MTN Tariff Plans 2022 — Cheapest Call Rates, Migration Code, And Benefits


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Call or tariff plans are packages under which all telecom subscribers are domiciled, and the purpose of it is to offer a uniform outgoing call rate for subscribers of a particular package, while a differing rate is presented for other groups in such a way that each calling package is unique from each other. Additionally, there are package-distinctive discounts and bonuses to serve the diverse needs of differing personalities. All these add up to make tariff plans an important aspect in telecommunication.

Tariff packages aside dictating the rates by which local calls are made, occasionally defines international calling rates. This is possible due to the provision of IDD packs on some tariff plans. Meanwhile, some other discreet characteristics attached to tariff plans includes plan-based data offers, attached call and data clauses, et cetera.

MTN is Nigeria's leading telecommunication operator with over 70 million subscribers across the 36 states of the country and FCT. It is the telecom service provider with the most reach among the popular four operators viz: Globacom; Airtel; MTN; 9mobile. Being a Nationwide network provider, their plans are expectedly favourable compared to those of the other four nationwide operators. Likewise, the MTN data plans for 2021 are comparatively cheap and favourable.

MTN tariff plans 2022

Listed below are the updated tariff plans from MTN. It is however important to note here that migration to a tariff plan from another multiple times under 30 days attracts a N102 fee.

Tariff planCall ratesMigration code
Yafun Yafun36.00k/sec (main account); 77.00K/sec (bonus account)For new subscribers only
BetaTalk36.00k/sec(main account); 64k/s (bonus account)*123*2*1#
XtraValueN27 per sec*131*2#
Pulse 25.6k/s*406*1#

MTN Yafun Yafun

The Yafun Yafun package is the default tariff plan for MTN subscribers. That means after a purchase and successful registration of your MTN line, you are automatically included into the Yafun Yafun tariff package. And as with default plans, new subscribers get allotted enticing benefits in the form of airtime multipliers offers and data bonuses.

MTN Yafun Yafun offers the following benefits:

  • » 700% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above: 400% of it is to be used for calls and SMS while 300% of the bonus is for data.

    » N500 Activation bonus: N400 is used for National calls/SMS and N100 for data.

    » 100% Data Bonus on select data plans.

Upon making a recharge, you would be foremostly charged from the main account for one minute at a rate of 36.00k/sec. After the first minute charge from the account, subsequent charges would be from the activation and 700% bonus respectively.

The activation bonus is a one-off offer and it gets exausted before other bonuses and it gets wiped off from account if left unused after a seven days period. Local Calls are at the rate of N42.38/min from the account while local SMS are at N12.29/SMS rate. PAYG browsing is at a rate of N0.10/MB.

The Yafun Yafun 700% bonus account is charged at a rate of N46.20/min for local calls. Local SMS is at a rate of N12/SMS. The 700% bonus like the activation bonus is valid for 7 days from the day of line recharge.

In same manner, the offered 100% bonus on select data plans serves the data purpose of users on the package. The data multiplier bonus is obtainable through a period of four months from the date a line was registered. The select data plans which the double data could be obtained are as follows:

S/NDescription/VolumePrice (N)
1   25MB Daily Plan50
3   75MB Daily Plan100
4   200MB 2-Day Plan200
5   250MB 2-Day Plan200
6   350MB Weekly Plan300
71GB Weekly Plan500
82GB Weekly Plan1000
121.5GB Monthly Plan1000
13   2GB Monthly Plan1200
14   3GB Monthly Plan1500
15   4.5GB Monthly Plan   2000
163.75GB Monthly Plan1500
17   4.5GB Monthly Plan   2000
18   6GB Monthly Plan2500
198GB Monthly Plan3000
20   10GB Monthly Plan3500
21   15GB Monthly Plan5000

The Yafun Yafun package is a temporary one. After a period of six months, one would be migrated to the BetaTalk tariff plan, with notices served days before the mandatory switch.

  • » Dial *556# to check your Yafun Yafun main account and total airtime bonus.
    » Dial *559*43#* to view details of the bonus.
    » Dial *131*4# to check your data bundle and bonus.

MTN BetaTalk

The BetaTalk tariff plan is one which gives to subscribers an encouraging 250% bonus on all recharge from N1 and above. This package was a popular one years back, but has been stripped of some benefits it did usually pack.

Local calls are charged at a rate of 36.00k/sec from the main account for the first minute call of the day and subsequent calls charged from the account. Calls charged from the bonus account are at a rate of 64k/sec, while data rate charged from the same account is at N15.36 per MB. The airtime bonus valids for only seven days.

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk, simply dial *123*2*1# or text BT to 131.

MTN XtraSpecial

The MTN XtraSpecial tariff package is one which offers a flat rate of 15.36k/sec for calls to all networks in Nigeria and select international locations.

This tariff package has no airtime bonus to offer subscribers, neither has it any data bonus. Probably the cheap call rates which it packs stands in such stead.

The select international destinations which are covered under the reduced 15k/s call charge includes:

  • 1. Canada
    2. China
    3. Denmark
    4. Norway
    5. India
    6. Ireland
    7. Malaysia
    8. Romania
    9. Singapore
    10. South Korea
    11. United Kingdom
    12. United States

XtraSpecial subscribers also stand to enjoy some special data bundles which are:

  • » 6GB monthly data bundle at N2000
    » 1.5GB 14-day data bundle at N750
    » 10MB Data Bonus on First recharge of the month
    » 3.75GB monthly data bundle at N1500

Subscribers opting for the XtraSpecial tariff plan need to choose between the postpaid and prepaid package.
As a prepaid subscriber, opting for a postpaid service from MTN demands you visit one of MTN's service centres with a valid international passport, driver’s license or national ID card; and one Passport Photograph.

Prepaid subscribers need to dial *408*1#, *123*2*4#, or send 408 to 131 to migrate to the plan.

MTN XtraValue

The XtraValue package offers subscribers the benefit of obtaining both airtime and data under one subscription. Subscribers to this package wouldn't need to get a separate top-up for calls and another for data subscription as both functions are well served on the subscribed pack.

The XtraValue bundles is usually valid through a comfortable 30 days period but falls short in the rate which calls are tariffed. Calls made through the XtraValue package is at a rate of N27 per sec.

XtraValue bundles are divided into two: the XtraTalk which gives more of airtime than data, and the XtraData which gives much of data than calling credit. To subscribe to XtraTalk bundles, dial *131*2*1#, while subscription to XtraData  bundles is through *131*2*2#.

A successful subscription leads to an automatic migration to the XtraValue plan.

MTN Pulse

The Pulse tariff plan is obviously MTN's tariff package for data servings. This is the only MTN tariff plan from which any subscriber could subscribe to the popular midnight data plans, as well as some dedicated special plans. The special plans include:

  • » Data bonus of 10MB on first recharge of the month.
    » 750MB 3-days data plan at ₦300
    » 1.5GB Weekly data plan at ₦500
    » 350MB IG & TikTok plan for ₦100
    » 1GB IG & TikTok for ₦200
    » 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N25
    » 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N50.

A discreet clause is however placed on the plan's call rate. A subscriber could access the plan's much promoted calling flat rate of 11.26k/sec only after spending ₦15.36K daily. The initial ₦15.36K used for first calls of the day are levied at a rate of 25.6k/sec.

Yet again, this change have left much to be desired of the once popular Pulse package.

Subscription to the pulse package is by simply texting 406 to 131, or by dialing *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

MTN Trutalk

The MTN Trutalk is a call-centric package which allows for calls made to all networks at a rate of 11.26k/s. There's a clause though.

A rental fee of ₦7.17 is deducted upon initiating the first call of the day. And if the airtime balance is lesser than the required access fee necessary to initiate a call or you've been gifted a bonus airtime, calls are charged at a rate of 15.36kobo per second.
To opt into MTN Trutalk tariff plan, text ‘TT’ to 131 or dial *123*2*6#.

MTN mPulse

The mPulse plan is a package for kids of aged nine to fifteen. This tariff plan allows the kids an affordable access to the mPulse website which is loaded with resources of learning.

Among others, the benefits you get from the tariff package includes special discounted data bundles for mPulse website and a special birthday reward of N200 airtime.

National calls are at 15.36k/secs, while SMS are made at a rate of ₦4/message.

To subscribe to the plan, dial *344*1# or send ‘mPulse’ to 131.

Choosing a tariff plan that aligns to your needs makes for increased productivity. For instance, a student who makes more research on the internet would need to be subscribed to the Pulse package to enjoy the full data benefits of the MTN network. Conversely, one whose tasks revolves round making lengthy duration of calls would need to be subscribed to the BetaTalk or TruTalk package for a better and rewarding experience.
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