States with the highest NYSC allowance 2021


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States with the highest NYSC allowance 2021
Posted on: March 14, 2021, 02:35:45 PM
Having a craving for the states which do pay the highest NYSC allowance is natural of any Corp member. Aside several other factors like security, cost of living, and opportunities which presents themselves, the allowance given to NYSC members by the separate states which they are deployed to, is one criteria looked into by prospective Corp members.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program established by the Nigerian government seeks to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and the development of the country. Partakers in the scheme are known as Corps members and are posted to states which are likely not their state of origin. At this new location, they are made to engage in an orientation for about three weeks in a military controlled camp. Hereafter, they are posted to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where they are expected to mix with people from different ethnic groups, social and family backgrounds. A certificate of completion is given upon fulfillment of the mandatory eleven months of service at the place of primary assignment.

All graduates of Nigerian Universities and polytechnics above the age of 30 are eligible for the NYSC program. During the course of the program, various allowances are offered the Corp members for their upkeep. The Certificate of Exemption is offered graduates whose age is above 30 as at the time of graduation.

States Which Offers The Highest NYSC Allowance

Below listed are the states which do pay the highest allowances to corp members. They are followed by a brief description of these respective states. It should be noted that these allowances are different from those paid by the federal government to all NYSC Corp members.

1. Adamawa State

Beleaguered by terrorist attacks, Adamawa state ranks the highest in the list of States with worthy compensation to it's serving corp members.

Adamawa state pays ₦20,000 to all it's NYSC corps members.

2. Anambra State

The Anambra State Government pays one of the highest allocation to it's serving corp members. It becomes the second highest paying NYSC allocation state in Nigeria, as corp members gets home a monthly pay of ₦8,500.

Claims are that the state pay as high as N9,000 and that the pay is irregular.

3. Lagos State

Lagos is Nigeria's commercial city, and one filled with numerous opportunities. And for the fact that there are various openings, the cost of living there is high. However, the state pays its serving youth corps members scarcely the same sum paid by most other states.

The lagos state government pays it NYSC members serving in the state a sum of N5,000. Notwithstanding, the first 100 lucky corp members to be registered for the scheme could get an even better allowance from the state. A monthly allowance of ₦15,000 is paid to lucky corp members serving in public schools and ₦10,000 monthly to the lucky ones serving in the state secretariat.

4. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is currently the biggest oil producing state in Nigeria. With the wealth of oil, it's little wonder why it is one among the best in allocating a worthy allocation to it's corp members. The state pays ₦5,000 monthly to corps members who are working in a public establishment within the state.

5. Taraba state

Taraba is one state which pays corps member and they do pay them well. They pay corps members working in public establishments six thousand Naira (₦6,000) monthly.

There are claims however, of this sum being paid only to select corp members.

6. Kano State

Kano is one of Nigeria's state, and it's capital, Kano is a commercial city in the northern part of the country. The state boasts of various infrastructures and economic importance.

Although, being a state in the North, the state isn't plagued by terrorism incessant in Northern Nigeria, a factor which may dissuade prospective corp members from choosing the state. The Kano state government pays corps members ₦5,000 monthly.

7. Niger State

This is another safe state in northern Nigeria. Aside safety, one is assured of cheap agricultural produce and convenient power supply attributable to the Kainji dam power station situated in the state.

The state pays corps members N6000 per month.

8. Rivers State

Another oil rich state located in southern Nigeria, Rivers state did pay it's corps members N5,000 monthly. In 2019, the sum was revised and NYSC members each got N15,000 monthly. This has however been put on hold.

9. Jigawa State

Jigawa state government pays its corps members ₦5,000 monthly.

Though, those in hospitals receive a better amount of N16,000 while veterinary medicine corp members earn about N26,000 per month.

10. Osun State

Osun is an inland state in south west Nigeria. Aside having a reputable and ancient history, the state is one of the best for youths seeking to serve their NYSC program.

The Osun State Government pays NYSC corp members an allowance of N5,000.

11. Nassarawa State

Nassarawa state shares boundary with the federal capital territory, Abuja. Anyone serving there nearly serves within the Nation's capital. These corps members are open to various opportunities, nonetheless, they are paid a N5,000 allowance by the Nassarawa state government.

12. Zamfara State

Zamfara is one of the state plaqued by banditry and herdsmen invasion. The state pays it's NYSC corps members a matching allowance of N5,000.

13. Delta State

An oil and agricultural producing state, Delta pays it NYSC corp members a monthly allowance of N5,000.

14. Bayelsa State

Bayelsa has an NYSC allowance structure distinct from those of other states. The Bayelsa state government pays N3,000 monthly to corp members serving in towns and N5,000 monthly to corp members serving in riverine areas.

15. Katsina State

Katsina is the home state of the existing President of the country, Muhammadu Buhari. Katsina is predominantly Fulani, and the major religion practised there is Islam.

The Katsina State Government pays it's corp members N4,000 monthly.

16. Ebonyi State

The south eastern state of Ebonyi famously paid NYSC corps members deployed to their state nine thousand, seven hundred and fifty-seven naira only (₦9,757). However after the general election in 2019, the goodwill which started in October 2018 ended. 

Currently, the Ebonyi state government is yet to pay corps member any allowance.

17. Oyo State

A south western state in Nigeria, Oyo pays it's NYSC corps members N4,000 monthly.

18. Sokoto State

A popular state in the north, Sokoto ranks as one of the most affordable state to live in.

The Sokoto state government is known to pay serving NYSC Corp members in the state a one-time allowance of N45,000, and this relates to a sum of N3,750 monthly.

19. Enugu State

The eastern state of Enugu pays for NYSC Corp members serving in the town a monthly allowance of N1,000 while those serving in the villages gets N3,500 monthly.

20. Kebbi State

Kebbi is a Nigerian state located at it's north western part. It borders two neighbouring countries of Niger and Benin.

Kebbi state pays serving NYSC Corp members N2,000 monthly.

NYSC State Allowance 2021

Below is the summary of NYSC allowances paid by States in the country including the federal capital territory, Abuja.

S/NState (Capital)Allowance Paid Monthly
1Abia State (Umuahia)₦0
2Adamawa State (Yola)₦20,000
3Akwa Ibom State (Uyo)₦6,000
4Anambra State (Awka)₦8,500
5Bauchi State (Bauchi)₦0
6Bayelsa State (Yenagoa)₦5,000
7Benue State (Makurdi)₦0
8Borno State (Maiduguri)₦0
9Cross River State (Calabar)₦0
10Delta State (Asaba)₦5,000
11Ebonyi State (Abakaliki)₦0
12Edo State (Benin City)₦0
13Ekiti State (Ado Ekiti)₦0
14Enugu State (Enugu)₦3,500
15Gombe State (Gombe)₦0
16Imo State (Owerri)₦0
17Jigawa State (Dutse)₦5,000
18Kaduna State (Kaduna)₦0
19Kano State (Kano)₦5,000
20Katsina State (Katsina)₦4,000
21Kebbi State (Birnin Kebbi)₦2,000
22Kogi State (Lokoja)₦0
23Kwara State (Ilorin)₦0
24Lagos State (Ikeja)₦5,000
25Nasarawa State (Lafia)₦5,000
26Niger State (Minna)₦6,000
27Ogun State (Abeokuta)₦0
28Ondo State (Akure)₦0
29Osun State (Oshogbo)₦5,000
30Oyo State (Ibadan)₦4,000
31Plateau State (Jos)₦0
32Rivers State (Port Harcourt)₦15,000 (paused)
33Sokoto State (Sokoto)₦3,750
34Taraba State (Jalingo)₦0
35Yobe State (Damaturu)₦0
36Zamfara State (Gusau)₦5,000
37FCT (Abuja)₦0

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