Touching story behind this image (Daughter breast feeding her Father)


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The price of this picture, which depicts a young lady nursing an elderly man inside of a jail cell, was set at 30 million Euros. Although the picture has an odd appearance, the narrative behind it is really moving and motivational.

For the crime of stealing a loaf of bread in France during the reign of Louis XIV, the unfortunate individual was given the penalty of "death by starving." This lady was his sole daughter and the only one who ever visited him in prison. She was permitted to see him every day but had to go through extensive searches, and she was not allowed to bring in any food.

When, after four months, the man was still alive and had not lost any weight, the authorities were baffled and began to spy on her. To their total surprise, they discovered that she was breast-feeding her father to the utmost extent possible, sharing the milk from her baby with him.

The judge's heart was softened by the daughter's love and compassion for her father, and in the end, they decided to pardon the father and set him free. Initially, a case was filed against her, but it was eventually dropped because the judge saw how much love and compassion the daughter had for her father.
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Wow. Thats really touching. I love this article.

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