How to see the item sold on Jumia through your affiliate link


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How to see the item sold on Jumia through your affiliate link
Posted on: April 01, 2021, 03:54:29 PM
Are you one of the Jumia affiliate marketers looking to find out how things work? I was once looking for more details about the affiliate platform just like you but I will share the little knowledge I have gathered over the years. I have been using Jumia affiliate to monetize one of my tech blogs since 2015 but their affiliate platform is not as transparent as it should be.

One of the challenges I faced while using Jumia affiliate as a monetization method is to find out the details of the product people ordered using my affiliate links.

You might as well remember that Jumia changed their affiliate program to the Jumia KOL program. However, the KOL simply means " Jumia Key Opinion Leader" according to Jumia the migration from the Jumia affiliate program to the Jumia KOL program is to improve its operation with technologies and reposition the referral scheme for improved results.

Jumia asked their affiliate partners to change all their affiliate links to the new links and as well change their login passwords to enable them to use the new affiliate program.

Personally, since using the new Jumia KOL I don't see anything special about it neither do I see it as a better option compared to the old affiliate system. In my opinion, the old platform is still far better than what Jumia claimed.

For instance, you can see how many people clicks your affiliate links but can see sales. How then can you be able to measure the performance since you need to know how many people visited Jumia and the conversation rate?

Now, if you are new to Jumia affiliate you will find it hard to know items sold through your affiliate link but I discovered a simple method you can use to see whatever you sold on Jumia.

I use other affiliate programs which are more transparent than Jumia, you can see where the clicks are coming from, how many times your link was clicked within 24 hours, 7 days on in a month including the exact product you sold but Jumia is not the same.

How to know the item sold through your Jumia affiliate link

I have been using Jumia affiliate since 2015 but never discovered how I can find more information about the items I did for Jumia using my affiliate link. It's actually simple and if you have not tried it then you don't have to be in the dark again. You need it for the following reasons.

To know the items people are looking for.
It helps to know what your audience actually wants which helps you to determine the area you should channel your energy.
At least it will help you find whether you are being cheated or not by Jumia

Now, to find the item you sold through your Jumia affiliate link, you need to login to your Jumia KOL affiliate dashboard.

Click on the 3 line menu located at the top right-hand side when using your smartphone to log in or at the top left-hand side when you use a computer. You will see some options like.

  • Advertising
  • Report
  • Support

The option you need is a report and once you click on it you will see some options again like.

  • Conversation Report
  • Invoice Report
Simply click on the conversation report because the invoice report is for the payment status and history. Immediately after you click on the conversation report you will see all the list of the sales made through your affiliate link but you will not be able to see the item name but only the name and date of the sales.

In the list of items sold, there are alphabets and numbers attached to each product on Jumia. That numbers represent product SKU (stock-keeping unit). The SKU is what helps you to identify any product from Jumia.

See the image to see the codes you need to copy the SKU number of any Item sold on Jumia through your affiliate link and paste it in the Jumia website search box and click the search button to see the item and the price it was sold.

From what I can understand, the price listed on jumia will be a bit higher than the amount that will appear on your affiliate reports which might be the charges Jumia charged vendors selling on their platform.

However, you might not be able to differentiate the one called SKU code but this image below will show you the exact place and codes to copy because you don't need all the codes.


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