Cheap Cars In Nigeria And Where To Buy Them 2021


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Cheap Cars In Nigeria And Where To Buy Them 2021
Posted on: April 29, 2021, 11:44:20 PM
Despite the economic downswing and its corresponding inflation in the country, there are still commodities that could be bought at an affordable price. The cheapest cars in Nigeria, as at the time of making this post would be outlined under this post, for people intent on making such purchases. These cars are not only cheap but new and could easily be bought.

Many individuals are discouraged from purchasing new rides due to their perception of how expensive they are. In actuality, you can get a luxurious new car for just some sums of money, although it could go past a million naira. Although cheap is relative, depending on the financial stand of each concerned individual, the value obtained at a particular price compared to the ones in other places is the greater indices of judgment.

Fairly used cars are cheaper than new rides, however, getting the worthy one is always difficult. Tokunbo cars, referred to as European and North American fairly used cars might be what you need, if you're after used vehicles. Aside from going for a reduced cost, they are most durable and in good condition.

A Guide Towards Buying A Cheap Car In Nigeria

There are steps one needs to take when purchasing a car that is cheap or one that has a price that is lower than its known worth. The below guide would not only shepherd you to getting the best cheap car but would enlighten you so that you would not be to purchasing a stolen or illegally acquired vehicle.

You should know the kind of car you want

Before going on a mission to purchase a cheap car, you should make for yourself some criteria on the car which you need, the type, and probably the brand and model. Knowing what you need empowers you to research deeply about the car, learn its advantages and its vulnerabilities.

While purchasing the car, your knowledge of the car would greatly be needed. As such, make a decision depending on what you need, your taste, or your budget before getting into the purchase.

Cheap Cars Are Around, You Need To Be Observant

Like any other commodity sold for a reduced price, one needs to be much attentive to be in knowledge of such sales. Most times, cheap cars intended to be sold have notices placed on them. These notices contain contact(s) to the person who owns such a vehicle.

Your relations and friends could be helpful in your search towards acquiring a new ride. If you could, get it across to them of your intention in getting a cheap car.

While being observant in the environment you are in, be attentive as well online. Join auto forums or any discussion group regularly in posting auto adverts. These could go a long way in your quest towards acquiring a good ride for a worthy fee.

Before Buying The Cheap Car

There are conditions you must place right before making payment for any car, especially the ones which are cheap. The below guide details what you should do to avoid getting and an unworthy car, as not everyone who sells is honest and trustworthy.

A Proper Check Should Be Made On The Car

The first thing to do before buying a cheap car in Nigeria is to put it to the test. It is advised you go to purchase with a reliable car mechanic or anyone who has good knowledge of cars, but the former is better.

The car mechanic would check whether all parts of the vehicle are working and in good condition. Depending on the condition of the car, the mechanic would inform you of his decision towards the sale and price of it. One check that shouldn't be exempted is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) check. This check would reveal the actual mileage which the car could go as against what is indicated in the speedometer, especially if the car is a fairly used one.

Other checks which should be made include:

  • Test ride the vehicle on a rough road to verify the condition of the suspension.
  • Confirm the condition of the engine by igniting it on, and allowing it in such a state for some minutes.
  • Inspect the physical parts of the vehicle for other possible damages.

There should be good paperwork for the car

To save yourself any future trouble with security agents, you must verify the papers of the vehicle with those of the seller (his ID cards), that is if you are purchasing a fairly used car. You should also obtain customs papers of the vehicle to confirm that the vehicle was duly brought into the country and not smuggled.

Seek documentation of your car, if it's a new one. If it's an old vehicle, you should get an affidavit affirming your ownership of such a ride.

Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

Buying a cheap car in Nigeria is actually easy, but getting a good one isn't. Cars45, Jiji, and Cheki are reliable places to get a car at affordable price. Aside from those, a simple web search would reveal some other platforms which serve the purpose of connecting car dealers to buyers.

Some Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Below listed are some cars which go for cheap prices both at as used rides or new ones.

Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4 Price In Nigeria

The third and fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf is one of the cheapest cars sold in Nigeria.

One could find the Volkswagen golf 3 and 4 at a price ranging from N450,000 to N2,200,000.

Mercedes Benz C200 Price In Nigeria

The Mercedes Benz C200 is a sedan-styled ride from one of the world's trusted and popular car producers. The car sports good looks and comes at a convenient price.

One could find the Volkswagen golf 3 and 4 at a price ranging from N1,350,000 to N4,200,000.

Toyota Sienna 2001 Price In Nigeria

This is another excellent car, and it used for diverse purposes.

The car sells from N350,000 in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla Price In Nigeria

The Toyota Corolla ride has a starting price of about N965,000 but could go higher than that.

Toyota Camry Price In Nigeria

The Toyota Camry ride comes in various types. The 2020 and 2021 models go for a good price, however, one could get a lower model at a price starting at N600,000
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Re: Cheap Cars In Nigeria And Where To Buy Them 2021
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