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Posted by: Pauliasi
« on: April 11, 2024, 08:39:35 AM »

Love it
Posted by: E-Collins
« on: February 17, 2024, 10:16:39 AM »

I want use Facebook lite
download it from Google Play store.
Posted by: Maggie Maggz Terrence
« on: February 17, 2024, 10:05:27 AM »

I want use Facebook lite
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« on: March 09, 2023, 07:32:51 AM »

Posted by: Hairybear
« on: June 14, 2022, 10:02:58 PM »

Good day Asphalt, thanks for your informative article on Facebook Lite. I already have Facebook traditional installed so my question is: 1. Do I have to uninstall my traditional Facebook before installing Facebook Lite? 2. If I install Facebook Lite, will it pick up all the settings from the Tradional Facebook or will I have to completely reinstall all settings from the start. Thanks for any assistance you can give. Regards, Hairybear.
Posted by: Akello
« on: June 01, 2022, 09:46:05 AM »

Hi Facebook Lite
Posted by: Ashi g
« on: April 07, 2022, 06:03:45 PM »

Plez smile every one
Posted by: ofonime
« on: February 22, 2022, 01:49:34 PM »

How are u
Posted by: itz princess favour
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:10:12 AM »

Sweet dreams and love????????????????????,it sweet

Posted by: itz princess favour
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:07:12 AM »

I wish you guys long life and prosperity and blessing

Posted by: Asphalt
« on: February 11, 2021, 11:00:30 PM »

How to initiate a Facebook lite login, or probably get to be well-informed of this lite version of the Facebook app is what this guide is developed on.

Facebook is a popular social media platform, and its use shouldn't be a problem. If however, it is, you're sure to be clarified upon reading this comprehensive write-up. Creating new accounts using the Facebook App, Facebook lite app, or even the messenger lite app would be roundly examined as one reads along.

There Is A Difference Between Facebook And Facebook Lite

The Facebook Lite app is basically just a scaled-down version of the traditional Facebook app. The lite app is optimised to provide a fast and therefore an efficient use of the social media while still maintaining most of it's key features.

On a normal, there are various attributes of the Facebook traditional app which you wouldn't see featured on the lite version, and these non-featured attributes makes for the bulk in size of the social media app. By respect of this, Facebook lite is lesser in size (about 2MB) than the traditional app, which could size up to 50MB.

Another key difference between both apps is that while the lite version consumes less internet data, a feature which it is prominently made to do, the traditional application consumes much more data. This makes for a productive use where mobile internet signal is weak. Users of the app are less worried about connectivity while in those places of little to no internet connection, however such couldn't be said of the traditional app.

Despite these advantages, powerful features of the Facebook app had to be stripped to bring about a responsive and smart lite app. Users don't enjoy the full features of Facebook while using the Lite app and this bears a disadvantage to some persons. Below are the full features of Facebook lite.

Features Of Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite Weighs Less Than 2MB

The Lite app is a little above 1.5MB in application size, a stark difference from the storage size of 40MB + packed by the traditional Facebook app. As such, if you're one with a low budgeted allocation for internet data, getting a Facebook app installed wouldn't get much of your data.

It Engages Less Internet Data

Due to the scaled-down features of Facebook Lite, internet data is engaged less and that goes on to positively effect your spending routines.

Videos played on the Lite app are of lesser quality, and due to that, lesser quantity of data is used in it's replay. On the app also, videos aren't automatically replayed, and images are scaled to lower resolutions. All these are made to expend less data, as well as encourage judicious use of it.

Facebook Lite Loads Faster Than The Traditional Facebook

Due to the data saving attributes made for the app, Facebook Lite loads screen much faster than the traditional app and could be engaged to use in places with weak internet connectivity.

You could chat with friends, upload images, post statuses, react to posts, place comments, and perform virtually all what could be done with the traditional Facebook app under a stressed mobile connection. This couldn't be possible with the traditional app.

Engages Less System Resourses

For phones with lesser RAM storage and CPU power, Facebook Lite works perfectly in manner almost parallel with devices with higher CPU strength.

No Video upload On The Lite App

The Lite version of Facebook features no video capability. As such, users who frequent themselves with video stories and statuses would have to revert to the traditional app.

Going live on Facebook isn't also possible with the Lite application.

Lesser Facebook Features

Facebook lite has lesser features than the traditional app. Features like games and polls are nowhere present on the Lite app. This is understandable as they all engage much data, a situation which the app was made to counter.

The Interface Is Basic

Users of the traditional Facebook app especially the newer versions, would very likely see the Facebook Lite interface as basic.

While the traditional app has tiny icons, Facebook Lite app has much bigger ones. The lite app overall interface is one that is almost similar to an old version of the traditional app, especially ones which were made for feature phones.

Registering/ Signing-up for A Facebook Account Through The Lite App

Just like the regular app, all you have to do is foremostly get the lite app for Android or iOS downloaded from respective app stores. Switch on your data connection and tap on the downloaded app to get it loaded.

As a new user, prominent among the tabs displayed would be one seeking you to create a Facebook account. Click on it, fill in the details and get signed-up. If you, however, have an account, you only need to login to the account.

How To Login To Facebook Lite

You can login to Facebook application either through a web browser or via the dedicated Lite app.

Logging In Through The Lite App

As is done with the traditional app, you need to switch on your data connection and tap on the Facebook Lite icon to launch it. If you were signed out, you would be asked to provide your login details.
It's that simple!

Logging In To Facebook Lite

The following steps should be taken inorder to initiate a Facebook lite login via

  • On your mobile device, open a favourite browser and go to
  • If you weren't earlier logged-in, an input for your login credentials would be displayed upon accessing the login page.
  • Input the necessary details and tab on the login button to log into your Facebook account.

There's Also A Messenger Lite

Aside a Facebook Lite, there's also a lite version of the messenger app. The messenger lite app allows one to perform basic messenger functions without having to engage much data.

The app works much in pair with the Facebook lite app. You could conveniently start or continue a conversation with the messenger lite app directly from Facebook lite. To do this, the user clicks on the chat icon on the application and that redirects the user to the messenger lite app.

Also read: Why Facebook Login Lite is the Perfect Solution for Slow Internet Connections

Features of the messenger lite app include:

  • Video Calling: This feature was initially not available for the lite version of the app. This newly added feature allows for video calls to be made on the application like the traditional messenger app.
  • Animated Gifs: Gifs were always received on the Messenger lite app, but we're not animated. The recent update to the app allows for those animations.
  • Files, Pictures, Video, And Audio Sharing: With the Messenger Lite app, users could send audio, pictures, and even videos to friends.

    To do that, open a chat with any of your friends on Messenger Lite, then click on the + symbol in the lower-left corner.
    Afterwards, grant the Messenger Lite permission to access your device storage files, and then locate the file you want to send, and tap send.

  • Customised Messenger Lite Conversations: Users could change a conversation colour, emoji, or name with the messenger lite.
Other features of it are that it: Installs quickly; saves data; works where there's a slow or unstable internet connection.

Facebook Lite Download