Season of Jumia Black Friday sales (Best time to shop)


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Season of Jumia Black Friday sales (Best time to shop)
Posted on: October 30, 2022, 03:56:01 AM
Let's discuss Jumia black Friday and other things you should know about this promotional season. At this point, a seller desires to make more sales, while buyers desire to get pieces of stuff cheaper than the usual price.

The time for black Friday promotion sales is here, and it's time to shop if at all you intend to buy anything before the end of the year. I don't know if you have been utilizing the black Friday promotional offers the way you should. Whatever the case, I will explain a few things you need to know about the Black Friday promo.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a season of promotional sales and offers. When you hear or see the word "Black Friday", it simply means a period when sellers give special offers on products and services. It usually comes at the end of every year, between November and December, when people mostly need special offers on their desired products and services.

In Nigeria, the only black Friday most people know about is Jumia black Friday, but the truth is that the promotional period of the year called Black Friday doesn't start or end with Jumia. Buying during this year's promotional period is the best way to save money. During this period, I normally buy some SEO tools and buy Webhosting at a slashed price for those who know what I meant by website and SEO tools.

Jumia Black Friday date

Jumia has set a date for their yearly black Friday promo, and I am sure you are prepared to shop like never before. This year's Jumia Black Friday will start on the 4th of November 2022 and end on the 30th of November 2022. This is the time to shop for your favorite products on Jumia, such as Smartphones, Clothes, electronics appliances, groceries and other accessories.

To get items at a cheaper rate from Jumia, you must learn to monitor an item you are interested in buying because the price is not always stable during black Friday promo. You can even list out the things you need and can get from Jumia based on your budget and monitor for the best price drop.

Pay attention to Jumia Flash sales

Generally, a flash sale is a promotional sale of goods and services at greatly reduced prices, and the offers only last for a short period. Jumia flash sale is for the fastest fingers because the item used for flash sale is always limited. To beat them on their own game, you need to monitor your desired items and take note of the flash sale time so that you don't miss out.

Jumia Treasure hunt is a suicide mission because it's nearly impossible to find an iPhone 13 for 3K or 5k, not that people are not finding it. Still, it's just one out of millions of people who waste their data and time trying to find the hidden treasure. However, who knows, you might be the luckiest to find expensive phones and other items.

Jumia Friday Rush

Every Friday is a special promotional day, Jumia black Friday will run between 4th November - 30th Never, within this specific time, every day is a black Friday, but Fridays are always more special with irresistible offers. So if you are ready for Jumia black Friday, then it's time doesn't miss to take a look every Friday for amazing offers.

>> See Jumia Black Friday offers <<

Jumia tower is also another way to get free awoof and discounts, all you need to do is to download the JUMIA app and play the jumia hero game, you are allowed to play 5 levels per day. The more you play, the more you stand a chance to win.
Jumia Tower | How it works

  • The game is available for signed-in users with their Jumia account
  • The game will show a Jumia box rigged to a crane hanging from the top, moving left to right
  • The game starts once the player taps to place the first Jumia box.
  • Players have to tap on the screen to drop the moving Jumia box on top of the last Jumia box
  • Players use one try/life if the Jumia box doesn't place correctly on top of the last box
  • The Player has three tries/lives then the game will be over.
  • Score counted based on how many Jumia box players can place on top of each other until the game over
  • The player can redeem his prize according to his last score.
  • The player can redeem his prize once per day.
  • Players can play the game multiple times per day

Jumia also added what they call Sunday super savers, which means that you can enjoy great discounts on Sundays and not just Fridays. It's time to shop for your kids and stock your house with the necessary groceries you need. Happy shopping

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