Best Inverter for MTN Lumos solar that can't get burnt

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Best Inverter for MTN Lumos solar that can't get burnt
Posted on: October 26, 2022, 09:01:28 AM
If you have MTN Lumos solar or any similar solar installation that uses DC to AC converter, you need to know the suitable Inverter to buy.
I have been using MTN Lumos solar system since 2017, and it's now mine and free to use. That is to say that I am no longer into some monthly subscriptions. However, I have had some problems using the MTN Lumos solar system over the years, and one of the biggest challenges I faced is the Inverter, known as DC to AC converter.

When I got the solar system newly, it came with a 70W DC-AC converter, and within two weeks, it got burnt, so I had to rush to the MTN office for a replacement. After a long process, I was given a 60W converter instead of the 70W the solar came with when I first got it.

I was told that users have been abusing the solar system due to the high-capacity Inverter. Well, even the 60W I got from MTN for the second time got burnt in no time, and when I returned, they told me they didn't have any more inverters available.

I was paying for the MTN Lumos solar every month, and leaving the solar unused to wait for MTN to give me another Converter/Inverter was a waste of time and resources, so I had to look for an alternative.

I went straight to to see if I could find a DC-AC converter, and yes, I found the black and red type 150W Inverter, which I bought for #6,000 then. I was afraid, though, because I didn't know if it would work or not, but I was ready to take the risk than leave the solar by the side and pay for what I didn't use.

My review of the first 150W inverter: MTN Mobile Solar Dc To AC Inverter Replacement Alternative.

When the Inverter arrived from Jumia, I tried it, and it worked perfectly well, but I still had some issues with the 150W Inverter.

1. The new Inverter doesn't last, and I bought it three times before I found a lasting solution, which I will share below.

2. The 150W capacity written on the Inverter doesn't look like a 150W converter by performance. However, it still performed better than the ones I got from MTN.

At a point, MTN told me that my warranty only covers one inverter replacement, and then after, I would be paying for it, I never went back to MTN, I liked the type I found on Jumia, and I kept on replacing it any time it got burnt.

What is DC - AC converter or Inverter

Let me start by introducing what DC to AC converter is all about; first, DC is an abbreviation for Direct Current, while AC means Alternating Current most of the electrical appliances we use in Nigeria only support alternating current (AC). So to make use of the MTN Lumos solar, which comes with direct current (DC), you will need a converter, also known as an inverter, to convert the direct current to an alternating current

Best Inverter for MTN Lumos solar
After spending a lot of money buying a new inverter regularly, I researched and found a more considerable 200W and 500W Inverter. However, I was told that it wouldn't work with an MTN installer, but I still went ahead and bought it. To my greatest surprise, it worked perfectly, and for years now, I am still using one single Inverter.

You can see the image above to know the type of Inverter I am talking about, and trust me, you will thank me later.

4 Benefits of using this big 200-500W Inverter

MTN Lumos solar users who are not currently using this Inverter are missing something and spending unnecessary money replacing the follow-come Inverter. Below are the four reasons you should start using this 200W or 500W Inverter for your MTN Lumos solar.

1. It has a higher capacity and can power more electrical appliances than the one you got from MTN.

2. Durability is another benefit of having this type of Inverter, I have used mine for years, and I don't see any sign of getting weak.

3. Note as expensive as you think, and honestly, I got mine 9000 Naira then, the current price is between 12,000 - 18,000 Naira which is still better than the peace of mind it gives.

4. I never knew what an inverter was until I got the MTN solar and thought I could only find it from the MTN office, but no, this type of Inverter can be gotten from anywhere and at any time.

Where to buy the DC - AC inverter

If you need this type of DC- AC inverter, you can find it from Jumia here, and you can also buy it from any solar stores near you.

Note: You can still buy150W of the same type of inverter they still work better than the one you get from Lumos or MTN.

>> Buy from Jumia here <<

Before you go, I practice what I preach and have made a video to show you how Inverterrter works on this YouTube link .... Kindly watch and subscribe to my channel. Watch this video >

Current MTN Lumos subscription price

MTN and Lumos are killing people with their new prices, when I got mine, I was paying 4,500 monthly, but now, MTN Lumos monthly subscription costs 600+. Below is the screenshot of their new subscription price.
If you have any questions about MTN Lumos solar system, feel free to ask because I know a lot about the solar system.

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