(Airtel PAYU) How to use airtime to browse

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(Airtel PAYU) How to use airtime to browse
Posted on: November 18, 2022, 10:19:55 AM
If you run out of data, you can still use your Airtel airtime credit to browse anytime you want. The question is how? Don't worry. I am going to show you how to browse with Airtime on Airtel.

A few years ago, when you didn't have a data subscription to browse, you would automatically be charged from your Airtime to help you continue doing whatever you were doing, but there was one big problem. Airtime charges were far too much; if you have 1500 airtime, it can disappear in 2 minutes.

However, the airtime charges for browsing have been reduced and fixed, so you should worry about the charges anymore, but it's still better to use data to browse.

Another problem I experienced is that sometimes you will have data on your phone, but network operators will still charge your Airtime instead, which causes a lot of problems. That is why they provided an option to disable airtime usage for browsing generally, but you still have the choice to use Airtime if you so desire.

When you should use your Airtime to browse

As I said, it's better to use your data to browse than to use Airtime, but most time, you will be left with no option but to use your Airtime to browse.

I have been in a situation where my data got exhausted, and I needed to stay connected to log in to my mobile banking to fund my Airtel line and subscribe to a new data plan.

Generally, using Airtime to browse on Airtel is disabled unless you permit to do so during your data subscription process. If you are not allowed to use your Airtime to browse when you exhaust your data, you will be in a mess if you don't know how to enable it.

How to browse with Airtime on Airtel

To use your Airtime to browse, Airtel Nigeria has set up what they call PAYU, which is designed to solve that particular problem. Airtel PAYU has a fixed charge of N3 per 1MB you use. This means that when you browse and consume 20MB then, you will be charged 3x20=60. You will pay 60 Naira per each 20MB you use.

To activate Airtel PAYU, dial *400# immediately after you dial and send this USSD code. You will receive a welcome message that shows you that you have activated Airtel PAYU services, and from that moment, you will be charged from your Airtime any time you don't have data on your phone.

Alternatively, you can activate the option to use your Airtime when you don't have data when subscribing to any Airtel data plans. During your data subscription, Airtel asks you what will happen when you use your data.

  • Browse using your Airtime
  • Stop my data, which means no browsing

To start using your Airtime to browse choose the option that allows you to browse with your Airtime when you exhaust your data.

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How to opt out

If you don't want to use your Airtime to browse anymore, you can disable it by opting out of the Airtel PAYU services. Just like you activated the service, you can also deactivate it.

To stop using your Airtime to browse, dial this shortcode *400*1#, and this code will tell them that you are no longer interested in using your Airtime to browse and you will be disconnected from PAYU service.

However, you can also stop it by following the same alternative method provided above: stopping your connection when you exhaust your data rather than using your Airtime to browse.

Finally, using your Airtime should only be during emergency needs because you will pay more for data consumption when you use your Airtime to browse. Subscribing to any Airtel data plan will save you much money compared to browsing with Airtime.

You can use the comment option below if you still have questions, suggestions or contributions regarding this guide.


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