9mobile Data Plans 2021 — Subscription Bundles And Codes


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9mobile Data Plans 2021 — Subscription Bundles And Codes
Posted on: March 06, 2021, 06:48:31 PM
9mobile data plans 2021 are data bundles from the 9mobile telecom operator revised for the year 2021. These plans are affordable and are organized into categories depending on the need of each subscriber.

9mobile is the 4th largest Telecom operator in the country with about 12,808,582 number of subscribers translating to about 6.41 percentage of the total subscriber base in the country. The telco after years of consistent subscriber's losses have recently witnessed slight gain in the numbers. Relabelled as ‘9mobile’ from ‘Etisalat,’ the company underwent a change in management and ownership following incapability to repay loans it got for service upgrades.

9mobile tariff plans are cheap call plans which was discussed in an earlier article under the telecom section of this forum. These plans as well as the one for data are relatively exorbitant than those from the three other major telcoms. Nevertheless, 9mobile plans are always unique and worthy of trial.

There are daily, weekly, monthly and some catalog of special bundles available on the network. Noted also should be that the data offerings from the telco including other products was affected by change in ownership. The bundles which earlier had with them accompanied some bonuses now have little to none of such perks. Nevertheless, these plans still shoulder-up with ones from contemporaries like the favourite MTN data plans , the Glo data plans from the indigenous operator, and the Airtel data plans.

9mobile Daily And Weekly Data Plans

These are data plans which are valid for some few days or weeks. These type of data plans are mostly activated as an emergency bundle, serving the times which a subscriber is out of a regular monthly plan.

The daily and weekly bundles compared to others from contemporaries are of less value.

Data Plan PriceData VolumeValidity
N5025MB1 day
N200250MB7 days
N200650MB1 day
N3001GB + social1 day
N5001GB + social1 day
N5002GB + social3 days
N1,5007GB + social7 days

From the table above, the three last bundles offers contemporary data of 1GB and limited social media access. As stated before, you stand to obtain a slightly better deal than this from other major telecom operators in the industry. Example is with the N50 naira daily data bundle. This bundle gives a 40MB data volume on the MTN and Globacom network providers, with the later even offering staggering bonuses for new subscribers.

9mobile Monthly Data Plans

Monthly plans are bundles that are valid for thirty days, and it is due to this virtue that the bundles are the most popular. Subscribers of 9mobile monthly data plans have the benefit of getting a budget which has included the expenditures for the plans.

Aside that, these plans are more valuable than the daily data plans and offers a convenient validity period of thirty days.

Data Plan PriceData VolumeValidity
N500500MB30 days
N1,0001.5GB30 days
N1,2002GB30 days
N1,5003GB30 days
N2,0004.5GB30 days
N4,00011GB30 days
N5,00015GB30 days
N10,00040GB30 days
N15,00075GB30 days

From the above, one could easily see that the value of data offered increases with increase in data price.

9mobile Night/Weekend Data Plans

Weekend data plans are special bundles usable on weekends. These data plans are designed for use only on certain hours of Saturdays and Sundays.

Night plans are also available. These plans give data bundles which could only be utilised during the night and the early hours of the morning. Night bundles are popular data plans which allows subscribers more data value for a reduced price. Night bundles are effective for tasks involving the use of hefty data values for a short period of time which are usually odd hours.
The following are the few night and weekend data plans offered by 9mobile:

Data Plan PriceData VolumeValidity
N2001GB24 hrs (12 - 5am)
N1,0002GB30 days (7 am till 7 pm only on weekends)
N2,0005GB30 days (7 am till 7 pm only on weekends)

9mobile Quarterly, Bi-Annual & Annual Data Plans

Quarterly, biannual, and annual data plans are mega data plans much suitable for companies and enterprises requiring the need for heavy data.

Data Plan PriceData VolumeValidity
N25,00075GB90 days
N50,000165GB180 days
N100,000365GB30 days

One could share data on 9mobile through the various under listed ways.

Family Share Data Plan

The 9mobile family share plan makes for the sharing of a bought data bundle with up to five 9mobile numbers. Any subscribers interested in it would have to dial *917#, and buy any desired standard data plan.

To share the data, subscribers have to dial  *229*9*pin*data quota*recipient’s number*3#.
One could also share his/her data by dialing *200#.

Data Transfer

This service allows the transfer of mobile data acquired to another 9mobile user. It should be noted that a maximum of 200MB can be transferred at a time while a maximum of 1000MB can be transferred under 24 hours.

To make the transfer, dial *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number#
e.g. *229*0000*40*08091234567#

Multi-device Plan

This allows one to get a data plan which could be engaged on different devices. The plan allows for the addition of up to 4 secondary SIMs to a primary SIM.

To get it activated, dial  *215*pin*1*new number*new puk#
You need to replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’ for subsequent SIMs.

Data Gifting

9mobile data gifting creates a gateway in which a subscriber is able to buy data and present it as a gift to another subscriber.

Initiating a data gifting demands you dial  *standard data plan code * recipient’s number#
E.g.   for 1gb data gift, dial  *229*2*7*recipient’s number#

9mobile Internet Settings

To browse using your 9mobile line, you need to get the operator's internet settings into your phone.

To do that, simply text “SETTINGS” to 790, the configuration settings will be immediately sent to you. Save it and activate as default settings.

You can set it manually by saving the following in your internet configuration.

  • Account Name: 9mobile internet
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
  • Home Page: mobile.9mobile.com.ng
  • IP Address:
To check your 9mobile remaining data balance, dial *228#, *232# or text BAL to 228 and you’ll get it sent to your phone as a message.

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