How to find low competition keywords to increase google ranking


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How to find low competition keywords to increase google ranking
Posted on: January 27, 2022, 11:18:35 AM
Bloggers need keywords for traffic from google. In this tutorial you get all you need for understanding keywords, how they work and how to do good keyword research for free.

Keyword research now more than ever is a very significant aspect of SEO,  bloggers use keyword research techniques to find valuable keywords that could help them to target traffic for social media posts, and many promotional campaigns on the internet. One of the most common uses of keyword research in SEO is for optimisation of blog articles which help by targeting organic traffic from google searches.

Keyword research is a necessity for bloggers who plan to get free traffic directly for google searches.

This simple tutorial guide is free and I made it to help beginners especially. If you're thinking how to find low competition keywords with high traffic, and how to find low competition keywords free, the guide you're reading now talks about this in clear detail (so sit back and read on).

What this tutorial covers:

• What a keyword is and why is it important?
• How to find low competition keywords to increase google ranking.
• How to find low competition keywords free.

What a keyword is and why is it important?

Keywords are words people use to find information on google. For instance, if you wanted to find on google, all you would have to do is type in a keyword in your browser search bar, in this case the keywords you would probably search for is 'Xtremeloaded' or "Xtremeloaded Forum".

You do this because you already know that google would automatically provide answers to your search query.

That's how keywords work, they tell search engines like google about the kind of content you are searching for and search engines in exchange gives you various answers related to your search, websites likes blogs, forums, tool sites and others get traffic when people search for keywords they (the website) rank for and click on them (the website URLs or links).

This means keywords are important for getting free organic traffic from google and other search engines like YouTube, bing, yahoo and so on.

How to find low competition keywords

Finding the right keywords to increase google ranking is a tricky task for a lot of newbie bloggers who haven't quite wrapped their heads around the idea of keyword research, but if you are one of these, there is a quick solution (read on).

In entirety, ranking on google first page for certain keywords is not an easy task, for some reason keywords with high competition or high SEO difficulty are impossible to rank for blogs with low Domain Authority (DA).

In Moz metrics, the authority or strength of a website is measure by it's Domain Authority (DA) which has a scale of 0-100.

According to, has a DA of 23, which makes it possible and easier to rank on google for some certain keywords like "Xtremeloaded Forum" as I mentioned in the instance in the early parts of this tutorial.

Why you need to increase the DA of your blog

Growing your blogs Domain Authority (DA) will make it possible and easier for you to rank on google for keywords, especially if your blog is new with low or 0 DA.

To increase your blog DA, all your need to do is to grow your blog backlink profile and social media presence. Increasing backlink improves the trustworthiness of your blog.

A backlink is simply when a website links back to your blog.

For example; If this was an active clickable link, google will have a backlink from us.

One of the most common ways of growing backlinks for free is by making posts linking back to your blog on internet discussion forums.

Some forums that allow you to do this: Nairaland, Earlyface, and others.

Guest posting on other blogs can also get you free backlinks though blog sell backlinks but a lot of other blogs give it free when you guest post.

If you grow quality backlinks from high DA websites, you will increase your blogs DA faster because two websites with relatively high DA can outshine a 1000 backlinks from low DA website.

Now all that cleared out I think it is time for you to find out How to find low competition keywords.

Finding keywords with low competition is easily done with Keyword research tools.

With free keyword research tools like:
• SmallSEOtools
• Ubersuggest
• H-supertools

You can conveniently explore and find keywords with low competition and high or good search volume.

All you'll need is your keyword (preferably what you want to create content around) example "Internet forums".

Internet Forum is a long tail keyword and in my case I am using it as an example.

So if I want to create content around the keyword " Internet Forum ", I will simply pick a tool like and head to it's keyword research tool and input my keyword " Internet Forum ".

H-supertool can give me up to 50 keyword suggestions related to " Internet Forum " and all the suggestions are long tail keywords which are recommended target keywords for google ranking.

After H-supertool analyses my keyword, I get insight like Competition levels and search volume.

With the filter, I can put "low" so I can see keywords with low competition and also checkout their search volume if they are OK.

Search can land between 100-500 searches per month sometimes but this is still OK for new blogs.

After all my research for example I had "How to create a free Internet Forum" which is a low competition keyword, then I create my article to rank for this keyword and that's it.

But on google, Xtremeloaded is actually ranking on page #1 for the keyword " How to create a free Internet Forum" because it is a low competition keyword.

Final thoughts

Low competition keyword research is the way to go if you want free organic traffic from google searches.

So in other to rank for keywords and to find the best low competition keywords, you need to:

• Build back links
• Use keyword research tools
• Find good long-tail keywords with good search volume.
• Write good and quality articles around the keywords.
• Grow social media presence.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial?

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