GOtv Subscription Packages 2021 — The Bouquets In Details


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GOtv Subscription Packages 2021 — The Bouquets In Details
Posted on: January 11, 2021, 11:29:37 PM
GOtv is a pay television service owned by Multichoice, which itself is also the parent company of DSTV, another popular pay television. Unlike DSTV, GOtv employs the use of terrestrial TV protocols to broadcast its signals. Opting for terrestrial technology rather than satellite communication ensures the subscription cost is kept low although at an expense: an outlay of quality.

In terrestrial broadcast, audio and picture quality is lesser than the former. This makes GOtv a less favourable pay-tv service compared with those transmitted through satellites to earth dishes.

GOtv came into the Nigerian market much later than DSTV. The purpose of its introduction being to capture the market left behind by DSTV due to the latter's expensive subscription bouquets. Compared to DSTV subscription packages, GOtv subscriptions are way cheaper being that it uses terrestrial broadcast technology. Another reason GOtv's subscriptions are cheap is that certain premium sporting events aren't under those packages. This brings to bare the question whether GOtv do broadcast football and other sporting events like the English Premier League.

Does GOtv Broadcast EPL And UEFA Champions League Live Matches

Although exclusive licence to broadcast the English premier league has been offered Supersport, a splinter company of Multichoice, the Supersport EPL channel has yet to be added to any of GOtv's package.

Notwithstanding, the ‘Supersport football’ channel available in some of GOtv's packages broadcasts some premier league live matches, although not the cardinal ones. You wouldn't also be able to watch live UEFA champions league matches on any of GOtv's package as the ‘SuperSport football plus’ channel which broadcast such is unavailable in any of the packages.

Pay Per View — Unavailable On GOtv

A pay per view payment model in respect to broadcast communication implies that a subscriber gets charged based on channels viewed daily rather than by a mandatory periodic charge with no regard to whether you accessed your TV under the period. With a pay per view model you get served what you paid for during the period you so which.

Unfortunately, GOtv operates no such model. The only known broadcaster which offers such service is TSTV. Multichoice when encouraged to follow in same path argued that the model is unachievable because unlike in telecommunication which such is employed in call billing, being a one-way communication, there is no way broadcasters can determine whether subscribers are viewing a particular channel at an instant.

However, although there's no pay per view structure with GOtv, the subscription packages offered are quite affordable and all packed with exciting channels.

GOtv Subscription Bouquets And Channels

Before making a purchase and despite being in knowledge of the affordability of the packages compared to similar ones from other brands, it is sensible to get a review of those packages. Doing so would ensure you subscribe to the package which suits your need. The packages are as follows:

S/N Package/bouquetNumber of channelsPrice
1.GOtv Max90₦3,600 monthly
2.GOtv Jolli82₦2,460 monthly
3.GOtv Jinja57₦1,640 monthly
4.GOtv Smallie Monthly36₦800
5.GOtv Smallie Yearly36₦6,200

GOtv Max

GOtv Max is the most pricey of all GOtv's monthly packages. It features five sports channels which are ESPN, SS football, SS Blitz, SS variety 3, and SS variety 4. These channels as explained above does broadcast live league matches but rarely features live EPL, Laliga, or UEFA champions league games.

Favourite kid channels like Nickelodeon and Disney Junior are covered under the package. This is in addition to music channels like Soundcity and MTV base. Popular channels like Televista, Zee world and some African Magic channels are all covered under the subscription.

In all, they are two documentaries channels, four children channels, two music channels, three religion, nine general entertainment and movies channels, twenty-one local channels, and three news and commerce channels. Full list of channels are as follows:

    1. Telemundo
    2. Eva +
    3. Zee World
    4. Star Life
    5. Discovery Family
    6. Real Time
    7. NatGeo Wild
    8. Spice TV
    9. Discovery ID
    10. E! Entertainment
    11. FOX
    12. FOX Life
    13. BET
    14. CBS Reality
    15. AfricaMagic Family
    16. AfricaMagic Hausa
    17. AfricaMagic Yoruba
    18. AfricaMagic Igbo
    19. ROK 3
    20. ROK 2
    21. TVC Entertainment
    22. Televista
    23. Trybe
    24. ESPN
    25. SS Blitz
    26. SS Football
    27. SS Variety 3
    28. SS Variety 4
    29. Naija FM
    30. Wazobia FM
    31. Nickelodeon
    32. Disney Junior
    33. Jim Jam
    34. Da Vinci Kids
    35. PBS Kids.
    36. Cartoon Network
    37. AfricaMagic Epic.
    38. AfricaMagic Family.
    39. AfricaMagic Hausa.
    40. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
    41. AfricaMagic Igbo.
    42. ROK 3.
    43. ROK 2.
    44. Spice TV.
    45. Televista.
    46. Trybe.
    47. HIP TV.
    48. Sound City.
    49. MTV Base
    50. Hip TV
    51. AFRO Music English
    52. Sound City
    53. Urban TV
    54. Faith
    55. Islam Channel
    56. Emmanuel TV
    57. Dove TV
    58. NTA Parliament
    59. BBC World News
    60. CNN International
    61. Al Jazeera
    62. Arise News
    63. TVC News
    64. NTA News24
    65. TNT Africa
    66. AfricaMagic Epic
    67. M-Net Movies 4
    68. B4U Movies
    69. ITV Benin
    70. BISCON tv
    71. Liberty TV
    72. Tiwa n Tiwa
    73. RAVE
    74. R2TV
    75. NTA2
    76. NTA International
    77. Silverbird
    78. AIT
    79. Channels
    80. Lagos TV
    81. Wazobia TV
    82. Arewa 24
    83. WAP TV
    84. EBS TV
    85. RSTV
    86. OGtv
    87. BCOS
    88. ONMAX
    89. ONMAX.
    90. Galaxy TV

For those 90 channels, costumers are to pay just N3,600 monthly.

Gotv Jolli

The GOtv Jolli subscription package contains only 82 channels and is priced at N2,460 per month. The cheap pricing means subscribers are to acquaint themselves with only three sports channels.

There's no live English premiership to expect on this package, and it is also obvious there's no important live sporting events, if any, to be broadcasted on the few available football channels.

The full channels under the Jolli package includes:

    1. ITV Benin
    2. BISCON tv
    3. Liberty TV
    4. Tiwa n Tiwa
    5. R2TV
    6. RAVE
    7. NTA2
    8. NTA International
    9. Silverbird
    10. AIT
    11. Channels
    12. Lagos TV
    13. Wazobia TV
    14. Arewa 24
    15. WAP TV
    16. EBS TV
    17. OGtv
    18. BCOS
    19. ONMAX
    20. ONMAX.
    21. AfricaMagic Epic.
    22. AfricaMagic Family.
    23. AfricaMagic Hausa.
    24. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
    25. AfricaMagic Igbo.
    26. ROK 3.
    27. ROK 2.
    28. Spice TV.
    29. Televista.
    30. Trybe.
    31. HIP TV.
    32. Sound City.
    33. FOX Life
    34. CBS Reality
    35. AfricaMagic Family
    36. AfricaMagic Hausa
    37. AfricaMagic Yoruba
    38. AfricaMagic Igbo
    39. ROK 3
    40. ROK 2
    41. TVC Entertainment
    42. Televista
    43. Trybe tv
    44. AfricaMagic Epic
    45. TNT Africa
    46. B4U Movies
    47. E! Entertainment Television
    48. FOX
    49. Galaxy TV
    50. Naija FM
    51. NTA Parliament
    52. BBC World News
    53. CNN International
    54. Al Jazeera
    55. Arise News
    56. TVC News
    57. NTA News24
    58. Faith Broadcast Network
    59. Islam Channel
    60. Emmanuel TV
    61. Dove TV
    62. Hip TV
    63. AFRO Music English
    64. Sound City
    65. Urban TV
    66. MTV Base
    67. SS Blitz
    68. SS Football
    69. SS Variety 4
    70. Wazobia FM
    71. Nickelodeon
    72. Disney Junior
    73. Jim Jam
    74. PBS Kids
    75. Da Vinci Kids
    76. Discovery Family
    77. Real Time
    78. NatGeo Wild
    79. Spice TV
    80. Telemundo
    81. Eva +
    82. Zee World

GOTV Jinja

Priced N1,640 per month, the GOtv Jinja package makes for an exciting and affordable bouquet. However, the sport channels have been reduced to just two while the music channel is only one.

Summarily, there are one movie channel, seven general entertainment channels, two sports channels, three kids and teens channels, twenty local channels on GOtv Jinja bouquet.

The 57 channels are as follows:

    1. ITV Benin
    2. BISCON tv
    3. Liberty TV
    4. Tiwa n Tiwa
    5. RAVE
    6. R2TV
    7. NTA2
    8. NTA International
    9. Silverbird
    10. AIT
    11. Channels
    12. Lagos TV
    13. Wazobia TV
    14. Arewa 24
    15. WAP TV
    16. EBS TV
    17. OGtv
    18. BCOS
    19. ONMAX
    20. ONMAX.
    21. AfricaMagic Epic.
    22. AfricaMagic Hausa.
    23. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
    24. AfricaMagic Igbo.
    25. Spice TV.
    26. Trybe.
    27. Sound City.
    28. AFRO Music English
    29. Sound City
    30. Urban TV
    31. E! Entertainment Television
    32. FOX Life
    33. AfricaMagic Hausa
    34. AfricaMagic Yoruba
    35. AfricaMagic Igbo
    36. TVC Entertainment
    37. Trybe
    38. Nickelodeon
    39. Jim Jam
    40. PBS Kids.
    41. NTA Parliament
    42. Al Jazeera
    43. Arise News
    44. TVC News
    45. NTA News24
    46. Faith
    47. Islam Channel
    48. Emmanuel TV
    49. Dove TV
    50. AfricaMagic Epic
    51. SS Blitz
    52. SS Variety 4
    53. Galaxy TV
    54. Real Time
    55. Spice TV
    56. Naija FM
    57. Wazobia FM

Gotv Smallie Monthly

Fully deserving of its name, the Smallie package is one for low budget subscribers who couldn't do without family entertainment. The package has in its pack channels which would deservedly have been free-to-air, by reason of the fact that licences are not paid for by the pay-tv company to broadcast them.

The Smallie monthly package includes one sports channel, twenty local channels, one general entertainment channel, one child channel, two music channels, four religion channels, and four news and commerce channels.

The full list is as follows:

    1. Spice TV.
    2. TVC Entertainment
    3. SS Blitz
    4. Naija FM
    5. Wazobia FM
    6. PBS Kids
    7. Faith
    8. Islam Channel
    9. Dove TV
    10. Emmanuel TV
    11. AFRO Music English
    12. Urban TV
    13. NTA Parliament
    14 . Al Jazeera
    15. TVC News
    16. NTA News24
    17. ITV Benin
    18. BISCON tv
    19. Liberty TV
    20. RAVE
    21. R2TV
    22. NTA2
    23. NTA International
    24. Silverbird
    25. AIT
    26. Channels
    27. Lagos TV
    28. Wazobia TV
    29. Arewa 24
    30. WAP TV
    31. EBS TV
    32. RSTV
    33. OGtv
    34. BCOS
    35. ONMAX.
    36. Galaxy TV

Gotv Smallie Yearly

This package packs the same channels which the Smallie monthly has, with the difference being the price and duration of subscription. While the Smallie monthly serves a month's duration, the Smallie Yearly package valids through twelve months (a year).

Subscribing to the yearly pack is much better and worthy a decision than going for the monthly pack. If the N6,200 subscription price is split into twelve month, each month's payment would have been about N500; a much discounted sum.

How To Subscribe/ Make Payment For Any Of GOtv's Bouquets

Subscribing to any of the above listed packages is easy, with different options made available to consider.

Through GOtv Physical Outlet

With your fund, head to any of GOtv's offices with your decoder's IUC number and request to make payment for a subscription.

You would be handed a receipt after making your payment, and your decoder would henceforth be activated for continued viewing.

Through The GOtv App

‘MyGOtv’ is the pay-tv's self-service online-based application where several operations could be made without the services of GOtv staffs or representatives. One of such task is paying for a subscription, and that could be done by following the below steps:

  • Download, install and log into your MyGOtv mobile app. Sign up if required.
  • Locate and click on the menu button located on the top right of the app.
  • Click on the ‘Make a Payment’ tab.
  • Enter the amount to be paid.
  • Next you have to confirm your details and select your preferred payment options.
  • Complete the payment process and you're done!

Through Any Other Online Payment Options

Aside making a GOtv subscription through their dedicated app, there are other third party platforms which does same thing. They are:

    1. Quickteller
    2. PAGA e-Pay
    3. Eazy Money
    4. eTranzact
    5. GlobalPAY
    6. PayU
    7. Stanbic mobile
    8. FCMB Bank
    9. Zenith bank
    10. PAGA mobile
    11. Konga
    12. Baxi Box

How To Clear Gotv Errors

Errors regularly do hover on the screen of your TV set connected to a GOtv decoder. Most atimes, these errors come about due to no doings of yours. They could be cleared by following certain do-it-yourself instructions. Learn how to clear GOtv errors comfortably.

Aside operation in Nigeria, GOtv operates in some handful of African countries. There is a GOtv Kenya ,
GOtv Namibia, GOtv Ghana , GOtv Malawi, GOtv Zambia , GOtv Zimbabwe , GOtv
Mozambique and GOtv Uganda.

Complaints could be served GOtv Nigeria through the following mediums:

  • Physical office: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +234 803 904 4688