How to Play Bet9ja Lotto Game


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How to Play Bet9ja Lotto Game
Posted on: October 04, 2022, 01:44:51 PM
The biggest Nigerian sports betting platform (Bet9ja) has recently added lottery games to its platform. You can now play lotto games directly from the Bet9ja online betting portal. Today I will tell you everything you need to know about the Bet9ja lotto.

Firstly, the Bet9ja lottery is not different from others, it's just like the Baba Ijebu lotto, you all know, but I will explain further because I believe there is a good reason to try it. However, Just like every other lottery company Bet9ja has a different game.

How Bet9ja Lotto Works

The difference between bet9ja lotto and others is the time difference, Bet9ja draws their results every 1 hour, and in 24 hours, they normally play up to 12 games. I can say that playing more games per day makes it better, after all, it's a game, if you can win more, you can also lose more.

Bet9ja plays 5 winning numbers and 5 Machine numbers just like other lottery games, but you might not be able to play with any amount less than N50 unlike other Baba Ijebu, you can play with as low as 5-10 Naira. You must have at least N50 in your lotto betting account before you can play the lottery game.

To get started, you need to visit the Bet9ja website and go to the main menus where you will see the Lotto, click on it, and select the game and type of game you wish to play. They have the following options:

  • 1ST DRAWN: Your selected number must be the first number to appear in the winning.
  • PERM1 - PERM5: This is just permutation games like baba ijebu, when you select Perm2, you must get 2 numbers of your selected numbers before winning.
  • NAP1-NAP5: This is what we normally call 2Sure, 3direct, and so on. When you go for this option, it means that the numbers you selected must come in the winning numbers before you can win.

Names of Bet9ja games

Bet9ja offers different games at different times of the day. The lottery game is always available 24/7, and their game names are based on the state names in Nigeria. I am not sure about the time each game plays, but I know there is always a game to play on the Be9ja website. Below is the list of games you can play on:

  • Borno
  • Benue
  • Imo
  • Kano
  • Edo
  • Kaduna
  • Lagos
  • Kebbi
  • Taraba
  • 9JA Special
  • Lucky
  • Ibadan
  • National
  • Bonanza
  • Fortune
  • Midweek
  • Monday Special

Can I play Ghana games on Bet9ja Lotto?

The answer is yes, Be9ja lotto allows you to play Ghana lottery games on their platform without any stress, and it's the same game, with the same results, and the same as Premier lotto. name like Special, Lucky, Midweek, Fortune, Bonanza, and National are all Ghana games with the same results.

Why you should try the Bet9ja lottery

I can tell you that playing your lotto games on the bet9ja platform is more beneficial than playing them on other platforms, and here are the reasons:

Instant payment: If you normally play bet9ja sports bet, you will understand how fast you can receive your money any time you win any game. It's as good as using your phone to transfer money to your bank account.

All your favorite games in one place: Many of you are very familiar with Bet9ja because of the sports betting, but now if you are a lotto player, you can play both sports bet and lotto in one website.

One betting account, one funding account: Whether you are playing a lotto game or sports betting, one account serves all the purposes, once you fund your betting account, you can use it play Bet9ja lotto, Sports betting and other virtual casino games and lots more.

How to get Bet9ja lotto past results

To understand how bet9ja lotto works, you might need to find the previous results and work on them to learn their game system. Past results also help you to stand a better chance of winning the game. However, the past results are made available on the Bet9ja lotto portal.

To find the past results, simply visit the bet9ja website, on the top menu, you will see lotto, click on it and click results. you will see the list of games and their results. Kindly learn more about Bet9ja lotto by reading their terms and conditions below.


  • Bet9ja Lotto is a game based on the lottery. Players can place bets and watch a live video stream of the random draw, where 5 balls out of 90 are chosen.
  • All malfunctions will void all payments.
  • The minimum age required to play is 18.
  • Once the terminal has printed the betting ticket, and the bet cannot be altered nor canceled at the player’s request, regardless of any declarations by the player.
  • If tickets are being presented by individuals who don’t meet the aforementioned requirements, the manager has the duty NOT to pay winning tickets.
  • 2nd Chance (Machine Number) ODDS are paid ONLY on 1st Number Drawn, NAP and PERM bet types.
  • 90 balls are placed in the lottery drum.
  • The balls are numbered from 1 to 90.
  • 10 playing balls are drawn per event, 5 for the main draw, and 5 for the 2nd Chance draw.
  • The duration of the event is fixed.
  • The drawing is carried out automatically using a lottery machine.
  • Each draw is broadcast live.
  • Each draw is recorded.
  • The game sequence comprises the following parts:Place your bet, Draw & Results.
  • Place your bet –the time and date of the next event with a unique identifier are displayed. The players can make their selections and place their bets.
  • Available bet types will appear based on your selections.
  • For each selection, enter the total amount of theStakeyou want to place. Based on the total number of individual combinations a market produces for your selected numbers, the total stake is divided evenly between all of them.
  • The following betting limits apply:
  • Min stake/combination – 5NGN.
  • Min total stake/ticket – 50NGN.
  • Max total stake/ticket – 50,000NGN.
  • Max win/ticket – 10,000,000NGN.
  • For each selection, a short description and the corresponding potential prize are visible.
  • Press theConfirm, orPlace Bet(for Online)button to register the bet. A message is displayed to confirm that the bet has been registered.
  • The winnings are calculated by multiplying each stake by the odds.
  • Draw:The drawing takes place, and it is displayed in live streaming. The winning numbers are selected.
  • Bet9ja Lotto has two draws: the Main Draw and the 2nd Chance (Machine Odds draw).
  • As such, the Odds payout differs for each draw.
  • 2nd Chance Odds are ONLY applicable for NAP, PERM, and 1st Drawn Bets, NOT Colours.
  • Each draw has a unique number, and outcomes can be found on theResultstab.
  • Bet9ja Lotto has two draws: the Main Draw and the 2nd Chance (Machine Odds draw).
  • Results:The results are displayed, and the bets are settled.
  • The result of the wagers is displayed in the sectionBet History.
  • Select the tab “Results” of the game dedicated menu.
  • The draw results are displayed as a list where the following information is provided:
  • Game
  • Date and time
  • Draw identifier
  • Name
  • Result or status

  • PERM BETS: The PERM (number) decides the number of combination bets (permutations).
  • For NAP BETS, ALL selected numbers must be drawn. If someone chooses 5 numbers and selects NAP5, this means that ALL the 5 selected numbers must be drawn to win the bet.
  • FIRST Number Drawn –Your chosen number must be the FIRST winning number drawn to win the bet.


Draw: Random selection of numbers to decide the winning result. Each draw is assigned a unique identifier.

Machine: A mechanical device used to hold, mix and randomly select the winning balls of the draw.

Balls: A set of numbered (and coloured) balls used for the game.

Drum: The part of the machine where all the balls are placed, shuffled, and where the winning balls are randomly selected.

Tube: The part of the machine where all balls are placed after the presentation. Later the balls are mixed, and the winning balls are drawn.

Odds: Numerical expression determined by the operator, which is multiplied by the amount of the player’s stake to calculate the winnings.

Video recording: A recording of a draw’s visual and audible components.


  • Bet9ja can cancel the draws due to:
  • Technical failures: Internet connection problems.
  • Technical problems in the studio.
  • The balls are not prepared before the start of the draw.
  • A ball or balls cannot be seen on screen due to the presenter’s actions.
  • In these cases, the related bets are marked as void, and the tickets are refunded.

Special cases

  • If the sound during the broadcast is lost or the presenter announces the wrong winning ball numbers, the correct draw outcomes, and winning numbers are determined by the video recording available in the Result section.
  • If a player cannot see the live broadcast due to technical reasons at his end (no internet connection, no electricity, etc.), but the draw result has been registered and can be found on the gaming system, the draw is deemed to have taken place.

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Re: How to Play Bet9ja Lotto Game
#1 Posted on: December 31, 2022, 11:38:10 PM
Why will the potential pot win of perm2 usually reduce if the third number is been drawn from 2nd chance...😭😭


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Re: How to Play Bet9ja Lotto Game
#2 Posted on: March 15, 2023, 08:46:22 PM
In bet9ja colour lotto,if I choose 5 yellow an at the end of the draw 5 yellow draws apear at of 10 I hope I have win


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Re: How to Play Bet9ja Lotto Game
#3 Posted on: March 15, 2023, 09:55:39 PM
In bet9ja colour lotto,if I choose 5 yellow an at the end of the draw 5 yellow draws apear at of 10 I hope I have win
Am not sure how their color LOTTO game works but if you won, then your bet9ja account will be credited

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