What you should do to keep yourself secure online


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What you should do to keep yourself secure online
Posted on: September 20, 2021, 04:30:13 PM
Privacy means everything, and if you care to have that privacy and stay safe on the internet, there are few things you must know. I have a couple of friends who lost their Facebook accounts to hackers who found a way to access their Facebook account.
Many things are happening these days, and if you must stay safe, you must take the necessary precautions to ensure that hackers and attackers don't gain access to your private life.

If your Facebook has been hacked in the past, that means you have failed to take specific security measures, but if you can follow my instructions below, then you will be fully secured. However, staying secure on the web is not all about using a solid past but being mindful of the things you do. A malicious script can be loaded on your phone or computer to track your inputs and actions without your knowledge.

How to stay safe on Facebook and avoid being hacked

Before I go into the general security measures, you must take for your safety and privacy. I want to address the issue of the Facebook account being hacked all the time. Firstly, scammers hack Facebook accounts for their selfish interests.

Most of them will change the profile and use it to scam your friends, while most people who don't know how to use the profile will sell it for between N5000 to N50,000 depending on the number of friends you have.

How did they gain access to your Facebook Account?

1. They tricked you with Apps that harvest your data.

2. They sent what looks like an image for you to click but designed to help extract your login details.

3. They tricked you into visiting a phishing website that looked like Facebook and asked you to enter your login details. Once you do, they have all your login details

4. Your boyfriend or Girlfriend whom you trusted so much and gave him/her your login details might take over and sell your profile to make some money.

5. When you log into your Facebook account, using another person's phone can give them the privilege to take over your account without you knowing it.

The essential guide on how to stay safe on the internet

As a Nigerian, you must not do things you want to stay safe on the internet. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Instead of looking for someone to help you retrieve your account or allow your movement to be monitored by someone else, you better follow the simple security measures below.

* Don't buy phones from easy buy. If you do, try and format it after making all payments.

* Don't borrow from those Chinese loan apps. If you have done, assume everything about you is in plenty of unsecured computers both in Nigeria and China. Everything.

* Use DuckDuckGo for search and Tor for those websites you don't want to be linked to you.

* Avoid phones with bloatware as much as possible. Disable those apps that you cant delete.

* Review app permissions and modify accordingly

* Don't download just any app you see. Any app you don't use at least once a month is possibly redundant.

* Don't click links you see on porn sites.

* Treat every website trying to divert you to another website as a suspect.

* Every website you visit tends to track your movements, so always clear cookies of your browser as often as possible. Use a browser that prioritizes privacy.


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