MTN Data Plan 2023 (Subscription code & Price)


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MTN Data Plan 2023 (Subscription code & Price)
Posted on: January 13, 2022, 04:09:32 PM
Here is the MTN Data Plan full package, subscription codes, and prices, firstly I will congratulate you for making it into the year 2023, and as well thank God almighty who made it possible.

I published a post about the latest MTN Data plan last year and even previous years but things have changed and I must keep you updated with current MTN Data Plans, the price, and subscription codes. That is to say that you will not only see the MTN Data plans here but also how you can subscribe to any of your desired plans.

However, MTN is the biggest mobile telecom in Nigeria with millions of subscribers. They offer the best, fast, and most reliable data connectivity compared to other telecoms but it depends on your location, you just have to go for the network that works for you but MTN has the best coverage in Nigeria as well.

Can I use MTN Data Plan to connect my Tablet, Smartphone, PC's other gadgets?

If you have not been using the MTN network or just came into the country, you might be curious to know whether MTN Data Plan is all you need to connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.

The answer to that question is yes, with MTN Data Plan you can connect whatever electronic gadgets you have including your smart Tv's, all you need is the right device like MTN 4G LTE wireless modem. Your smartphone can as well do the job for you.

MTN Data Plan Subscription code & Price

MTN Nigeria offers various data plans suitable for everyone. Whether you are a heavy user or just need data for your project, Facebook and WhatsApp you are fully covered. Interestingly, with MTN you are sure of getting the most affordable and fastest data plans that you can trust. MTN data plan packages are as follows:

  • MTN double data offer
  • Special data plans (MTN Always-On Data)
  • Daily Plans
  • Weekly Plans
  • Monthly pls
  • 2 Months plans
  • 3 Months plans
  • 6 Months plans
  • Yearly data plans

MTN Double data Offer

MTN double data offer or promo is the most wanted data offer because it gives you double what you pay for. The double data offer started last year and I have been enjoying it since then till now.

MTN double data offer allows you to get up to 24GB for as low as N3,500 and 40GB as low as N5,000 which you can never get from any other network. Normally, you can only get 12GB for 3,500 and 20GB for 5,000 Naira but you are getting double what you are supposed to get. That is what it is called MTN double data offer.

I have already published a guide on how you can enjoy MTN double data offer on this page MTN Double Data subscription code 40GB for 5000, 24GB for 3500 but I am going to brief you guys on this page too.

To enjoy MTN double data offer, all you have to do is to dial *121# On your phone, you will see some options, select and send 3 which represents "Data4Me" or send 1 which also represents "TopDeal4Me". Through this process, you will see what data MTN has for you.

MTN Always-On Data plans

A few months ago MTN introduced a special data package tagged Always-On Data plan designed to offer more for less. With MTN Always-On data you will pay less and get more data that can be used to browse, download, upload, and stream videos conveniently. Without any destination, below are the MTN Always-On data plans and subscription codes.

  • Always-On Data daily plan: 200MB for N60, Send 160 to 131 (Valid for 1 Day)
  • Always-On Data Weekly plan: 450MB for N120, Send 161 as an SMS to 131 (Valid for 7 Days)
  • Always-On Data Monthly: 15GB for N3000, Send 162 to 131 as an SMS (Valid for 30 days)
  • Always-On Data plan: 45GB for N6000, Send 163 to 131 (Valid for 30 days]

Note MTN Always-On data plans is not the same as normal MTN data plan, even though you get more, the data will be divided into day and night plans, and when you exhaust your daily data allowance than you will not have any option than to stick to the night data offer.

MTN Daily data plans

MTN Nigeria offers a daily data plan bundle that lasts between 1-3 days suitable for quick projects when you don't have enough for monthly data plans. One thing you should know about MTN data plans is that you will get more data why paying less but not without the limitation because you are only allowed to use this data between 1 to 3 days. Below is the list of MTN data plans and how you can subscribe to any of them.

  • 40MB for N50, Send 114 to 131 as an SMS (Valid for 24 hours)
  • 100MB for N100, Send 104 to 131, (Valid for 24 hours)
  • 1GB for N300, Send 155 to 131 (Valid for 24 hours)

MTN 2 Days data plans

  • 2GB for N500, Send 154 to 131 (Valid for 2 Days)
  • 2.5GB for N500, only available on MyMTN app/website (Valid for 2 days)

MTN 3 Days data plan

  • 200MB for N200, Send 133 to 131, (Valid for 3 Days)

MTN Weekly Data Plans

If you need a cheap data plan that can last for 7 days depending on what you want to use it for then, MTN weekly data plan is what you need. Below are the MTN Weekly data plans.

  • 350MB + 350MB Youtube for N300, Send 102 to 131 as an SMS (Valid for 7 Days)
  • 750MB + 1GB Youtube for N500, send 103 to 131 (Valid for 14 days)
  • 750MB + 1-Hour Youtube daily for N500, send 750 to 131 (Valid for 7 days)
  • 1GB + 1GB Youtube for N500, send 142 to 131 (Valid for 7 days)
  • 2GB + 2GB Youtube for N1000 (Valid for 7 days)
[*6GB for N1500, send 143 to 131 (Valid for 7 days).

MTN monthly data plans and subscription code

MTN monthly data plans are the most preferred data package that is not only affordable but also gives you 30 days validity usage time. If you need a data plan that will give you enough time, go for MTN monthly data plans, below are the full data packages available on MTN monthly data plans.

  • 1.5GB + 2GB Youtube for N1000, send 106 to 131 as an SMS (Valid for 30 days)
  • 2GB + 4GB Youtube for N1200, send 130 to 131 (valid for 30 days)
  • 3GB + 4GB Youtube for N1500, send 131 to 131 (valid for 30 days)
  • 4.5GB + 4GB Youtube for N2000, send 110 to 131 (valid for 30 days)
  • 6GB + 4GB Youtube for N2500, send 147 to 131 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 10GB + 4GB Youtube for N3000, Available on MyMTN app or by dialing *131# (Valid for 30 days)
  • 12GB + 4GB Youtube for N3500, send 107 to 131 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 20GB + 4GB Youtube for N5000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 25GB for N6000, available on MyMTN app/Websites (valid for 30 days)
  • 40GB for N10,000, send 117 to 131 (valid for 30)
  • 75GB for N15,000, send 150 to 131 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 120GB for N20,000, send 149 to 131 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 200GB for N20,000, available on MyMTN App/Websites

MTN 2 Months data plans

MTN Nigeria offers a data plan with a longer usage time. This package is designed for heavy data users that don't need interruptions, 60 days of data connectivity is all you need for your business if your business is based on the internet. MTN only offers 3 special plans that can keep you connected for 2 months and they are as follows:

  • 30GB for N8000 send 119 to 131 (Valid for 60 days)
  • 100GB for N20,000, send 118 to 131 (Valid for 60 days)
  • 160GB for N30,000, send 138 to 131 (Valid for 30 days)

3 Months MTN Data Plans

If you are not satisfied with monthly and 2-month MTN data plans then you should check out the data plan that offers 90 days (3 months) validity which is amazing. However, the 3 months MTN data plans are expensive and might not be within the reach of many subscribers. Below are the 2 available data plans with 3 months' validity.

  • 400GB for N50,000, send 133 to 131 (Valid for 90 days)
  • 600GB for N75,000, send 134 to 131 (Valid for 90 days)

6 Months MTN data plans

MTN offers a special data plan that can keep you connected for 6 months, that's half a year.

  • 800GB for N90,000, send 115 to 131 (Valid for 6 Months)

Yearly MTN Data Plans

If you want a data plan that can last for 12 months then you are fully covered. The MTN yearly data plan is the biggest data offer for heavy data users. Below are the MTN 3 special yearly data plans.

  • 1TB for N100,000, send 135 to 131, (Valid for 365 days)
  • 2.5TB for N250,000, send 136 to 131 (Valid for 365 days)
  • 4.5TB for N450,000, send 137 to 131 (Valid for 365 days)

How to check MTN data balance

MTN has made everything easier, and you don't need any special code to check your data balance. The normal MTN *556# USSD code used to check your airtime account now displays data plan balance and bonuses available on your line.

To check your MTN data balance along with the airtime balance, simply dial: *556#, and you will see your data balance together with your airtime balance. Alternatively, you can send 2 to 131 to receive your data balance.

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MTN data plans table

Data Plan + PriceValiditySub-code
40MB (N50)1 DayText "114" to 131
200MB (N60 Always-On Data)1 dayText "160" to 131
100MB (N100)1 DayText "104" to 131
1GB (N300)1 DayText "155" to 131
2GB (N500)2 DaysText "154" to 131
200MB (N200)3 DaysText "113" to 131
450MB (N120  Always-On Data )7 DaysText "161" to 131
350MB + 350MB Youtube (N300)7 Days Text "102" to 131
750MB + 1GB for YouTube (N500)7 DaysText "103" to 131
750MB + 1-Hour YouTube daily (N500)7 DaysText "750" to 131
1GB + 1GB for YouTube (N500)7 DaysText "142" to 131
2GB + 2GB for YouTube (N1,000)7 DaysDial *131*105#
6GB (N1,500)7 DaysText "143" to 131
1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube (N1,000)30 DaysText "106" to 131
2GB + 4GB for YouTube (N1,200)30 Days Text "130" to 131
3GB + 4GB for YouTube (N1,500)30 Days Text "131" to 131
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube (N2,000)30 Days Text "110" to 131
6GB + 4GB for YouTube (N2,500)30 Days Text "147" to 131
10GB + 4GB for YouTube (N3,000)30 Days Dial *131#
15GB (N3,000 Always-On Data)30 DaysText "162" to 131
12GB + 4GB for YouTube (N3,500)30 DaysText "107" to 131
20GB + 4GB for YouTube (N5,000)30 DaysText "116" to 131
45GB (N6,000 Always-On Data)30 DaysText "163" to 131
40GB (N10,000)30 Days Text "117" to 131
75GB (N15,000)30 Days Text "150" to 131
120GB (N20,000)30 Days Text "149" to 131
200GB (N30,000)30 Days Dial *131#
30GB (N8,000)60 Days Text "119" to 131
100GB (N20,000)60 Days Text "118" to 131
160GB (N30,000)60 DaysText "138" to 131
400GB (N50,000)90 DaysText "133" to 131
600GB (N75,000)90 DaysText "134" to 131
800GB (N90,000)6 MonthsText "115" to 131
1TB (N100,000)1 YearText "135" to 131
2.5TB (N250,000)1 YearText "136" to 131
4.5TB (N450,000)1 YearText "137" to 131

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