How to mirror or clone a full website on the internet


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How to mirror or clone a full website on the internet
Posted on: December 14, 2021, 09:11:53 AM
Do you want to know how to mirror or clone a website or blog?

This is a trick used by web developers all around the world.

Now when someone says web developers you might be thinking about code, right?

But no, you will not be writing any program or code if you don't want to.

Alot  of people wonder about on the  internet looking for a bit or alot of information about building and designing websites.

Some look-up "making website free" on Google and find results showing different kinds of web builders or hosting softwares.

You see softwares like Word Press , Blogger, Wix. But have you ever thought about cloning a website.

The website could be a blog,  e-commerce, forum, or any site you can think of!

With the software, you can copy a single web page or a whole site,  your choice.

For example;  You have a wonderful website you always view on the internet and one day it comes to your mind, that you want to create something like it.

Now you are looking for a way to design such a beautiful website and the developer you meet later on to get the job done tells you his commission for the job is N150,000.

How will it feel when you don't have or don't want to spend that much money?

To cut the long story short, you have to improvise.

This is were the software comes in.

What is this Software?

OK you can clone or copy a website that you like or maybe your own website with HTTrack.

What is HTTrack?

HTTrack is a powerful web tool that helps to clone web pages and websites from the internet.

How is works?

Go to with your device and it will show you the recommended version of the software to download.

A laptop or computer is the best choice to use for the software, HTTrack.

You find the software HTTrack on Google Play Store ready for download. (the recommended version of the software for your device).

After downloading it and installing on your Laptop. You can input the URL or link to your preferred site in the software.

The software basically downloads the entire website offline.

Can I relaunch the site

Of course you can but you may want to change a few things on the website you've downloaded to avoid copyright infringement.

After you do this, you may launch your site on your desired web server with your desired domain name.

I don't understand how to do this!

OK if you don't understand how to do this.


* Summary

- Make a search on Google for  Httrack.

-Click on the httrack website on your PC.

-Download the recommended httrack version for your PC.

-The download link is on the httrack website.

-Click the link to download on Google Play Store.

If you don't have a laptop, find a cyber shop near you and ask to use there computer.

Before you go, search for a detailed guide on how to use httrack, maybe a video or blog post.

And follow that guide to download and launch your first website.


This is a good and easy way to make yourself a website with little or no cost.

If you have difficulty with the software based on you not understanding some things.

I recommend you meet a friend or someone who knows computer stuff for help.

Many of them will be happy to hear what you want to say and help you achieve it hopefully.

Do you find this article informative?


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