How to remove Palmpay Ok Card warning on your phone


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How to remove Palmpay Ok Card warning on your phone
Posted on: November 14, 2022, 04:21:20 PM
Are you trapped with the Palmpay Ok Card loan repayment warning on your phone and wish to remove its security and deactivate the watermark reminder?

Well, you are at the right place at the right time, I have been in your situation, too, and I will tell you everything I know about Palmpay and their services called Ok Card payment and loan. Some Time ago, my phone was almost rendered useless by Palmpay for owing them 3k, which I thought I had paid. I could make calls and receive messages but couldn't do anything else with my phone.

That's a terrible experience, but there is a way out, so relax and follow all the instructions I will provide in this post to be free from the Palmpay Ok Card loan payment. I never used them for loans but discovered they partnered with Tecno to introduce Tecno Wallets.

How to remove Palmpay Ok Card security warning on your phone

You are seeing Palmpay Ok Card repayment warning because you own them, though you might have repaid whatever you own. If your repayment is delayed or goes wrong, you will still see the warning on your phone if they can't receive it on time.

However, I don't care how you got into such a mess. My concern is to help you recover access to your phone as quickly as possible. So to remove the security plugin that Palmpay installed on your phone to ensure that they have full access to your phone, you should try these instructions:

  • Open your phone menu, locate the Palmpay mobile app icon, and click on it.
  • Once the app opens, you will see the list of services available. Locate and click on the Ok Card button to deactivate it.
  • You can as well click on the finance button under the page to see your status and whatever loan you might be owning them.
  • If you have not cleared your loan, follow the instructions to repay your loan and then after, you might have paid the loan.
  • Click on the menu sign at the right corner of the page, and you will see the option that says deactivate security plugin.
  • Unmark the deactivate plugin option box, and you will be free from the Palmpay warning on your phone, and the loan repayment watermark will disappear.

Can flashing my phone remove the Palmpay warning?

I know that most people are not looking for a way to pay their loan but only for a way to deactivate the Palmpay Ok Card loan warning. I have seen people asking if flashing their phones can remove the warning message.

I understand it can help if you take your phone to phone engineers. They can flash your phone and change settings so that Palmpay cannot identify its owner. However, trying to run away from the loan you owe them is not the best option because it will hurt your credit score in the long run. They help you solve your problem, and when you don't pay them, you won't be able to request help next time. That is the disadvantage of trying to run away from your loan.

How to delete Palmpay account

Suppose you believe that you don't need the Palmpay services anymore, you have every right to call it a day with them by deleting your Palmpay account permanently, but before you do that, ensure that you do not owe them and as well don't have any money stored with them because you might not be able to recover it once your delete your account.

Again, deleting their mobile app from your phone might not be enough to ensure your total freedom from them. To delete your account, you will have to send a mail to Palmpay and ask them to delete your account and remove all your details from their database.

I am sure you know how to send an email using Google Gmail or Yahoo. To send an email to Palmpay, open your preferred mail app or go to the direct webmail portal, compose a mail, and send it to Your message must be straightforward with your details, enabling them to find your profile and delete them from their system.

How to cancel Palmpay Subscription

Apart from deleting your account, you can cancel your subscription without deleting your account. Below are ways to cancel your Palmpay Subscription on Android phones, iPhones and iPad.

For iPhone iPad users

  • Open the Palmpay app settings on your phone, click on the small icon name, and then select the subscription button.
  • In most cases, the subscription button might not be visible, so you must click on your iTunes and Appstore.
  • Click on your Apple Id, sign in, and scroll until you see the subscription button.
  • The final step is to tap on Palmapy, review the subscription and click on cancel, and you are done

For Android users

You must know that deleting the Palmpay app doesn't delete your subscriptions, and if you have the app installed without any active subscription, then you are 90 free from them. The most important thing is to cancel all the subscriptions.

You need to open your Google play store, click on the menu and then go to subscriptions. From there, you will see the list of Palmpay Subscriptions that you have activated. Cancel those you don't want, or cancel all the subscriptions if you wish.

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How to avoid Palmpay Ok Card loan warning

As they say, prevention is better than cure; this Palmpay that introduced Ok card loan services is not like other loan providers; they can render your phone half useless even if it's just N1,000 that you own them so the best thing to do is to avoid them totally if you can.

Moreover, it might be impossible to avoid them when you need something and don't have any other alternative, but you can do a few things to avoid embarrassment.

Always check the loan duration date

Let me use the Tecno wallet or Infinix wallet as an example. If you are using any of the wallets mentioned above, then be aware that Palmpay Ok Card only gives you 15 days loan and is categorized into two stages. From 1-16th of the month and 16-1st of the following month.

If you use your Tecno wallet to pay for your GOtv or buy airtime on the 14th of the month, you must repay the money before the 16th of the month, which is two days gap. You only enjoy the 15 days loan when you borrow on the 1st of the month or the 16th day of the month, and this is what you must know to avoid being harassed after two days of getting money from them.

Checking the loan duration will help you to know whether you will have some money before the due date, and if you don't see the possibility, then avoid them and have peace.

Finally, I hope your problems with the Palmpay Ok Card loan warning on your phone are settled; if you still have any questions, then feel free to use the comment option below and remember paying them if you are still owing them is the best way to be free from them.


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