Glo Data Plans 2021 — Cheapest Bundle Prices And Subscription Codes


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Globacom Limited, the only major indigenous telecom operator in Nigeria ferries one of the cheapest data bundles in the country. Popularly labelled the “grandmasters of data,” the data products sold to millions of its subscribers comes at an affordable rate, better than the ones offered by competing operators. The following article which you're about to read centers on Glo data plans outlined for the year 2021. If you're however concerned about the Glo tariff plans, you could read it up through the link.

Globacom data plans are bundled into diverse categories and comes in group patterns distinct from one another. This is to satisfy the different classes of individuals which are under the subscription of the network. There are the daily plans which serves for some 24-36 hours, the daily data needs of subscribers. The most popular of the plans is the monthly bundles. These plans serves for about 30 days, ideally running in tandem with a month's budget.

How to subscribe to a particular Glo data plan would be outlined beside the plan under consideration, although on a general note, to subscribe to a Glo data plan, you either do that through their HSI portal or by dialling *777# from a Glo line. The Glo HSI Portal at is a self-service portal accessible to only Glo subscribers, and in which these users could manage their Glo Internet subscriptions as well as purchase some. Below are the data plans obtainable on the Glo network:

Glo daily data plans

As was aforementioned, these plans serves the needs of users who require instant internet data for a short period of time, usually a day or two.

The daily and multi-daily data plans from Glo are value-added and comparatively betters those of other telcos. Subscribing to a Glo data plan is through dialing *777# and following the USSD prompt to get it activated. Below are the list of daily plans available:

Data Plan PriceData Volume For Old CustomersVolume For New CustomersValidity
N5045MB + 5MB*90MB + 5MB*1 day
N100115MB + 35MB*205MB +35MB*1 day
N200240MB + 110MB440MB +110MB*2 days
N500800MB + 550MB*1.6GB + 550MB*14 days

*Night Bonus – 12AM to 5AM

Glo Monthly Data Plans

These plans are cultured for a validity of thirty days. They are most suitable for individuals on an income routine, a situation where these subscribers earn salary on a periodic basis, usually a month. These monthly income could be distributed within a budget to expenditures of which data purchase is one. This goes to eliminate the inconvenience of having to purchase a data plan outside a budget, and this has a ripple effect on your overall spendings in a month.

Glo monthly plans are the most valuable, and they are outlined below:

Data Plan PriceData Volume For Old CustomersVolume For New CustomersValidity
N1,0001.9GB + [1GB(Night Plan valid for 2 days)]3.4GB + 1GB*30 days
N1,5003.5GB + 600MB*6.25GB + 500 MB*30 days
N2,0005.2GB + 600MB*9GB + 500 MB*30 days
N2,5006.8GB + 900MB*12GB + 750 MB*30 days
N3,0009GB + 1GB*16.25GB + 750 MB*30 days
N4,00012.25GB + 1GB*18.25GB + 750 MB*30 days
N5,00017GB + 1.25GB*30GB + 1.25GB*30 days
N8,00027.5GB + 2GB*36GB + 1GB*30 days
N10,00046GB + 4GB*46GB + 4GB*30 days
N15,00086GB + 7GB86GB + 7GB*30 days
N18,000109GB + 10GB*109GB + 10GB*30 days
N20,000126GB + 12GB*126GB + 12GB*30 days

*Night Bonus – 12AM to 5AM

Glo Mega Data Plans

Mega data plans has minor differences from other of Glo packages. With these set of bundles, they are no accompanying night bonus and both new and existing subscribers are served the same data face value.

Compared with the monthly and daily plans, these mega data pack renders more value and valids for a longer duration of time. Ideal for small, medium, and large scale businesses, the plan could be used with a router or modem. The following are the list of Glo Mega plans:

Data Plan PriceData VolumeValidity
N30,000225GB30 days
N36,000300GB30 days
N50,000425GB90 days
N60,000525GB120 days
N75,000675GB120 days
N100,0001TB1 year

The plans could be purchased by dialing *777# for plan menu and selecting “Super Mega Plans” then afterwards, you need to choose a plan of choice.

Glo Special Data Plans

These are plans unique from aforementioned bundles but unusual in a good way. There are bundles which could only by accessed in the night as well as they are those accessible only on weekends. The bundles are as follows:

Daily & Weekly Data Splash

  • 1GB at N300 for 1 day: This plan offers a bountiful value of data for a daily use.
  • 2GB at N500 for 2 day: similar to one above, although this offers the better value.
  • 1.25GB at N200 only on a sunday: this data plan is valid for just the 24hrs of a Sunday.
  • 7GB at N1,500 for 7 day: this plan provides more data value for a week, all at a convenient price.

Glo Night Data Plans

  • 250MB at N25 for 1 day (12am to 5am): A sizeable data value is offered on this package for night surfers.
  • 500MB at N50 for 1 day (12am to 5am): Similar to the package above, this plan offers a 500MB worth of data usable for just a night (12am till 5am).
  • 1GB at N100 for 5 days (12am to 5am): This plan offers the best value of the night plan as it gets an extended day of usage.

Glo Campus Data Booster

100MB at N100 for 2 days.
Added perks include:
  • 225MB On-campus data
  • 25MB free data for sharing
  • N100 Glo to Glo Bonus
200MB at N200 for 4 days.
Added perks include:
  • 450MB On-campus data
  • 50MB free data for sharing
  • N200 Glo to Glo Bonus
500MB at N500 for 7 days.
Added perks include:
  • 1.12GB On-campus data
  • 125MB free data for sharing
  • N500 Glo to Glo Bonus
1GB at N1,000 for 15 days.
Added perks include:
  • 2.25GB On-campus data
  • 250MB free data for sharing
  • N1,000 Glo to Glo Bonus
2GB at N2,000 for 30 days.
Added perks include:
  • 4.5GB On-campus data
  • 500MB free data for sharing
  • N2,000 Glo to Glo Bonus
5GB at N5,000 for 30 days.
Added perks include:
  • 11.2GB On-campus data
  • 125MB free data for sharing
  • N5,000 Glo to Glo Bonus

Glo Social Bundles

These are data packs which provides access to only selected social media platforms. They are effective when a subscriber runs out of conventional data plan, and could access social media. In order to subscribe to Glo Social Bundles, dial *777# and go to the ‘Social bundles’ menu.

Social bundles offered by Globacom are as follows:

WTF Bundles (Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook)

Subscribers will have access to WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

  • 100MB at N25 for 1 day.
  • 200MB at N50 for 30 days.
  • 500MB at N100 for 30 days.

YouTube Bundles

  • 100MB at N50 for 1 day.
  • 200MB at N100 for 7 days.
  • 500MB at N250 for 30 days.

OPERA Bundles

  • 25MB at N25 for 1 day.
  • 100MB at N50 for 7 days.
  • 300MB at N100 for 30 days.
Note: Video streaming and downloads are however not allowed.

Single Bundles – Instagram

  • 20MB at N25 for 1 day.
  • 50MB at N50 for 7 days.
  • 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

Single Bundles – Telegram

  • 20MB at N25 for 1 day.
  • 50MB at N50 for 7 days.
  • 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

Single Bundles – Tiktok

  • 20MB at N25 for 1 day.
  • 50MB at N50 for 7 days.
  • 125MB at N100 for 30 days.

How To Check Glo Data

To check the remaining data value in your plan, at your convenience, dial *127*0# or SMS “info” to 127.

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