Tale of 3 Nollywood damsels at war


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Tale of 3 Nollywood damsels at war
Posted on: October 25, 2013, 06:37:34 PM
 Some of the newest names making waves right now
in Nollywood are Angela Okorie, Colette Orji and
Queeneth Hilbert. The Trio who seem to have
nothing in common except for their talent, drive,
beauty and perhaps the hands they have on the
knob of the pulse of the movie industry have had their paths crossed more often than not. While no evidence exists whether the three
beauties have had to jostle for a role, there is more
than enough evidence to prove the ladies have
fought each other for an award. In the ongoing Vanguard’s Sexiest in Nollywood
public opinion poll, the trio have been engaged in
fisticuffs of sorts to make the last ten in the
competition. As at last week, Angela seems to be
leading at 5th position but hotly being chased by
Colette Orji at 6th. Queeneth, who has had mixed blessing in the run is chasing hard at 8th place. As if that is not enough to pitch the ladies’ wits
against one another, Chase Awards nominees were
unveiled during the week where their names come
up again to battle for the position of the Best New
Actress of the Year. The three of them complete
seven-man nominees list which include Titi Oludipe, Tayo Sobola, Mary Remmy and Memunat Yinusa. Though Chase hasn’t come up with a list of films
which earned the actresses the nomination but a
good guess may not be inappropriate. Colette has said she is particularly fond of
‘Demonic Angel’ a movie which is a sequel to
‘Angel’. Other films she thought might have put
her in the picture include ‘Tears of Vengeance’ or
‘Illuminati’. For Queeneth, she felt her movie “My
Daughter, My Jewel” may be her trump card while Angela fingers no film in particular but the trouble
she went through in shooting ‘Widows Cot’, a film
that saw her shaving her hair, may just be her
calling card


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