Best Car Navigation System 2DIN and Portable


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Best Car Navigation System 2DIN and Portable
Posted on: August 20, 2022, 09:49:48 AM
A navigation system is almost a must in every modern car to assist drivers and car owners with locations and routes that lead them to their destination. Finding your way with a sound navigation system on your car dashboard makes your journey easier.

Those who don’t have a car with a navigation system usually use their smartphones with the help of a car navigation mobile app as an alternative navigation system but not as good or convenient as the original car-designed navigation system. However, the good news is that you can still buy and fix a sound navigation system on your car even when it doesn’t come with one.

These days car navigation systems come with unimaginable functions, are easy to operate, and are also reliable, built to ease your movement. We are going to discuss more high-performing and popular vehicle navigation systems that can be used to replace your old faulty system or can be fixed for you when your car doesn’t have any navigation system.

Car Navigation System 2DIN and Portable

When it comes to the car navigation system, we have two main types of navigation system device famous known as 2DIN, which is the type that easily fits into a dashboard. In contrast, the other type called Portable, is the type of car navigation system that can be mounted on a dashboard and can easily be removed anytime.

Moreover, the 2DIN type is a high-quality navigation system equipped with many other great features but might as well be more expensive than a portable navigation system. That is to say, a Portable navigation system is more affordable and easy to go for than the 2DIN type, but they both offer real value in terms of features and functionalities.

Price Range 2DIN car navigation system

According to market research, a high-quality 2DIN car navigation system will cost between N100,000 – N200,000 in Nigeria and around $400 – 600 dollars, while the portable type can go between N40,000 – N95,000 in Nigeria, $150 – $300.
Essential features to consider before buying a car navigation system

Before listing some popular car navigation systems, there are other essential features you should look out for a while searching.

SD memory card: In the past, the car navigation system was built to use “HDD,” “DVD,” “CD” as a storage system, but things have changed now as you don’t need an old modern navigation system that needs “HDD” “DVD” “CD” to store files.

A modern navigation system now uses flash memories known as “SD memory cards” and “SSD” as a storage medium to store its data which helps the system resist the stressful impacts such as vibrations and high processing speed experienced with the use of HDD” “DVD” “CD.

Big display: Another thing people considers is the display size of the navigation system, and there are three main types, 7, 8, and 9, but the most popular one among them is the type 7 display.

VICS WIDE: is an evolutionary version of the function “VICS” that transmits information such as road traffic information and traffic congestion to the car navigation system in real-time and can run smoothly to the destination. As VICS WIDE improves congestion accuracy, it also enables reroute guidance to empty roads based on real-time information that VICS could not do.

7 Best Car Navigation System

There are numerous car navigation systems on the market, but I will list 7 popular ones with unique features.

1. Panasonic Strada “CN-RE 05 WD”
2. Panasonic Strada “CN-F1XVD”
3. Panasonic GORILLA “CN-G520D”
4. Kenwood Saiyuki Navi “MDV-M705W”
5 Kenwood Aya Navi “MDV – L505”
6. Carrozzeria easy navigation “AVIC – RQ902”
7. Carrozzeria music navigation “AVIC – RZ102”

Panasonic Strada “CN-RE 05 WD“

This navigation system is one of the best car navigation systems with many outstanding features, including over speed and reverses warning function.

Key features

Type: 2 DIN
screen size: 7 V type wide
storage medium: SD memory card
Terrestrial digital TV tuner: full seg
VICS WIDE correspondence: –
Bluetooth: –
DVD / CD: –
drive recorder function: separately, can cooperate by purchasing CA – DR 02SD.

Panasonic Strada “CN-F1XVD”

Panasonic Strada “CN-F1XVD” is a top-class 9V car navigation system with a large display. It is easy to operate and gives you the features and functionalities, such as a swing display that allows it to float switching between different modes without any need for a special panel. In contrast, the large screen of 9V type gives you the best clarity and bold view.

Key Features

Type: 2 DIN
screen size: 9 V type
Storage medium: SD memory card
Terrestrial digital TV tuner: Full seg
VICS WIDE correspondence: –
Bluetooth: –
DVD / CD: –
Drive recorder function: Can be linked separately by buying CA – DR 02SD.

Panasonic GORILLA “CN-G520D”

Suppose you are looking for a more fancy and attractive car navigation system with good function. In that case, you must think about Kenwood Saiyuki Navi “MDV-M705W” looking at the display panel, you will see the clock, arrival time, destination distance, ECO information, vehicle speed, calendar, weather forecast, traffic jam display, speed history, expressway facility information, intersection information (displayed only during route guidance), Route information (displayed only during route guidance), the weather forecast on the route, AV visualizer.

Key Features
Type: 2DIN
screen size: 7V type wide
storage medium: SD
terrestrial digital TV tuner: Full-Seg
Bluetooth: ○
DVD / CD: ○
Drive recorder function: separately, DRV-N530, DRV-R530 cooperation possible by the purchase

Other great Car navigation systems to look out for are Kenwood Aya Navi “MDV – L505”, Carrozzeria easy navigation “AVIC – RQ902” and Carrozzeria music navigation “AVIC – RZ102”


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