(Bet9ja Cut 1) Get paid when one game cut your Ticket


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(Bet9ja Cut 1) Get paid when one game cut your Ticket
Posted on: April 07, 2021, 11:44:26 AM

The Nigerian most popular betting company Bet9ja has finally joined the moving train as they introduce a feature called Cut 1 that allows their customers to get paid when one game cut their ticket. I wish this once introduced when my 4 million Naira coupon was destroyed by one game.

The first betting company that first implemented these features was Nairabet and back in 2017 I shared proof on how I got paid in this post, How Nairabet paid me after one game cut my N122,000 ticket Now Bet9ja has finally added the same option in their betting platform. However, Bet9ja cut one payment system works differently from other platform so don’t rush to place a bet yet until you learn how the new feature works.

If you are one of those people asking series of questions like:

  • will bet9ja pay me if one game cut my ticket
  • Can I get paid if one game cut my ticket
  • What is bet9ja cut 1?

The answer to will bet9ja pay me if one game cut my ticket is YES, the recently added a feature called Cut one on their betting platform which ensures you get paid when one game cut your ticket. But as I said earlier Bet9ja cut one feature works differently compared to other platforms like Nairabet and Betbonanza.

Note: Bet9ja cut 1 option is available in Bet9ja new mobile platform only, if you use the old mobile you will not see the feature, you can find out more about new and old bet9ja mobile here

The fast-growing betting platform called Betbonanza also introduced the same features that allow their users to get paid when one game cut their ticket which I also shared in this post, Get Paid if One Game Cuts your Ticket | Online & Offline

Bet9ja cut one feature is unique and doesn’t work like other platform but being unique doesn’t make it better and to be honest, I prefer Nairabet and Betbonanza cut one more than Bet9ja. I will explain more later.

Bet9ja Cut one feature | How does it work?

Bet9ja cut 1features allows you to get paid when one game cut your ticket. However, the total amount you get in return solely depends on your game selection, total Odds and the game that cut the ticket. However, Bet9ja cut 1 is not by default but by choice, you might decide to use the feature or ignore it and that one of the things that make their cut 1 feature unique.

You will not be left empty-handed when one game cut your game and that's the good news about the Bet9ja cut 1 option but like I said the feature, not implemented by default, you will have to tick the option to use the features.

How to use Cut 1 option

  • Create your multiple as normal – Remember it will need to have at least 5 events to qualify for Cut 1!
  • Select the ‘Cut 1’ option on your bet slip as shown below.
  • Your odds will be recalculated, allowing you to still win even if one game cuts your ticket
  • The payout will depend on which game cuts, with your odds, recalculated accordingly

Cut 1 Terms & Conditions

  • By ticking the ‘Cut 1’ box you agree to accept the lower maximum payout displayed on your bet slip
  • The ‘Cut 1’ feature will only be available on multiples of 5 legs or more
  • The ‘Cut 1’ feature is available on any sports multiple
  • The ‘Cut 1’ feature is only available on Bet9ja New Mobile
  • The ‘Cut 1’ feature does not affect the Bet9ja up to 170% Multiple Boost
  • The payout on a ‘Cut 1’ accumulator will be recalculated depending on the odds of the winning selections in the multiple.

Important things you must know about bet9ja cut 1

I told you guys that bet9ja cut 1 is unique, that is to say, that it's different from normal cut 1 from other betting platforms. Below are the things you must know.

1. Bet9ja cut 1 is to be enabled by you: When you are using a betting platform like bet9ja or betbonanza, you don't need to tick the cut 1 option as you do in bet9ja to enable the feature. As long as you select up to 10 games with minimum Odds of 1.20 in each selected games to qualify. With bet9ja you only need to select up to 5 games and then tick the cut one option to get paid when 1 game cut your game.

2. Cut 1 Odds is lesser when ticked than normal total odds: Unlike other platforms Bet9ja will recalculate the total Odds when you tick cut one feature and the total cut 1 odds is far lesser than the normal total odds without cut 1 ticked. For example:

If you select 15 games and have like 2000 total odds, when you tick cut 1 option as you can see on the image above you can be left with 1200 odds and that means a big reduction in overall winning and thats what you must compromise for you to be elijable for bet9ja cut 1 that allows you to get paid when one game cut your ticket.

I hate bet9ja cut 1 feature because of the reduction in the total odds when someone selects cut 1 option. I think that bet9ja is trying to play safe by this tactics. The disadvantage is that when you win the whole game without anyone cutting it then you have lost a reasonable amount of money simply because you applied for cut 1 option. It simply means that Nairabet and Betbonaza Cut one feature are far better than Bet9ja cut 1.

2. You will between 5-10 of your total winning amount: Just like every other sports betting company that offers cut 1 payment features, you are not going to get the whole money when one game cut your ticket. You will only be rewarded with certain percent between 5-10 percent of the total amount to be won. according to Bet9ja, Cut one adjusts your odds and gives you cash back if one selection loses.

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