How to learn HTML and CSS coding for free


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How to learn HTML and CSS coding for free
Posted on: January 23, 2022, 11:46:58 PM
HTML and CSS are the primary coding languages that define the look and structure of web pages. Every website on google is made with coding and programming, even

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet.

The HTML defines the structure of a webpage; it is responsible for all the images, text, links, and media files that appear on a webpage.

CSS defines the look and appearance of a webpage, and in web development, we call it styling.

HTML5 is the most recent version of HTML and is popularly recognised by a tag known as "<! DOCTYPE html>" which defines a webpage as a HTML document. CSS is known by "<style></style>" opening and closing tags.

All the elements, attributes and declarations that make webpages beautiful are placed between the <style> opening tag and </style> closing tag, the style tag can also be called a parent tag because it can contain other tags.

Likewise HTML has it's opening tag which is <html> and usually after this come other tags like <head></head> opening and closing tags, <body></body> opening and closing tags and so on, but this is all closed with the </html> closing tag.

Coding languages are not the same as programming languages. Coding languages like HTML and CSS only define the structure and look of a webpage, while a programming language like JavaScript defines the functionality of a webpage.

For example; A house is built (let us see this house as a website), HTML is responsible for the foundation, the walls, and the roofing of the house. At the same time, CSS is responsible for the painting and decoration. A programming language like JavaScript adds functionalities to the house like AC, Fans, Elevators.

A real example is your Facebook profile. It is made from coding and programming- HTML is responsible for all the images and texts on your profile, CSS is responsible for all the colors and style of your profile. JavaScript is responsible for functionalities like thumb-like, love reactions on your picture, and other functions like commenting on a post.

How to learn HTML and CSS coding for free

HTML and CSS are simple coding languages you can learn in months.

HTML is the first coding language recommended for beginners to learn before moving to CSS. This is because learning CSS requires basic knowledge of HTML coding.

Some people practice HTML coding with their smartphones, but the best and fastest way to learn HTML is with a laptop, but you can still use your phone.

Free resources like YouTube let you gain access to many free video tutorials that can teach you HTML and CSS from scratch.

My personal favorite apart from YouTube is W3school. At W3school, you can learn numerous coding and programming skills for free from scratch to finish.

Why you should learn HTML and CSS coding languages

It is always good to explore skills. Learning CSS and HTML will groom you in web design and development, and by adding them to JavaScript, you will be able to create sites like Xtremeloaded, mobile applications, even a search engine, and much more.

You can create websites with unique functions and abilities. HTML and CSS coding laced with JavaScript programming skills make for a good web developer, and web developers get paid outstanding commissions.

How much time to invest in learning CSS and HTML coding

Three hours a day for the next six months could do the trick, but you can pick a good time frame that will suit you.

Remember HTML comes first, then CSS, and then JavaScript. If you add a programming language, it can extend your learning time to a year or more.


The button lines are that the demand for skills like web development is still high. With these skills, you will naturally feet in to make money online.

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