JAMB 2022: How To Prepare In 60 Days


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JAMB 2022: How To Prepare In 60 Days
Posted on: February 02, 2022, 07:58:58 PM
Oh if you are a student waiting for JAMB exams to begin or you are aspiring to seat for it. This post is about all you will need to do to clear the exam.

JAMB UTME is set to hold on May 6th till May 16th. So you may wonder what time the registration for the exam will begin?

I'll focus on these questions in this article.

• 2022 JAMB registration date and deadline
• How to prepare before May 6th to pass in 60+ days

The registration for the exam begins on February 12 and ends February 28th. So there are 2 months and a few days to practice and prepare for UTME in.. You guessed it, 60 days.

How are you planning for UTME? Are you reading books? What book are you reading now for UTME? 

Reading the wrong book is the same as not reading at all and it yeilds failure which is the one teacher you have to learn from if you have failed before, otherwise learning from best practices and experiences is the best alternative.

JAMB 2022: How To Prepare In 60 Days

Medicine is currently holding one of the toughest cut off points to beat.

So if you are choosing medicine to study in the University, you're going to need a minimum score of 250 on your UTME test. 

It's not like you're going to have 250 exact after reading this article, but I am confident that you'll get a score that you will appreciate. That's if you are ready to prepare.

Here are three things to look out for in JAMB UTME

• Timeliness
• Past questions
• Anxiety

If you can conquer the above mentioned, you have to know you will do just fine with your upcoming exams.

Timeliness is the beauty of preparation and in JAMB it is very important. First rule, go to your exam centre earlier than the proposed time.

Going early will help you quickly grab an understand of how things  go on around the centre. Then you have time to go and figure out your seat number without getting anxious because of late coming.

So when you get seated you will then face the exam which has a timer usually set at 2hr 30mins, but JAMB is considering to adjust the time.

The exam is objectives so you'll have options to choose from. This is where the tip, past questions and answers come.

Since I have known JAMB, it has always used past questions and answers to set UTME.

How did I know this? Hey I have written JAMB too. How did I pass?  Past questions and answers.

JAMB Past questions and answers are essential materials for students practicing for UTME.

Now you know how important past questions are.. Next thing has to be clearing the anxiety from writing an exam. Your anxiety and fear of losing a year or failure is one tough cookie to deal with. Thinking about it is one of the leading causes of failing even after practice and preparation.

So before going in to face JAMB exam, calm your nerves and heart by praying and meditation. Focus on success not failure.

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How to read for JAMB UTME

Need to read for your exams? You need to have a reading plan.

From now until May 6th is about 92 days or more. This time is enough to get yourself prepared to a reasonable extent.

Here is a reading plan:

• 5 UTME years of past questions per day for 90 days.
• 10 UTME years of past questions for 60 days.

Just imagine how good it will feel knowing you have covered all your four subjects that you'll choose for JAMB.

If you use the first reading plan which is 90 days, you will cover 22,000 questions and answers. A 60 days reading plan covers 30,000 questions and answers.

If you are doubting how possible it is to remember thousands of, questions, it is.

You're only writing 4 subjects and believe it or not those subjects have about 8,000 past questions and answers all together and repetition of questions  is bond to occur alot.

This all means that you can practice all your 4 subjects over and over again with the 60 or 90 days, reading plan.


My final thoughts on this topic are:

• Be early
• Practice past questions and answers
• Create a 2 months reading plan for yourself

One more thing is taking free CBT tests free online JAMB CBT sites like Myscool to test and strengthen your remembrance, and timeliness.
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