How to create a free ebook within minutes.


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How to create a free ebook within minutes.
Posted on: February 19, 2022, 11:37:07 AM
This guide talks about how you can create a e-book for free in a matter of minutes or even less.

As you read this you'll learn how to create your e-books absolutely free with the tools I will be mentioning in guide.

Let's dive in to it...

Create a free downloadable ebook with Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a powerful and popular internet browser.

It makes making and downloading e-books very easy and simple.

All you need is your content and a website..

You need a website to host all your e-book content like videos, images and all the blocks of texts.

A website design will also serve as a free pre-made template for your e-books.

If you don't have a website you have to create one. Its free so you'll only need to focus on hosting your content on your website.

Your website can be a blog or forum...

Free Website builders to host your content


Reminder: You'll use the free blog website builders above to create a free website to host your content.

A e-book is a digital file that contains images and texts that people can access and read electronically.

If you're a blogger looking to create e-books absolutely free one option is:

• Converting your Blog posts to e-books.

To do this you'll need your blog post to be long guides of 5000 words or more.

Your e-books needs to be at least 5 pages long..

The second way is:

• Downloading and editing free e-books

You have to make sure you don't infringe on anyone's copyright so to avoid this search google for best selling PLR and you'll see websites that offer free and paid e-books with resale rights.

Its time to create and download your first e-book

If the topic and content you want to create a free e-book is ready on your website.

Simply go to Opera Mini beta version and enter the link to your content.

After this tap the side bar menu which are three vertical dots at the top right corner of on your screen.

Then select the option 'Save as PDF' and your blog posts will be converted to free downloadable e-book PDF.

Need a e-book cover for your e-book?

Head to and make one for free. Just search google for free canvas e-book cover maker.


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