Airtel Talkmore Voice bundle (ExtraCREDIT)


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Airtel Talkmore Voice bundle (ExtraCREDIT)
Posted on: September 12, 2022, 11:09:25 AM
Airtel Talkmore ExtraCREDIT gives you more airtime than what you paid for, just like the word EXTRA is attached to the name of the service. With Airtel Talkmore ExtraCREDIT you can get N5,000 worth of airtime with Just N1,000, and the biggest is getting N15,000 extra credit for just N3,000.
I am not only going to show you more about Talkmore but as well as other airtel special voice and data packages means while you can check out: , Airtel Data Plans 2022 — Bundle Prices And Subscription Codes if that what you want.

How does Airtel Talkmore ExtraCREDIT work?

Airtel Talkmore is a new service that gives you extra credit to make local and international calls. No need to spend more on calls. The Talkmore gives you 5 times whatever you recharge, and if that sounds good to you, then it's yours. The calculation is simple.
  • N100 = N500
  • N200 = N1000
  • N300 = N1500
  • N500 =N2500
  • N1000 = N5000

It doesn't end with 1k recharge, you can recharge 3000 or 5000 and you will be given 5 times of whatever you recharge. But wait, there is one more good news about Airtel Talkmore ExtraCREDIT. The extra credit has 30 days' validity which means that the airtime you get will be able to stay on your phone for the next 30 days.

For me, the 30 days validity is the real deal, unlike some network operators that will give you more airtime and ask you to use it within 24 hours or a few days. but with Airtel ExtraCREDIT Talkmore, as they tagged it, you will be sure to stay in touch with your family and friends just how you want and when you want.

How to activate Airtel Talkmore

In case you have forgotten, the official Airtel recharge code is *126#, but the good news is that you don't need a special recharge code to activate the extra credit. It's not like MTN *888* recharge. Airtel ExtraCREDIT does not need a special recharge code.

What you need is the special USSD code that you can use to activate it, and what is the shortcode for the Airtel extra credit? The code is *234#. All you need to do is to recharge your phone as you normally do and then dial *234# on your airtel line to go to the extra credit menu.

When you dial *234#, you will see the voice bundle options like this:

Airtel Voice bundle lists
  • 1. Talkmore
  • 2. 6X
  • 3. Everyday On Plans
  • 4. Voice Plus
  • 5. Data Plus
  • 6. Choplife Data
  • 7. Check Bundle Balance

This Airtel shortcode is all you need to enjoy more goodies on the Airtel network, and when you see the options above, you will know that the USSD is not just for Airtel extra credit (Talk more) but also gives you something like:
* Option 1, Talkmore: Talkmore is what we discuss on this page, and if you want to enjoy the extra credit. Select option 1, and you will see a list like:

Talkmore 5X (30days)

  • 1. N100 gives N500
  • 2. 200 gives you N1000
  • 3. 300 gives you N1500
  • 4. 500 gives you N2500
  • 5. 1000 gives you N5000

select any option that suits you from the list, and you will be rewarded 5 times extra credit on your phone. However, if you need more like 3000 x 5 or 5000 x 5, you can type * to go to the next options, which include bigger offers. Note that this extra credit can only be used to make calls within 30 days and can't be used for data subscriptions and other things.

Airtel Talkmore ExtraCREDIT bundles

Bundle PriceValue ReceivedDirect Purchase CodeValidity
N60N300*234*60#3 Days
N100N500*234*100#30 Days
N150N750*234*150#30 Days
N200N1,000*234*200#30 Days
N250N1,250*234*250#30 Days
N300N1,500*234*300#30 Days
N500N2,500*234*500#30 Days
N700N3,500*234*700#30 Days
N1,000N5,000*234*1000#30 Days
N1,500N7,500*234*1500#30 Days
N3,000N15,000*234*30#30 Days

* Opion 2, 6X: This option gives you 6 times your airtime recharge but doesn't work like the Talkmore that doesn't require any recharge code. To enjoy Airtel 6x recharge bonus, you must recharge your phone using this recharge code *555*PIN#. It looks like MTN recharge, right? It works for airtel too.

* Option 3, Everyday On Plans: This is more about the Airtel data plan than what the name looks like. When you select option 3, you see something like:

  • 1. N3000/15GB/30 days
  • 2. N6000/45GB/30 days
  • 3. N60/200MB/Daily
  • 4. 120/450MB/Daily

So if the options above look nice to you, then you go for it because that's what Airtel always On is all about

Option 4 Airtime Plus: If you don't just want airtime but what to get more airtime + some data to browse, then the Airtel airtime plus will do the magic for you. When you select option 4, you will see the list like:

  • 1. N1500 + 50MB for N300/7days
  • 2. N2500 + 1000MB for N500/7days
  • 3. N5000 + 300MB for N1000/14days

If you need more, select option *, and you will be taken to the next available options.

Option 5 Data Plus: Airtel data plus, unlike the voice plus, gives you more data and more airtime to call and browse. If that's what you want, then go for option 5, which is data plus, with the following options:

  • 1. N300 - 200MB + N6000
  • 2. N500 - 500MB + N1000
  • 3. 1GB + N2000 for N1000/14days
  • 4. 3GB + N4000 for N2000/30days

Option 6, Choplife: This is another Airtel data bundle called choplife, though the bundle doesn't make sense to me, but who knows, you might like it. the list on this Airtel choplife bundle is as follows:

  • 1. N50 gives 50MB
  • 2. N200 gives 250MB
  • 3. N500 for 1,2GB

Finally, I have listed all the offers you will get when you use the Airtel *234# shortcode and what you stand to gain from each of them. I hope it's helpful, if you have any questions or need more clarifications, feel free to use the comment option under this page. However, you can as well visit Airtel talk more page for me here

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