Ishiba Grant Updates 2021 — Disbursement And Registration


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Ishiba Grant Updates 2021 — Disbursement And Registration
Posted on: April 26, 2021, 10:35:10 PM
The following content details the updates concerning Ishiba grants for the year 2021. Most members who were due to obtain the grant have constantly been on the lookout for information about the time they would finally get credited. Several others especially newer members and those who heard newly of the grant have been left to wonder the trustworthiness of the grant given its unresolved letdowns. This post seeks to explain all these comprehensively.

IIshiba Development and Empowerment Center, DEC is a non governmental organization which aims to ameliorate poverty and social injustice through strategic empowerment to identified target population. The cooperative organization is known to be founded by one Evangelist Elizabeth N. Praise who got it registered with the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission on the 25th of August 2016.

 To pursue it's purpose of being a reliable development center with a mission to deliver both social and economic development services, Ishiba employs the services of state and regional coordinators across the thirty six and six regions of the country. The team list consisting of these coordinators could be sourced from the NGO website— Listed with them are their contact details, in the case that your need of it arises.

Ishiba does not only offer grants to members of the public, it accepts donations notwithstanding how small you might consider such donation to be. These donations are channeled towards skill development and mentorship; agriculture through the supply of seeds, inputs, and fertilizers; health and even education. All the funds offered are non-refundable, and the services offered free of payment.

Ishiba Is Real And Trusted

IIshiba Development and Empowerment Center, IDEC is real. They have been consistent in provision of grants and other forms of empowerment since it's creation in 2016. Ishiba goes into empowering less privileged persons like widows and orphans whose means of livelihood is next to nothing. They have been of aid to people by funding surgeries, and settling hospital bills.

As a caution, the organization shouldn't be mistaken for a money-doubling platform which promises huge returns. Ishiba isn't a networking scheme and any scheme parading with the name that does that shouldn't be considered as Ishiba and should be reported.

Ishiba Registration

Like any other nongovernmental organization, one needs to be duly registered to gain access to the services provided. The benefits of being registered with Ishiba includes:

  • As a duly registered member of the Ishiba development and empowerment center, you are exposed and liable to partake in any of the grants associated with the organization.
  • Occasional seminars and workshops organized by ISHIBA could be easily attended by duly registered members. You've got to show your prove of registration with the organization in other to obtain access to these programs. The seminars undertaken by the organization may range from any of the following:
    • Agriculture
    • Health Care
    • Skills acquisition
    • Mentorship in trades of various kinds
  • Members are entitled to a certificate after each seminar and workshop. These certificates however go for a price of N1,000 each.
  • Members are legible to apply or recommend communities for projects to Ishiba. These projects could then be undertaken by the organization or any of her sponsors.
There are two ways to get yourself registered on Ishiba. One is offline through one of the coordinators, and the other is online through the organization's web portal. In both mediums, members are required to pay a fee.

Obtaining Ishiba Registration Form Through A Coordinator

Head over to the organization's website, locate the page where coordinators from several states are listed and check out the one for your state. Contact the coordinator and request for the location of the nearest office.

Upon getting to such office and making your request known, you would be offered the membership form and asked to pay the definite sum of N2,000. The membership form itself costs N500, the certificate N1000, and another N500 for general logistics.


Becoming An Ishiba Member Online

The easiest way to get registered for the Ishiba development and empowerment center is online through the organization's dedicated website.

Get registered by entering the adress '' to your browser. In the footer there is a 'registration' link which upon clicking would send you to the registration page. You could alternatively access the registration page directly via

You are then required to fill some information and click on submit. Once done, a mail would be sent to you detailing how to pay your membership fee as well as how to confirm your registration. After making the required payment, attach evidence of payment with the email used in registering and mail to . Verification of profile and final membership approval is said to last for about one to three days.

Ishiba Payment Updates 2021

Ishiba over the years have had issues disbursing funds for earlier registered members and those previously cleared to receive the funds. Adding to the constraints is the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic which has crippled not only the economy, but several earlier planned activities. The NGO had to look for newer sponsors and strategies to get funds through without paying to same people multiple times.

According to a 2021 update from Ishiba, the Central Bank of Nigeria will disburse the funds to TELPECON, a new sponsor. TELPECON will then get it disbursed to all chairmen/chairpersons and Directors. Verification of all the beneficiaries by the chairmen and directors would follow. The names of those successful which must be a maximum of 1000, including their account details would have to be completed in an excel sheet format and sent to the provided software for onward scanning to avoid duplication of names

Following this, the management would then get  a schedule to the bank for onward payment through the provided account of the beneficiaries or prepared Interswitch card to all the verified beneficiaries. The notification also noted that the clusters account would be credited by the NGO for the purpose of Cluster Community Project only and shall be managed by the three signatories with the supervision of the NGO.

The updates as it arrives would be relayed on this page.

Ishiba could be contacted through:
Helpline: +234-70328-70953

Their addresses are:
  • No 229, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction, Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.
  • Abuja Office: Flat 4 Nissi Plaza Beside F.C.M Bank Kuje FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Ihiovi Grace

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Re: Ishiba Grant Updates 2021 — Disbursement And Registration
#1 Posted on: September 01, 2021, 12:34:23 AM
please tell us when you will disburse the money. the waiting is taking too long.thanks and God bless


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Re: Ishiba Grant Updates 2021 — Disbursement And Registration
#2 Posted on: September 01, 2021, 12:29:14 PM
Pleace any one in the house ,  i need 5k now for immegency problem  who can help me (2085658839 UBA BANK  EJIKE OFOKA GODWIN) god bless you 

Esther Chinwe Lazarus

  • Guest
Please we that registered since 2014 , is our name still in the system?

Maruf Halimah

  • Guest
I applied for the ishiba grant in 2021I haven't recieve any update hope it's not that they collected our details to collect money and pocket them? Please reach out to us we are still hopeful to collect the grant.

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