List of Cheapest POS Machines in Nigeria, Prices & Charges


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List of Cheapest POS Machines in Nigeria, Prices & Charges
Posted on: August 13, 2022, 04:30:04 PM
Here is the complete list of POS machines in Nigeria, their prices, and the charges involved. If that’s what you are interested to know, then you are welcome. I guess you are here because you are planning to start a POS business and would like to know more about the business.

If the answer is yes, then you are smart because there are many POS machine providers in Nigeria, and making the right choice is not easy unless you clearly understand how each of them works. Many people don’t even know where to look for a good POS machine provider, but that will be a thing of the past after reading this post.

We live in a cashless world, where individuals may go to the market and buy everything they want without having to bring cash. You need to purchase a POS machine to assist your business growth as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate.

Cheapest POS Machines in Nigeria, Prices & Charges

Honestly, the first step to take whenever you plan to start up a POS business is to think about the business POS machine providers with favorable terms and conditions. Getting such information is not that easy, but since you are here, you will surely get all the details you need about POS machines in Nigeria.

However, many people thought that the only place to get a POS machine is in commercial banks like Gtbank, First bank, Zenith, etc. But no, various companies are providing the machine at an affordable price with friendly charges compared to the one you get from commercial banks.

Before I start with the list of cheapest POS machines in Nigeria, I would like to explain more about the following:
  • General Price of POS machine.
  • Free POS Vs Fully purchased POS machine
  • Where you can buy POS machines in Nigeria
  • Suppliers of point-of-sale machines (POS) in Nigeria
  • Buy POS Machine online (Jiji and Jumia)
  • How much does a POS machine cost on
  • How much is POS Machine on Jumia
  • Best and Recommended POS machine in Nigeria
  • POS Machine Provider with the lowest transaction charges
  • Lists of Cheapest POS Machines providers in Nigeria

General Price of POS machine

As I previously indicated, a free POS machine may be obtained from any commercial bank in Nigeria, and most firms like OPAY provide clients with free POS machines.

You might wonder what they stand to gain by providing their clients with free POS equipment. If you use the ATM, you’ll be charged a tiny fee for every transaction you make! You will not be charged for transactions if you acquire a POS machine from a corporation or dealer and use it.

The price of a POS machine can vary widely depending on the platform or retailer from whom you purchase it; even if the device is the same, the price might vary widely due to variances in location and dealer. In Nigeria, you may expect to pay anything from N50,000 to N100,000 for a high-quality, brand-new POS system.

Since you’re dealing with money, I won’t recommend buying a used POS machine; instead, I recommend investing in a brand-new one that will last longer and save you money now and in the future.

Free POS Vs Fully purchased POS machine

Most people generally choose a free POS machine from a commercial bank or a POS provider like OPAY, which offers free POS machines. However, if you want to maximize your profits from your point-of-sale business, I recommend purchasing new POS equipment from a POS vendor.

One of the reasons for this is that the firm from which you purchase your new point of sale machine will never charge you for any transactions you conduct using the system. In contrast, if you’re using the bank’s free POS machine, you’ll be charged for every transaction.

Consider which one you believe will yield the most profit. In the comments section below, please share your thoughts. The best point-of-sale solution I normally recommend for large-scale businesses is a POS machine (Supermarket, restaurants, hostel, bar, lounge POS system which cost N155,000).

Where you can buy POS machines in Nigeria

There are a variety of vendors from which you may choose to purchase a POS machine, new or old, based on your preferences and available funds.

However, keep in mind that the free POS machine from any commercial bank will always charge a modest commission for any transaction you conduct on it. However, you will not be charged for any transactions made using a POS system that you purchased online or offline.

Suppliers of point-of-sale machines (POS) in Nigeria

It’s possible to purchase a low-cost POS machine from one of these vendors instead of going via your bank or dealing with the stress of dealing with the bank. I have a list of POS machine providers in Nigeria that can give you a machine without much stress, and there as follows:

Even though most of the providers are based in Lagos, you can still request a POS machine from anywhere in Nigeria as long as you are qualified based on their terms and conditions.

Buy POS Machine online (Jiji and Jumia)

If you have enough capital to purchase your POS directly from online shopping malls, that’s the best thing to do. The good news is that you won’t be charged anything, even if you do hundreds of transactions daily if you spend N30,000 on a POS machine you purchased outrightly.

As an alternative, Jumia and Jiji are the best shopping malls to get low-cost POS machines with an excellent network, customer support, and high-quality batteries.

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Buy from

Jiji is one of the best and biggest marketplaces in Nigeria, where you can virtually find and buy anything you need, both used and new products, with the help of you can find the best high-quality POS machines at low costs in Nigeria.

Unlike a POS from a commercial bank, every POS machine you buy on Jiji is for life, so you won’t have to pay for each transaction. The pricing of a POS machine in Nigeria may be found on the Jiji online market shop easily.

How much does a POS machine cost on

If you are planning to look at the Jiji marketplace to know how much a POS machine costs on Jiji, then I think I have an idea because I search the platform to see what their price looks like.

On Jiji, the prices of some items may be higher or lower than on Jumia. However, the pricing on Jiji may be lower or higher than Jumia. To have the fastest delivery, you’ll need to buy from a platform you’re more comfortable with online.
  • Pay Android POS N70,000.
  • POS S90 mobile payment terminal N65,000.
  • Supermarket, restaurants, hostel, bar, lounge POS system N155,000.
  • Brand new Pax S90 GPRS payment POS terminal N70,000.
  • All in one POS system touchscreen kit wifi N250,000.

Buy POS Machine from

Jumia is undoubtedly the biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria, where you can find different types of electronics, they are trusted, and it only takes a few minutes to search and find different types of POS machines with their prices.

Even though Jumia has several low-cost POS terminals, the costs vary widely based on features and build quality. Banking institutions won’t charge you for any transitions you conducted with any POS equipment you buy on Jumia.

How much is POS Machine on Jumia

Before we proceed to the general price of the POS machines, let me give you an overview of how much you can find a quality POS machine on Jumia.

From the comfort of your own home, you can get a POS machine from Jumia at a low price and get it shipped right away. Below are some examples of POS terminals and their prices to get an idea of how much a POS terminal costs.
  • All in one handheld printer smart POS terminal wireless N72,180.
  • Genuine portable wireless BlueTooth 58mm 2in thermal receipt printer N19,000.
  • All in one handheld PDA smart POS terminal wireless portable printers N62,640.

List of POS Machines in Nigeria, Prices & Charges

Let’s head straight to the main reason why we are here. Kindly take your time and go through this guide to find more about my top 20 list of cheapest POS Machine In Nigeria, which includes their prices and charges.

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Best and Recommended POS machine in Nigeria

Before going into details about POS machines, below are the best ones you can get in Nigeria after considering the acquisition and transaction charges.

Lists of Cheapest POS Machines providers in Nigeria

A cheap POS machine really refers to high-quality, economical POS equipment with a long-lasting battery. Choosing high-quality POS equipment with a little budget shouldn’t be an issue.

More profit if you can get it for a low price. What else do you need if that’s not enough for your POS firm? Many POS devices are affordable and of excellent quality that you should consider purchasing for your business. Please note that we obtained our pricing data from Jiji, Konga, and Jumia. At any point, the price might rise or fall.

  • Dataway POS (N15,000)
  • Palmpay traditional POS (N15,000)
  • Bankly POS (N20,000)
  • Flutterwave POS (N10,000)
  • A920 POS machine (N90,000)
  • Supermarket, restaurants, hostel, bar, lounge POS system (N155,000).
  • Surebanka POS (N10,000)
  • Opay mini POS (N15,000)
  • Pay force POS (N25,000)
  • Palmpay POS machine (N30,000)
  • Nexgo G2 POS machine (N43,000)
  • Bank NEW8210 POS machine (N43,000)
  • POS S90 machine (N50,000)
  • Dot pay POS terminal machine (N30,000)
  • V71 POS terminal (N35,000)
  • Pax POS machine (N40,000)
  • Smart button POS (N40,000)
  • Baxi Android POS machine (N50,000)
  • Smart POS terminal (N70,000)
  • M1S Android Mobile POS Terminal (N89,380)
Let’s take a deep breath and discover which POS machines in 2022 will have the lowest transaction fees now that you’ve seen Nigeria’s low POS machine prices.

POS Machine Provider with the lowest transaction charges

You may wonder which POS firm in Nigeria charges the lowest fees for POS transactions. The finest POS machines have the lowest transaction fees, but is that the case generally? Is it true that the worst POS has the lowest POS fees?

Your query has a simple answer, which I will reveal now! I’ve observed that Nigeria’s commercial banks charge the most for POS transactions. While most point-of-sale firms offer minimal transaction fees, there are exceptions.

GTBank POS costs are the most expensive, while Palmpay POS charges are the least expensive

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Finally, I’m certain I’ve been able to answer all of your questions concerning Nigerian POS machines and fees.

This article, I am confident, will assist you in making an informed decision on which Nigerian POS machine is ideal for your POS business in terms of both price and quality. Consider the costs and needs of POS machines in your location and give me your thoughts.

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Please, I need a new battery for  pax S90 GPRS POS .
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Opay mini pos

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