Peter Obi Becoming the President


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Peter Obi Becoming the President
Posted on: June 11, 2022, 12:07:38 AM
Hello, my fellow Nigerians. I want to use this opportunity to share my thought about Peter Obi and his ambition of becoming the Nigerian president. I have never been interested in politics until now.

I have never participated in any election, but not again. I believe I am part of our problems today for not joining others in casting my vote. It was wrong.

The choice of Peter Obi leaving PDP for LP

I have followed every thread about Peter Obi on Nairaland, Facebook, and Twitter. I always check people's opinions and views. Many believed he left PDP because he knew the outcome would not be in his favor.

I don't see anything wrong with moving to where he will be recognized and appreciated. Yes, you may think he won't have any chance of joining an unpopular party, but let us ask some questions.

For how long are we going to depend on party politics? We vote for people based on their party, not about what they can offer. That is wrong.

How can we do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results? Can't we try something different yes, Peter Obi might not be your candidate, which is okay but let's vote in a way that our conscience will not judge us?

Nigerians, we can't continue like this. The decision we take today will either positively or negatively affect our generation. It's okay if you vote for anyone you choose to vote for. It's right, but I think we need to do things differently this time.

Peter Obi is not for Igbos

I don't know Peter Obi, and I know he doesn't know me too, I only saw him on Tv, just like most of us, but honestly, he might not be the savior Nigerians are looking for, but there is something special about him.

I learned about Peter Obi when the video of his visit to Mbaka Adoration ministry at Enugu surfaced. I didn't choose to vote for him because he is an Igbo. I vote for him because I have listened to and watched all the videos about him. As they said, talk is cheap but remember, even those who don't talk and have been ruling Nigerians for decades without any improvement are not better.

Please, Nigerians, Peter Obi is not for Igbos and will never divide Nigeria; of course, he will not even have the power to do such. I am begging the Nigerian youths to understand that it is not about where you came from or your religious beliefs.

We are only looking for a way to change the game to benefit the rich and poor. Only Peter Obi can statistically explain everything about other countries' economies and how they generate income without looking into any pepper.

I don't need to remind you how educated he is and has gone to different countries worldwide. Ask him how he intends to tackle the challenges we are facing today in Nigeria, and you will get a perfect answer.

Yes, we might be wrong thinking that Peter Obi is our savior, but at the same time, we might be right as well. You need to listen to and watch this man's videos on Facebook to understand his kind of person. Talk is cheap but always remember that from the abundance of our heart the mouth speaketh.

Labour Party doesn't have structure and money

In Nigeria, people pay to get a vote and then collect back their money when they become the president leaving the poor Nigerians to suffer. Is that what we want?

Become that structure today and reject being bought with little change that can only help you suffer for over eight years.

Finally, feel free to vote for whoever you choose, but I am begging the Nigerian youths to join the movement of Peter Obi because we have seen something different and unique about him. With him, the cost of governance will be reduced. He is educated and connected, which means he can attract foreign investors in Nigeria, which will mean more employment for the youths.
Nigeria can be better again, and we need to get it right. It's no longer about party or ethnicity but about whom we see fit to take this country to the next level.


* PO can never win, but INEC and whoever they are working for are doing anything possible to stop the massive registration of PVC. What are they afraid of? If we can have a POS machine in every corner of our house, why can't we also have a PVC registration machine? I thought getting more people involved in Nigerian politics was a good development, but it seems not. They want to keep things as they used to be, reject them, and join the movement.

* PO can never win, yet 80% of politicians now channel their effort to pull him down before things get out of hand. What are they afraid of?

Join this Peter Obi movement and make Nigeria better again. Thanks and good bless  Nigerians.

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