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I am so happy today because I came across this Grey platform that allows Nigerians and Africans to receive and send money in different currencies like Dollars, Euros, and Pounds, including our local currency (Naira). Suppose you are a blogger or a freelancer making money online. In that case, you will know how Nigerians are rejected when sending and receiving money in currencies other than the Nigerian Naira.
If you have been struggling to make money and receive money in foreign currencies but find it hard to do so, Grey is here to help you. You can receive money in 3 currencies (Dollar, Euro, and Pounds). The most crucial part is that you can receive the money at the black market exchange rate or choose to receive it in foreign currencies into your domiciliary account.

What IS Grey?

Grey is an online service that offers digital foreign accounts for Africans, enabling people and companies to receive money rapidly from overseas with virtual IBANs and virtual account information.

The platform makes it possible for retail FX buyers and sellers to exchange currencies and be paid right away at the lowest rates available. Grey also offers a digital wallet solution that makes it secure to add money in several currencies to your wallet.

They facilitate transferring money to other nations to pay for fees, medical expenses, and other overseas expenditures. Their platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use. Grey is undoubtedly safe and secure, and there is no reason to be afraid of using Grey.

Most importantly, Grey is designed to free you from the headaches involved with international transfers and foreign exchange by reducing your stress. You may transact in foreign currency without additional fees and make and receive cross-border payments at home or abroad.

Why you need Grey

You can link it to your Paypal account and withdraw efficiently and use it to receive your Adsense earnings. Have you had issues setting up a domiciliary account to get payments from Adsense or any other platform?
Grey is your best bet on receiving your Adsense earnings, so you don't have to put yourself through the rigors.

The best part is that you may withdraw money directly to your bank account and receive it at black market rates. You may get your earnings using Adsense whether it is headquartered in Nigeria, the UK, or Europe. Grey enables you to establish a USD, EUR, or GBP account in under a minute.

Creating a New Account on Grey

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your Grey account.

Step 1
Log on to Grey.co

Click on "Create a free account" (You'll be redirected to the sign-up page)

Step 2
Complete the form on the sign-up page: fill in your Legal name as it appears on your ID, phone number, email address, and password. (Ensure to use a strong password)

Enter referral code - learn more about our referral program here.

Click on "Create your account."

NOTE: If you already have a Grey account, click on Login to access your account.

You have successfully created your account. Next is verifying your email and proceeding to verify other required information.

Start the registration process here

From my experience, the registration process is not easy or hard because you need some documents to be a verified user of Grey. During my registration, I provided my utility bill (NEPA BILL) and my NIN Slip and took some live video images. Presently I am a fully verified grey user because the benefits are endless.

Grey Fees

Just like every other only payment processing platform, there is a small fee to pay when receiving and withdrawing your funds. Based on my experience, I tried to withdraw $100 into my Nigerian bank account, and I was charged $5, leaving me with $95, which is not bad compared to other similar platforms.

Read: Virtual dollar Providers in Nigeria not working, what next?

What currencies can I send abroad?

Grey platform only supports GBP and EUR payouts to the UK and countries within the EEA region.

What countries are in the EEA region?

CroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
SloveniaSpainSwedenUnited kingdom

Do you support EUR/GBP Payouts via International WIRE/SWIFT transfers?

[p]No. EUR and GBP payouts are made via local payment schemes supported in the UK(FPS and CHAPS) and EEA region(SEPA Transfers).

How long does a transfer take?

EUR and GBP transfers; are usually completed within 1-3 business days. The recipient; is expected to receive their funds within this time frame.


  • Transfers initiated after 3 pm (WAT) are treated as next-day transactions because payments; are sent during banking hours.
  • Delays may occur if the country/bank you are sending to; is observing a national holiday. We/banks may also carry out security checks; and extra verifications, which could increase the estimated timelines.

What are the minimum and maximum I can send?

Here's the transaction limit per transaction; however you can make multiple transactions.


What are the charges for sending money abroad?

EUR/GBP - From your balance, sending these currencies has a 0.5% fee with a minimum of 10 EUR or 10 GBP.

Note:- There are fees for the payment method used to deposit the funds you want to send and currency conversions.

Important things to note on sending money abroad

  • You do not need to create a virtual account first to be able to send money abroad.
  • EUR/GBP Payouts are made to the beneficiary's account on your behalf. You cannot send payments with a virtual account. Grey makes these payouts on behalf of its users.
  • We do not support withdrawals/transfers/sending or making payouts to CRYPTOCURRENCY, P2P, BETTING, and FOREX TRADING PLATFORMS. When a user goes against this rule and the funds are reversed, the transfer and reversal charges are deducted from the amount. i.e., the user pays the transfer and reversal fees.

Finally, Grey has come to stay and is ready to solve all our problems of sending and receiving money abroad. If you are a freelancer, affiliate marketer, a blogger who receives money from your clients, then you have Grey to make everything easier for you. However, I can't explain everything about them here, and you can take a look yourself here

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