Avoid using *755# to play Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu).


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Avoid using *755# to play Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu).
Posted on: August 20, 2021, 01:48:39 PM
Premier lotto created *755# shortcode to enable Nigerians and MTN subscribers to play lotto games with ease using the airtime balance on their phone but you better don't use it if you don't already have an Access Bank Yellow account.

Don't use the Premier lotto 755 USSD code to play games because you might end up not being able to withdraw your winning just the way I lost my money because they made it so hard that if you don't open a yellow account then your money is gone, no alternative option.

Why you should not use 755 to play Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu)

I normally use the Premier lotto shortcode to play lotto until recently. Before I go into details below are the reasons you should avoid using 755 to play Premier lotto games.

  • You will be forced to open an Access Yello account.
  • There is only one option for you, Open the account or forget the money.
  • You can't use your winning to re-bet game
  • The money you won is withdrawable and unusable with the yellow account.
  • Opening a yellow account doesn't go easily most of the time.
Firstly, I shared an article that guides lotto players on how to use 755 to play their game conveniently but the rules have changed. Let me start by sharing my experience using Premier lotto *755#.

On Tuesday 17th August 2021 I used my phone to play Ghana Lucky G using the 755 USSD and in the end, I won the game but unfortunately, the money is not withdrawable because I didn't have a Diamond/Access bank Yellow Account

Congratulations you have won!
Kindly visit our website www babaijebu ng to update your Babaijebu a/c and payout. If you need help, contact us on 01-2663270.

 I did everything possible to withdraw the money but my request was rejected

Your payout has failed, please contact customer service on 01-4663270.

The quoted text above is the error message I got while trying to withdraw the money I won but it failed. I called the customer service is requested but was told that they have changed the rules that the only option to withdraw winnings for any game played using the *755# is through Access Yello Account for any amount below N50,000.

This simply means that if you win between 2400 - 49000 Naira you won't be able to withdraw your winning unless you have the yellow account.

Initially, when you play with 755 and wins the game all you need to do is to create an account with the phone number and then set your bank account to withdraw your money but now you must have a special account for you to withdraw which is wrong.

Just open the Yellow account and Withdraw your money

Well, you might think it's easy to just open the yellow account and withdraw the money but only if you don't have some complications.

In my case, the number I used to play the game is not mine but I used it as an alternative after I lost my phone. So to open the recommended account I must use the owner's details to do so.

I tried opening a Yello account but still got another error message that I should contact their customer care again. This time it's no longer to contact Premier lotto customer care but to contact Diamond/Access regarding the opening of the Yellow account, what a long process?

Don't use 755 to play Premier lotto unless you have the means

I decided to share. Io because I was the one who also encouraged Xtremeloaded users to play lotto games using the 755 USSD but is also using the same medium to tell you guys to avoid it because the rules have changed.

I normally use that code to play and when I win I will just set my bank details and click withdraw and my money will go straight to my bank but not anymore.

Just like a bank, depositing money in the bank is always easier without any daily limits or questions but when you want to withdraw the same money they will tell you that they have a limit for daily withdrawal and transfers

I contacted Premier lotto customer service regarding this issue but the way they sound, they don't care if I end up not withdrawing the money because they have set a condition that must be met before withdrawing my money, but can't tell you about the long process when playing the game.


If you know you have the yellow account and can withdraw conveniently then you are good to go. If not please avoid using premier lotto 755 to play the game because if you can't open the account then your money is gone.

You can't use the money to bet on games or to do anything, I even begged them to credit the money to my online betting account so that I can use it to play another game online but they said so at my request.

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Re: Avoid using *755# to play Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu).
#1 Posted on: August 24, 2021, 04:16:50 PM
in my experience Baba Ijebu winnings are safe - all issues concerning winnings withdrawal are speedily resolved by Baba Ijebu and Access Bank


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Re: Avoid using *755# to play Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu).
#2 Posted on: March 15, 2022, 09:10:54 AM
Good day, please is there any other way to play baba ijebu lotto online without using the 755. Thanks

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