Moneygram Tracking — Detailed Ways On How to Track Your Transfers, Money Orders


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Tracking a MoneyGram transaction or checking it transfers status is attainable and simple, as much as it leaves the customer with no room for panic. Additionally, there isn't only a single way to track a MoneyGram transaction, and all of these multiple methods are stress-free, much uninvolved as falling off a log.

How MoneyGram works

MoneyGram is a global money transfer company, enabling individuals and organisations make monetary transactions across countries directly to the destination bank accounts. The company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas has cooperation with about 400 banks across different continents.

MoneyGram also allows for bills payment allowing consumers to make urgent bills settlements at ease. The company also offers check outsourcing services for financial institutions in the United States. The services of MoneyGram could be engaged through agents located at it's numerous offices, especially in banks, or through their online portal.

One advantage of using MoneyGram to make a fund transfer is that it puts the sender and the receiver both in anonymity. Both could decide to remain anonymous to themselves, the government, or the system, as they so wishes.

More about MoneyGram

MoneyGram has a $10,000 per transaction limit including a limit on the accumulative transaction per month. You are required to transfer not more than $10,000 per month with MoneyGram.

The money transfer company has many different transfer options. One could transfer funds to a beneficiary via credit and debit cards, bank wires and cash. It is assumed to be in over 350,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries.

Sending and receiving money through MoneyGram

Sending money through MoneyGram while in Nigeria is simple with the first step being to locate a nearest MoneyGram office or agent around you. Go to the office or such location with the following documents:
  • Your national I.D
  • Full name and the location of the recipient. (The recipient’s bank name and account number should be included if your transfers is directly to the recipient's bank account.)
  • Amount you wish to send and this should include the transfer charge.

Upon arrival at the MoneyGram location, you would be tendered a form to complete. Get the details into it, pay for the transfer as well as the transaction fees, obtain it's 8-digit reference number and you are good as done.

Receiving a fund transferred through MoneyGram is quite easy, and simpler than sending.

If the money was wired directly through to the recipient's bank account, he or she just needs to wait its automatic deposit. If the fund was meant to be received at an appropriate MoneyGram office, then it gets less simpler. Foremostly as the recipient, you need to locate a MoneyGram agent near you. After such, you will be issued a form, which you would be needed to enter the 8 digit reference number and complete other necessary details on the form.

Furthermore, you would be required to turn in your valid photo I.D including the transfer fee to the agent for payment to be processed.

How to track a MoneyGram transfer as the sender

Track your transfers through the following means:

Place a call to MoneyGram

One of the options to track a MoneyGram transfer is place a call to the company through their main toll free number which is: 1-800-Moneygram (1-800-666-3947).

Aside requesting for your transfer's reference number, you might be required to offer some additional information from the call representative.

Track your MoneyGram transfer through one of their agents

Another way to check whether a MoneyGram order is successful or track at what stage it is, is to get a discussion with one of the company's agents.

Before attempting a visit to one of their office or the location where an agent resides, give a good duration of time from when you initiated a transfer. One of the easiest location to meet an agent is in an appropriate bank.

Online through the ‘transfer tab’

For those who made the transfer online, this should be the first tracking option. As with other options, the sender would be asked to provide his authentication/reference number when he/she taps on the "Track a Transfer" tab.

Required also would be the sender's name.

Track a MoneyGram transfer online through the transaction history

This is for those who made their transfers online.

To track orders, log in to the MoneyGram website, and navigate to the transaction history peculiar for your account. There listed are the different transfers you had made and their present statuses.

It's that simple.

How to track a MoneyGram transfer as the recipient

As a recipient of a fund, you could track a MoneyGram transfer as well. These could be made through any of the following ways:

Contact a MoneyGram agent

If the money order was to be delivered at a MoneyGram authorized location, you would need to frequently check out on the agent at such location about the status of it.

If the order is delayed for more than two to three weeks, you need to encourage the sender to file a claim card.

Through the ‘transfer' tab on the MoneyGram portal

Like the sender or just anybody, the receiver could track the status of a transfer/order online with the order's reference number. This code should have been given to you by the sender.

On the MoneyGram website, locate and tap on the "Track a Transfer" navigation. You will then have to enter your last name, and then click "Track Transfer" to access the status of the order.

It should be noted that the "Track a Transfer" function is open to all, and doesn't need a user to be logged in to the portal to access such function.
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