Betking integrate faster payment and new design


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Betking integrate faster payment and new design
Posted on: August 20, 2021, 06:56:46 AM
Betking has done something magnificent as the new season begins, they are undoubtedly one of the Nigerian most popular sports betting platforms and have achieved much success Just a few years into the betting business.

My recent experience with the betting platform is the reason why I am writing to share what's new with the betting platform. However, I wrote a comparison article about Banking and Bet9ja last time. Still, a lot has changed, both platforms have improved, but Betking has done something new, especially when it comes to the withdrawal of winnings which I will explain later.

Well, I play sports betting for the fun of it and to make money, but if you can't control yourself, you better don't get involved because you might be frustrated. Gambling is a risky game that you shouldn't get involved in if you can, but if you can't, then you must play safe.

Betking integrates faster payment

The most exciting thing about Betking is their faster payout. Presently they are the best betting platform with the most secured and fastest payout. Receiving your winnings from Betking is just like transferring money from one account to another, with no more 24 hours processing time. It's now instant payment. You can receive the money you win immediately you request for payout within seconds.

The last time I compared Betking and Bet9ja, I gave them some credit regarding faster payout, which takes at least 6 to 48 hours before receiving a payment, but the game has changed Betking payout is now instant.

Betking new design

In addition to the faster payout, Betking also redesigned their betting website to be quicker and more responsive compared to the old design. If you have been using their platform to bet you will notice the changes, it's loads faster and responsive. It can fit into your smartphone, computer, or tablet screen perfectly.

The changes came as a preparation for the new season. Initially, the old design had a series of issues that usually comes loading without displaying the info you seek. Still, that issue has been taken care of as they integrate a lightweight design that loads faster. However, I can see some color differentiation, but the navigation remains the same as the old layout.

Btking is gradually taking over the sports betting industry in Nigeria

As far as I know, Bet9ja used to be the king of all the sports betting platforms in Nigeria, but in recent times, they are going head to head with Betking in most cities in Nigeria. Bet9ja was never the only betting platform in Nigeria, but they were the most popular one until the emergence of Betking a few years ago.

Though I wouldn't say that Betking is now more popular than Bet9ja, they are presently the major competitor in the business. Nairabet and the rest of them were there. Still, since the emergence of Betking, things have changed, and many players have to choose Betking as their best betting platform in Nigeria.

Why some Bet9ja users are now moving to Betking

Based on personal experience and inquiries, many gamblers now sees Betking as the best option when compared to Bet9ja, and the obvious reason is the big Odds, Betking odds is always higher than that of Bet9ja, and you can check it on your own, select the exact five matches in both platforms and check the total Odds.

There might be other reasons why some prefer to use Betking, but one notable advantage Betking has over them is the higher Odds which enables the stakes to win more from their sports betting platform.

The area betking needs to improve

You might think I am writing this to promote Betking, but that is not the case here. I am just honest, I knew when Betking started, and I know where they are today. If you count the three most popular sports betting platforms in Nigeria, I think they will appear on that list.

However, I love bet9ja for one thing. They know how to say thank you through promotional offers. I remembered winning 30k plus with the bonus money that was credited to my Bet9ja account.

I also regularly receive bonus credit in my Bet9ja account as a reward for being a loyal user, but Betking has never done that. Giving their users bonuses is not in their DNA. Apart from the compensation I received when I Joined Betking, I had never seen anything bonus for over one year now.

No payment when one game cut your ticket

Bet9ja has joined the moving train as they also pay their users some percentage of their supposed winning when one game cut their ticket, but Betking doesn't want to go in that direction, at least for now, maybe that can come later, but presently you won't get anything from Betking when one game cut your ticket.


How do you compare using both platforms when it comes to moving from one page to the other?

For me, Betking has improved a lot. Their old design was terrible that sometimes the page doesn't respond till further notice. I usually ignore their big Odds and still use Bet9ja because of page speed and easy navigation.


As I said earlier, this is not a sponsored or promotional post. I say things the way they are. The new Betking instant payment is something else. I had never seen any sports betting platform that payout instantly. Yes, I mean immediately, you get your money in the same minutes, not hours.

The big Odds is also something you can't ignore because it offers you the real value for your money as it helps you to win more.

Finally, gambling is not child play, don't get addicted to it because you might be harming yourself without you knowing. Avoid it or play wisely if you must. Thanks for your time.


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