New Task Manager features and more in Windows 11 22H2


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New Task Manager features and more in Windows 11 22H2
Posted on: June 13, 2022, 06:54:36 AM
None of the new features in Windows 11 22H2 are groundbreaking (though there are several quality improvements here and there). But there's one significant difference in this new OS: a completely new Task Manager that includes WinUI, Fluent Design, Mica, and other improvements.

Not all features of the new Task Manager have been included. On the new site, the tabs (i.e., "Processes," "Performance," and "Network") that had traditionally occupied the application's upper portion have been shifted to the side. To make it more tablet-friendly and modern,' the business has redesigned the Task Manager.

As seen in these screen pictures, translucent Mica material has been used to update the Task Manager window. Introducing Mica, a new "design material" that tries to coordinate the backdrop color of the app's window or title bar with the desktop background to create a lovely "color hierarchy" for the uninitiated:

The Task Manager's Mica material does not have a transparency effect. The title bar color of Task Manager will be the same as the color of your desktop backdrop, even if you have it open on top of another program like Paint in Windows 11.

According to a Microsoft source, this will not come at the expense of performance. "We want to guarantee that all these new functions (Mica and rounded edges) are super-fast," Microsoft said in a blog post about the Windows 11 Task Manager redesign.

Other frequent activities have been placed at the top of the tabs, such as starting a new task, terminating one, and more. When you move tabs in Task Manager, these activities will be different.

While the overall appearance may be comparable to the current generation, the black backdrop and rounded edges are now standard. The Task Manager has taken another step toward being more in line with Microsoft's concept of a modern and aesthetically pleasing interface.

Pages like Processes now use the Windows 11 theme color scheme applied to the whole operating system.

Task Manager has included a new performance-enhancing function

Efficiency mode, a new feature in Task Manager, gives you more control over specific tasks. Process-based resource optimization is possible in Efficiency mode to help alleviate CPU load. In the front, this may contribute to higher energy efficiency and quicker response times.

By lowering the priority of a task, Task Manager's efficiency mode reduces the number of resources it uses. When a process's priority is decreased, the app that relies on that process will continue to function. But it will remain in the background, freeing up CPU resources for other critical programs and activities. The Start menu and other improvements will be included in Windows 11 22H2, released to users in October.

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