(MTN4ME offer) How to get cheap data and Airtime


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(MTN4ME offer) How to get cheap data and Airtime
Posted on: August 15, 2021, 08:58:49 AM
MTN Nigeria has recently introduced what they call MTN4ME offer that rewards their subscribers with excellent data and voice bonuses. The platform is not a tariff plan that you can subscribe to before you can enjoy it. It's a platform that allows every MTN Prepaid customer to enjoy up to 100% bonuses on data and voice calls.

Interestingly, the offers are unique to every MTN subscriber, which means that the bonus you get through MTN4ME is not what every MTN subscriber gets but is only designed for you and specific users.

I like MTN4ME because they use your history, like how you recharge your phone and how much data you usually buy and consume, to determine the best offer for you. To see the best of MTN4ME, you must be an active user because what you get depends on your activities.

For example, I use two MTN lines. One of them is my primary data and voice line, while the other is just a regular backup line. MTN gives me double data like I get 24GB + 4GB Youtube bonus for 3500 from the mainline, but I can only get 4GB for 1000 most times.

I have been enjoying this for a while now. When I pay for MTN 12GB for 3500, I always get 24GB which is double what I paid. However, you can't enjoy this by subscribing with the direct code or regular *131#. You must use the new MTN4ME shortcode or MTN mobile app to do this, don't worry. I will explain further so you will know how to enjoy this fantastic Awoof from MTN Nigeria.

What is MTN4ME?

MTN4ME is a fantastic platform that provides you with special offers across multiple product categories explicitly suited to address your needs/interests.

The offers presented on MTN4ME are unique to you and provide you the best value on the MTN network.

Who is eligible for MTN4ME?

All MTN PREPAID customers are eligible to enjoy the MTN4ME service.

What are the benefits of MTN4ME?

Customers will enjoy unique voice, data, and recharge offers such as:
  • 100% Data Bonus and Discounted Data Bundles
  • Best Value Data and Voice Bundle
  • Bonus on recharge Offers

How do I access MTN4ME?

  • Dialing *121# on your mobile phone.
  • Visiting mtnonline.com/offers
  • Visiting myMTN App, Click on the MegaDealZone tab and use the "Crack the Egg" feature to redeem your offer.
  • Calling the Call Centre (180) and requesting your offer from an agent.
  • Visiting an MTN retail store and requesting your offer from an agent.

Questions and Answers about MTN4ME offer

If you have more questions about the MTN4ME offer, go through the frequently asked questions and answers below. You might find an answer to your questions.

What kind of deals can I receive on MTN4ME?

Your offers will be unique to you. However, all clients will receive the basic offer categories listed below:
  • 4ME's Best Deals
  • 4ME Recharge Offers
  • 4ME Data Offers
  • 4ME COMBO Bundles

How long will MTN4ME be available to me?

You will be able to take advantage of the deal for as long as you are connected to the MTN network.

Will I be able to take advantage of a deal in the Data offer 4ME category, as well as the Recharge, offers 4ME category?

Yes, you will be able to take advantage of all of the deals presented.

Will I be able to take advantage of the MTN4ME deal now that I've activated a new SIM?

Yes. After your line has been authorized, your offer will be active 48 hours later.

Are the MTN4ME deals all-inclusive?

Yes, if you've used up all of your options in any of the categories. A pop-up notice appears. Dear customer, Thank you for putting out the effort. There are currently no more deals available; please check back next week for NEW specials.”

Will I be able to use my phone to activate any deal if I don't have any recharge balance?

No, you won't buy any offers if you don't have any recharging balance.

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