How To Earn Real Money Online In Nigeria


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How To Earn Real Money Online In Nigeria
Posted on: January 20, 2022, 01:11:09 PM

In this article I reveal a step by step guide on how to earn money online in Nigeria for free.

If you want to know best clues to making a lot of money online, read this article attentively for real practical tips that will guide you to  making your first few hundreds or thousands of naira daily.

This is a free digital marketing course about making money selling affiliate products with content marketing and social media.

Things You'll Need To Follow Up With This Guide

• Smartphone or Laptop
• Blog
• Social media
• YouTube channel

Below I listed a step by step guide on how to create a good online business.

Step 1: Start A Blog

Starting a blog for your business is a great idea, it will increase your customer reach, email subscribers, and also grow your followers on social media.

View the blogging and marketing statistics:

• Businesses that prioritize blogging experience twice as much email traffic as businesses who don't.

• Blogs have been listed as the 5th most trusted sources of information in the world.

• 57% of marketers say they gained customers specifically through blogging.

• 60% of marketers will reuse blog content 2-3 times.

Why should you care about this? People these days love searching blogs for information and solutions to their everyday problems.

Most blogs use this to their advantage, they sell digital products like ebooks and offer services that solves these everyday problems, thus making a lot of money.

Blogger and website owners also use the stats to their advantage by putting up paid Ads, and promoting affiliate products.

How To Create A Blog and How To Blog

• Pick a niche.
• Brainstorm on a blog name.
• Choose a Content Management System (CMS).
• Buy your Domain name.
• Start creating great content.

Paying a professional to create your blog is the best option for you (if you don't have the technical skills to create one). This way, you can focus on picking a niche to create content around and brainstorming the name for your blog.

Tip: Blog names should be general to avoid rebranding. e.g or

How To Pick A Niche And Create Content

Blog posts are usually created around a specific niche or topic so picking a good and attractive niche is a significant key to your entire blogging career.

Tip: Pick a niche you can easily monetize and create a lot of content around.

Affiliate marketing can help you pick a niche for your blog!

For examples; You can start a product review blog with content that reviews affiliate products.

Reviewing affiliate products on your blog and adding affiliate links to your blog posts will generate more sales and money.

Note: Niches can be about anything. It could be about Technology, Gaming, Traveling, Food, and lots more (they are many affiliate products related to these niches).

However, you need a reasonable amount of traffic (visitors) to actually start making money from your blog.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

This section will teach you how to grow your blog with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO in short is basicly techniques used to enable a website rank on Google.

• Keyword Research.
• Content Syndication.
• Social media
• Email marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to getting organic traffic from Google.

1. Keyword Research:

Bloggers use SEO to get a lot of visitors for Google searches. Keyword research is currently the most important part of SEO (the right keywords drive awesome organic traffic).

Keywords tell Google the kind of content you publish on your site and the specific audience you are targeting with those keywords.

Some free keyword research tools that will help you gain traffic from Google;

• H-supertools
• Ubersuggest
• Ahref Keyword Explorer
• Word Stream

2. Content Syndication:

Content Syndication is simply copy and pasting your content or blog posts on different across the internet (this is not spamming).

To use this method of boosting traffic you need to create accounts on the following platforms;

• Tumblr
• Medium
• Mix
• Redit
• LinkedIn
• Quora
• Pinterest

Tumblr, Medium, Mix, Redit, LinkedIn, Quora and Pinterest are social platform that make it easy to create free blogs or free personal spaces for publishing your content for free.

What does this method do?
It exposes your content to more people and potential customers.

In fact, LinkedIn had been declared the most effective social media platform for delivering content.

You don't have to go and start answering people's questions in their comment section. All you need to do is create an account on each of the listed platforms and start copying and pasting your content.

When you do this, anyone on those platforms can search for something related to your blog post or content and see it appear the search results (if your blog post solves a their problem, you'll get visits).

Note: Add links that matter to all posts when using this method

3. Social media

Social media is a very important part of gaining extra traffic for your business.

95.8% of bloggers promote their blog posts through social media, and 66% of marketers have been reported using blogs in their social content in 2017.

You have to grow your social presence online if you want to have a successful online business.

One advantage of using social media for business is customer service- you get to engage with readers and find out their problems which can help you
to improve the quality if your service.

4. Email marketing

According to marketers, email marketing is the best and most effective way to promote affiliate products.

An email list is the first thing you need to start email marketing. How can you build a email list? Mail Chimp is a good example of a service that can help you with this (it collects email subscribers and stores them up).

When creating your blog, be sure you add a email subscription widget (tell a web developer to add one for you if you can't do it yourself).

The email subscription widget simplifies collecting emails (visitors fix in their email and sign up to your email list with a click).

Step 2: Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel in 2022 is a smart thing to do. I'll show you why in this section of my guide.

Do you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google?
Yes it is!

Research shows 43% of consumers increasingly want video content from marketers, and videos are 50 times more likely to drive organic search than the plaintext in blog posts.

Creating a video on YouTube is the best you can gain great traffic (50 times better than plaintext).

You might be wondering, how I create a successful YouTube channel that receives lots of traffic?

Great question! I will give you a brief answer which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Tools for YouTube SEO:
• H-supertools
• Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a YouTube certified SEO tool and Chrome extension used for optimizing YouTube videos. By doing this your video will reach people through Google search and Youtube video search.

I recommended you use H-supertools and Tubebuddy together because with H-supertools you can find Keyword to place in your video title and description to get traffic, Tubebuddy will highlight all the error in your video set up and guide you to correct them.

Step 3: Link All Your Websites, Social Media Accounts And YouTube channel together

This method makes sure traffic flows to all you websites, social media accounts and Youtube channels.

The best ways to do this is by creating a bio link. A bio link creator will make it easy for customers specifically to have access to all your blogs, YouTube channels, affliate products, social media and much more.

Create a bio link and add it to video descriptions, about us page on you blog, social media posts and others.

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