9mobile tariff plans 2021 — The Best And Cheapest Packages In Full


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9mobile tariff plans are those cheap migration packages which every of it's mobile subscribers are required to be domiciled into. These packages which are less than a dozen regulates the fees charged each subscriber upon making a phone call or sending an SMS, as well as upon performing some internet operations.

Tariff plans have some unique characteristics notwithstanding the mobile operator which floats it. They are migration plans for users who are more engrossed on the internet. The tariff plan ideal for them are those which offer discounted data benefits and products. Conversely, they are ideal packages for those who spend more minutes making calls. These category of people are offered migration packages that gift call bonuses as well as present cheap call rates. There are also plans for those who are not much into internet browsing, and as well not more into making calls, but settling inbetween.

To search and choose a tariff plan is the duty of a subscriber, as your operator wouldn't do such for you. Getting to know a more effective plan for you serve you costs.

Tariff plans also decide on whether a subscriber could benefit from a promo or gift bundle. Subscription to some plans also prevents one from purchasing and activating some data products. This all displays the inevitable need of getting conversant with tariff plans.

In previous articles, the respective call plans for the other remaining major telecom service operator were outlined.
There's the MTN tariff plans for subscribers of the South African Telco. There are Glo tariff plans for users of the indigenous network. Also earlier outlined were Airtel tariff plans.

9mobile tariff plans

Despite some encouraging data packages from 9mobile, the telecom operator recorded consistent loss in Internet subscribers (1.19 million between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020). However, the voice operators from 9mobile increased by 5.1% from previous quarters bettering ones from MTN which grew by 4.9% and Globacom which grew by 3.2%.

This positive stat goes to show how encouraging to prospective subscribers the call plans from the telco is. The plans are packed with exiting offers which are not only for calling but as well as for data.
Listed below are the plans and each are accompanied with their elaborate details. Also entailed in each package details are their respective off-net and on-net calling rates, rental fees, and migration codes.

9mobile CliqLite

This plan is basically for kids between the age of 8 to 15 years. These kids are offered call and data benefits which add up to improve the child's cognition by allowing access to select websites for free as well as calling time which could be used in calling the parents, relative or friends.

More benefits of 9mobile CliqLite include an SMS bonus for every billed one, a 10MB data gift to browse any site, and a free access to browse 6 educational sites, 1 game site & 1 social site upon a recharge of N100 and above.

With the plan is an optional cliqlite tablet which comes bundled with educational contents including approved primary, junior & senior secondary school textbooks, wikipedia app, okada books, dictionary, sounds (pronunciation app), typing tutor & spell me right amonst others, all to the education of the boy/girl child of yours.

For the first N25 used in any new day, calls are charged at 40k/s. After that, the tariff drops from 40k/sec to 20k/sec if calls are to fellow cliqlite numbers; 25k/sec, if calls are to 9mobile lines; and 30k/ sec, if calls are to other networks.

SMS to 9mobile lines or other networks are at ₦4/message, while international SMS are charged ₦15/message. Multimedia messages are charged ₦100/message, and facebook updates – MMS uploads to facebook gallery would cost the subscriber ₦50/100kb. PAYG rate on the CliqLite package is 5k per kilobyte.

9mobile CliqLite has a tool which enables parents to restrict their kid's access to certain websites. To activate the data protection feature, dial *229*11#, and you would next need to accept the protection feature from the kid’s smartphone by sending ‘YES’ to 929.
To blacklist a number, simply dial *257*1#, and to add a number to the white list, dial *256*1#.

9mobile MoreTalk

The MoreTalk tariff plan is similar to the one above. subscribers on the plan has their voice call rate drop from 40k/sec to 25k/sec after utilising ₦25 each day.

These subscribers also have the benefit of a receiver's pay feature. This is done by inserting 268 before the number you want to call (e.g: 2680809xxxxxxx). This would prompt the receiver to either pay for the initiated call or end it.

Other features of the moreTalk include:

  • 10mb weekly after a N100 recharge.
  • ₦300 free for a week to call five ‘you & me’ 9mobile numbers when you recharge ₦200 or get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
    • Dial *233*1*[9mobile number]# to register a number
    • Dial*233*2*[9mobile number]# to remove a number
    • Dial *233# to list your ‘you & me’ numbers.
  • National SMS is charged at ₦4/message, int’l SMS at ₦15/message.
  • MMS is charged at ₦100/ message, while PAYG is at 5k per kilobyte.

To migrate into the MoreTalk tariff plan, dial *244*2#.


This bonus-filled tariff plan offers two independent set of calling bonuses: one which is 250% while the other is 300%.

On a ration of 50:50, the 250% bonus is acquired on a recharge of N100 and above. However upon recharges less than N100, you wouldn't be offered a 250% bonus, but the percentage would be shorted to 150%

In same manner, the 300% bonus is only usable for only on-net calls. These two set of call bonuses are valid for just three days.

There are other incentives which could be obtained while subscribed to the plan. Migration to the moreCliq plan affords you the benefit of a 100% data bonus on selected data plans (plans between 40MB and 500MB). This data bonus could only be used in the evening from 11:00PM till 4:59AM daily.

More details of the plan includes:

  • 50k/sec on the 350% bonus option.
  • 40k/sec from the 250% bonus option & main account.
  • ₦4/message for national SMS to on-net & other networks.
  • ₦15/ message for int’l SMS & to update your facebook application wall/blog/status.
  • MMS uploads to facebook gallery @₦50 per 100kb.
You migrate to the MoreCliq plan by dialing *244*1#.

MoreLife Complete

MoreLife Complete tariff plan offers to its subscribers a flat rate of 15k/s for calls destined to a 9mobile line or just any other line. This however comes at a rental fee of N5 each day.

There's a bonus for subscribers who have the rental fee deducted from their balance for twenty straight days. They are offered 15 minutes free data & 15 minutes free on-net calls every month. It should be noted here that the rental fee is charged upon initiating a call each day.

Other benefits of the package include:

  • National SMS to on-net & other networks at ₦4/message
  • Intl SMS at ₦15/message
  • Send MMS at ₦100/ message
  • PAYG at 5k per kilobyte.
You opt into the plan by dialing *620*1# or sending 1 to 620.

9mobile TalkZone

Call rates on this plan are different for the different locations a user is. Subscribers have to dial *551# to access the tariff in their different location. Off peak (12:30am – 4:30am) calls are charged at a rate of 12k/s, while calls at any other time are charged at the location-based rate.

National SMS is at ₦4/message while int’l SMS is at ₦15/message. Meanwhile, MMS is at ₦100/message and PAYG browsing is at 5k per kilobyte.

To subscribe, dial *244*8#.

9mobile MoreFlex

The 9mobile MoreFlex plan offers to subscribers cheap call bundles of up to 300% the initial airtime amount. Rates for on-net and off-net calls is 40k/sec. SMS is at ₦4 per message, MMS at ₦100 per message, and pay as you go data at 0.002k per kilobyte.

The following are the available moreFlex bundles:

  • moreflex 500 gives N1500 airtime value. Dial *344*500# to activate at a cost of ₦500 valid for 7 days.
  • moreflex 1000 gives N3000 airtime value. Dial *344*1000# to activate at a cost of ₦1000 valid for 14 days.
  • moreflex 2000 gives N2000 airtime value. Dial *344*2000# to activate at a cost of ₦2000 valid for 30 days.
  • moreflex 5000 gives a N12500 airtime value at a cost of ₦5000 valid for 30 days.
  • moreflex 10000 gives a N32500 airtime value. Dial *344*10000# to activate at a cost of ₦10000 valid for 30 days.
  • moreflex 20000 gives an airtime value of N62500. Dial *344*20000# to activate at a cost of ₦20000 valid for 30 days.
To opt into a bundle dial *344*amount#; to check your balance dial *232#.
Meanwhile, to opt out of a bundle dial *344*0#.

With MoreFlex, one enjoys free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 10 countries upon a recharge of ₦5,000 & above within a month.

9mobile MoreFlex Plus

This is a similar plan to the MoreFlex Plus plan, although on this, subscribers get to subscribe to bundles of both airtime and data value. The tariff rate on this plan is 45k/s.

The following are the bundles available on the tariff plan:
  • The 500 Naira plan gives 500MB + 1000 Naira airtime bonus. Dial *320*1*1# to subscribe.
  • The 1000 Naira bundle gives 1.5GB + 2000 Naira airtime bonus. Dial *320*2*1# to subscribe.
  • The 2000 Naira plan gives 3GB + 4000 Naira call credit. Dial *320*3*1# to subscribe to it.
To migrate to 9mobile MoreFlex Plus, dial *320#.

Summary of 9mobile Tariff Plans 2021

PlanCall RateMigration Code
CliqueLite40 – 20k/s*244*10#
MoreTalk40k/s — 25k/s*244*2#
MoreCliq50k/s & 40k/s*244*1#
MoreLife Complete15k/s*620*1#
TalkZoneBased on location*244*8#
MoreFlex40k/s   Activated upon subscription of any of it’s bundle
MoreFlex Plus45k/s*320#

As could be seen, 9mobile plans aren't only affordable but strategic and value-packed. It should be noted that each migration to a tariff plan more than once in a month attracts a tariff of N100. To check the tariff plan you're subscribed to, simply dial *200# then on the pop-up input displayed, you should send in ‘2’ for My Account and thereafter ‘6’ for Check Package.
Your 9mobile tariff plan will thereafter be displayed.

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