing cheap data offers for it's about 64 million internet subscribers.

And although Globacom, an indigenous telecom provider is widely said to be the cheapest internet provider the country over, the reasonable pricing put up by the telco comes at an expense. It's a widely known truth that the internet service provided by the indigenous operator is atimes poor and uncertain especially in crowded regions. The two remaining operators, 9mobile and Airtel follows follows suit and are usually not exceptional like the MTN brand in offering an excellent broadband service. This doesn't rule out the reality that user experience with a particular operator differs between locations, although generally MTN scores good.

1GB Data price down to N487.18 from N1,000 — NCC

Competition among the four major telecom operators have led to reductions not only in calling rates but in the pricing of data products. This the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, which serves as the national telecom regulator says is influenced by it's consumer-centric policies.

According to the NCC, the average cost of 1GB data as at November 2020 was N487.18 and 50% much reduced than the price which was obtainable in January of the same year. This however has been refuted by subscribers, with the being statement labelled as erroneous and bureaucratic as they claim they still pay a thousand naira for the least obtainable monthly data plan. For users on the MTN network, the official price of a thousand naira monthly plan(the least priced monthly data plan) bought gives them a 1.5GB worth of data.

Nevertheless, cheaper bundles exists but with lesser validity periods, and those might have added up to output the regulator's tally. MTN provides a 1GB daily data for N350, and the same data value for just N500 weekly.

Nigeria's 2020-2025 broadband plan and the reduction in data prices

The 1GB for N487.18 average supposedly obtained in November 2020 is aimed towards meeting the 2020-2025 broadband plan set by the telecom regulator. It should be noted that the Nigerian telecom regulator, the NCC, is a commission under the ministry of communication and digital economy and literally comes under the dictates of the ministry. Fostering the 2020-2025 broadband plan is a directive to the regulator from the ministry.

Nigeria’s broadband penetration currently stands at 40.2% and the ministry hopes to accelerate it to 90% in 2025 through the National broadband plan. Data download speeds across the country is also in line to be effected by this policy, that is, if it's goes successful. Additionally, a minimum internet download speed of 25Mbps is expected in urban areas, while a speed of 10Mbps is expected in rural areas, all at a price not more than N390 per 1GB of data (i.e. 2% of median income or 1% of minimum wage).

Consistently following the mapped out plan, it is expected that data prices would go cheap, and those from the market leader, MTN, is likewise expected to gradually make a downward trend. When such happens, be sure to be updated of it on this page. For the time being, below are the most affordable data plans you could obtain from the service provider.

The MTN Data4ME is worthy of trial

The MTN Data4ME bundles although said to be available for all subscribers on the telecom network is directed at users with some degree of inactivity on their line. The promo offers discounted data bundles, however there are several catches which indicates these bundles are just meant to invite-in inactive subscribers.

One of the clauses is that you need to either be a new or a low-spending subscriber in order to access the various cheap bundles. If you are one who spends much purchasing airtime, you would nevertheless still be able to purchase these Data4ME packages. However, the bundles on display for you would be pricey but definitely worth your money. The general downside for all classes of subscribers to the promo is that after multiple purchase of the bundles, some popular ones would be unavailable for you pending some periods of time.

Bonuses are as cheap as: 10MB for N2 naira; 75MB for N20; 200MB for N50 naira; and 1GB for N200 naira, with validity periods ranging between 24 hours and 14 days. These bundles could be subscribed to by dialling *121*3# on your MTN sim card or by visiting

Additionally you could access the offers by using the myMTN App. On the app, click on the MegaDealZone tab, then use the “Crack the Egg” feature to redeem your offer.

Cheapest daily and weekly data plans from MTN

The daily and weekly plans are one of the cheapest bundles obtainable on all the four telecom service providers in the country. You would be served with bundles which packs some great allocation of data, however for just some limited hours.

The MTN 24hrs bundles valids from the time of subscription through the next 24hrs after it. The 2-days plan in same vein valids through 48 hours while the weekly bundles has a duration of seven or fourteen days as case may be. The cheapest daily and weekly bundles are as follows:

Data VolumePriceDuration Activation code
40MBN501 day*131*114#
100MBN1001 day*131*104#
1GBN3001 day*131*155#
2GBN5001 day*131*154#
200MBN2003 days*131*113#
350MB + 350MB BonusN3007 days*131*102#
1GB + 1GB BonusN5007 days*131*142#
2GB + 2GB BonusN10007 days*131*105#
6GBN1,5007 days*131*143#
750MB + 750MB BonusN50014 days*131*103#

Cheapest monthly data plans from MTN

These plans synchronise with your monthly wage, and an effective stack of bundles for subscribers who do budget their earnings and expenses each thirty days.

However, due to an extended validity period, the data plans are by and large less affordable. It is nevertheless suitable for those who don't mind a the price for a monthly bundle.

Data VolumePriceDuration Activation code
1.5GBN100030 days*131*106#
2GB + 4GB Free for YouTube once in 30 daysN120030 days*131*130#
3GBN150030 days*131*131#
4.5GBN200030 days*131*154#
200MBN2003 days*131*110#
350MB + 350MB BonusN3007 days*131*102#
6GBN250030 days*131*147#
10GBN350030 days*131*107#
15GBN500030 days*131*116#
40GBN100030 days*131*117#

MTN Social bundles are likewise cheap

Social media have gradually become that irresistible enclave to the youths and adults likewise. However, to access these platforms you do need an internet data, and a reasonable amount of it is needed because of the photos and videos on display there.

Using a regular data plan to access these platforms would likely lead to a hasty data exhaustion. As such, the social bundles were onboarded to supplement the regular plans, and they are cheap with a good value for their pricing. The popular plans available are as follows.

TypeData VolumePriceDuration
Facebook100MBN150 monthly
Instagram100MBN150 monthly
WhatsApp100MBN150 monthly

The social bundles could be activated by dialling *131*2# on any MTN line.

Those are the cheapest obtainable data bundles on the MTN network. If you however need to use your airtime to browse at a rate of N3/MB, you can opt-in for Pay-As-You-Go browsing by dialing * 131*200#. Get to learn more of other telecom data and call products on the forum's telecom board.

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