Itel introduced a new smartphone, Earbud, Laptop & a Smart TV


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The popular mobile phone brand maker known as Itel has introduced 4 different gadgets into the Nigerian market, They are also known as No, 1 cheap smartphone maker in Nigeria but the game has changed as they recently introduced their newest smartphone Itel P37 and its Pro version along with modern wireless earphones, Laptop and Smart TV.

The new Itel gadgets were unveiled in an online event as they showcase their new iteration of smartphones in the ‘P Series’, new sets of itel earbuds, a new Smart TV series, and itel Laptop. This is obviously a piece of good news especially to all the itel fans who now have the privilege to use itel smart Tvs, Laptop and itel Earbud built to deliver the best sound quality like never before.

The reason for this post is to share the good news and as well explain the features of the 4 gadgets and how they fit into the Nigerian market when compared to other brands. Firstly let start with the Itel P37 smartphone.

Itel P37 and Itel P37 Pro

Itel mobile released a new smartphone with amazing features which including a big 5000 long-lasting battery, 4G LTE network, fingerprint sensor and lots more. Itel has added some improvement on their new P37 smartphone as the bast bigger display of about 6.5 inches for the P37 and 6.8 for the Pro version.

With 2/3GB RAM and 32/64GB, you can be sure of good performance and enough storage memory to house all your files. However, itel P37 looks awesome and superior compared to other itel phones. With this phone, you have more power to explore the world on a big-screen smartphone.

The camera is not bad either, the Itel P37 Pro comes with a 13MP dual rear camera along with an enhanced AI front selfie camera. The release of this phone will surely make itel lovers happy because they have offered most of the features missing from other older version of the itel P series. Moreover, it seems that the title P37 doesn't support the 4G network while the Pro version does.

Itel Earbud T1 and Itel Earbud X with the best sound quality

Along with the smartphones Itel unveiled their first-ever Earbuds with amazing features built for durability and best sound quality. The new iTel Earbuds are not just those wired earphones you used to buy in the market, they are far superior and has more advanced features. from the image above you will see some outstanding features the Earbud offers which include:

One charge for all-day use: This simply shows that the new Itel Earbud is powered with a strong and reliable battery that can keep the entertainment on for the whole day.

IPX5 Water Resistant: As I said earlier this Earbud is not like those wired earphones you know, it's a premium Earbud built with water resistance which means that water will not be able to penetrate inside the Earbud. Feel free to party when you want and how you want even inside the rainfall with the new Itel Earbud T1 and the X version.

Touch Control features: The new itel Earbuds is built to respond to your touches, you don't need to press any button but a single touch will do the magic. However, both Earbud T1 and Itel Earbud X is built with a sensor that allows you to control the Earbud with just your hand touching the sensor area of the device.

Support Bluetooth version 5: Some devices still dance with Bluetooth version 2 but the itel Earbud is equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth 5 version that delivers the best sound quality and support long-distance signal and lots more.

Itel Android Smart TV

Itel introduced an Android smart TV during the online event and the new modern Television is packaged with lots of features. However, the Tv is not just like normal LED TVs because it's Android Smart Tv and most importantly the Tv also has a built-in satellite receiver as it supports DV3 T2 and DV3 S2 features.

In case don't know the difference between a smart Tv and none smart Tvs, I will explain it to you. A smart Tv is a Tv built with internet connectivities, it can be connected to the internet directly through WI-FI to play Youtube videos, Netflix or form other online video streaming sites. An LED Tv that lacks the word smart will not be able to do all those things.

Furthermore, being an Android smart Tv means that has almost all the Android features that allow you to download games from Google lay store and do most of the things you can do with your Android phones on your Itel Android smart Tv.

Itel Able 1 Laptop and its features

Itel introduced a new laptop tagged ABLE 1 which is the first-ever itel laptop. the laptop is powered with a strong 3000 mAh battery that can last for 6 hours per single charge. However, Itel didn't provide much information about their Able 1 laptop specifications the only information made publically was the 3000mAh battery and iPad, as well as a quad-core CPU and 1-terabyte (1TB) of internal storage memory to guarantee enough memory to house all your files.

A micro SD card reader, headphone jack, HDMI port, USD 3.0 connectors, and an RJ45 Ethernet connector are also included in this device. The Ram size is not yet disclosed but it will surely be either 4GB or 8GB RAM bit I strongly believe it will be 4GB RAM. The laptop is designed to look gorgeous with its 19.9mm slim body design and lots more.

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I know you might be eager to know the price of any of the Itel P37 phones, the Earbud price or the price of the title Android smart Tv and Laptop but presently Itel has not shared any info on the price of the gadgets and price you see now is mere speculation and not the actual price.

All you need is a little patient because in a few weeks to come everything about the device will be visible to everyone including the price and where you to buy the gadgets.


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