How to block Your ATM card If stolen or lost with code (All banks in Nigeria)

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How to block ATM cards If stolen or lost for all banks in Nigeria, I will teach you how to block your ATM card to prevent anyone from taking your money, especially when stolen or lost. You might think that it's not possible to take your money with your ATM pin, but it's possible. I will explain that later in this post.

However, If your ATM card mistakenly enters the wrong hand, your money can be cleared from your bank without you knowing. For that reason, you must block your ATM card immediately if you lose it. I know you can block your card by visiting your bank but what if you don't have enough time to visit your bank?

This guide will help you to block your ATM card easily without visiting your bank. Blocking your card when stolen or lost will give you peace of mind knowing that your money is secured in the bank. We have many banks in Nigeria that have provided different methods to block your card.

I am going to show you how to block the following bank ATM cards:


If you use any of the above-listed banks and wish to block your ATM card for whatever reasons, then your problem will be solved in this guide. You only need to locate your bank and learn how to block your ATM card with USSD codes without calling or visiting the bank.

How to block GTBANK ATM card with code

You can block your GTBank ATM through various means. If you have their mobile banking app like GTWorld installed on your phone, you can block your card easily. To do that, log in to your GTBank app and slide to the left to see the following menu, where you can see the option "Card Protect."

Front the card protects, you can deactivate your ATM card before requesting a new card. Secondly, if you don't have a smartphone, you can block your GTbank card by sending HOTLIST NUBAN to 08076665555 using the phone number you linked to your bank account. NUBAN means your account number, so when sending, replace it with your account.

For example, HOTLIST 057377**** and send it to this number 08076665555 as an SMS.

The GTConnect can be reached via the following connections. To request the instant deactivation of your ATM card, dial 0700GTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 08029002900. Another option is to get into your online banking profile and disable your ATM by doing what's described below.

  • Click on the Cards icon and then the Card hotlist link
  • Select Card Number and Request Reason
  • Input your secret question answer.
  • Now click Continue and input the token-generated code. After that, click Submit.

How to block First bank ATM Card

You don't need to worry if your First bank ATM card is stolen or you mistakenly lost it. You can still secure your money without visiting the bank at all, and I understand how stressful it can be to leave your work only to go to the bank to fill out one form or the other.
Thanks to First bank for introducing a simple shortcode that enables customers to block their cards easily. To block your First bank card, send "BLOCK" as an SMS to 30012 after sending a text message. Your bank will take action as soon as they receive your message to secure your account.

Remember, you must use the phone number linked to your bank account. Feel free to go to the bank and request a new ATM card.

How to block Union Bank ATM Card

Blocking a Union Bank ATM card is possible, and it's also simple. You must pick up your phone, type an SMS, and send it to the recommended shortcode. If that's what you want to do, then follow these instructions. Open your phone message box and write "BLOCK CARD NUBAN", and send it to this number 20123

I have already explained that where ever you see NUBAN, it means the Account number you wish to block the ATM. For example, if your account number is 0773987***, you will write on your sms box, BLOCK CARD 0773987*** and send it to 20123. Once you do that, the bank will take appropriate action.

How to block Wema bank ATM Card[ with Code

WEMA bank is one of the most popular Nigerian banks regarding internet payment. They also have a shortcode that can help you to block their ATM card in case of any card theft or misplacement. However, to block your Wema bank card, you need to send an SMS to the shortcode they have provided.

Use the number that you linked to your bank account to send "CARD ATM OFF" to 33352, and your card will be blocked and deactivated in no time. You can also block cards through the Wema bank internet banking account or mobile app.

How to block Access bank ATM card

You can block your Access bank ATM card without visiting the bank when you lose your card. Access bank has a different mobile app with the option to block your card when necessary, and you can also visit their internet banking portal to block your card.

However, the fastest method is to call them, especially when you don't have a smartphone. Immediately disable your credit card by calling 1.800.558.3424 or 1.800.554.8969 if you've misplaced your card.

How to block Zenith bank ATM card

Blocking your Zenith bank ATM card is not that straightforward, but it's still possible. I suggest you visit their nearest bank to block your card. You can also reach them on the following numbers: 012787000, 012927000 and 014647000.

Alternatively, you can block your Zenith bank card by calling the bank or visiting them if you have a smartphone. What you have to do is to download the Zenith bank mobile app and follow the instructions below.

  • Login to Zenith bank Mobile App
  • Click on the three-line menu bar at the top of the app and select Cards and Cheques
  • Select Deactivate Card, explain why you wish to block your card and click continue.

Your request will be recorded and attended to after reviewing them. If your reason is valid, like in the case of a stolen and lost card, it will be blocked for you.

How to block your Stanbic ATM Card

Blocking your Stanbic ATM Card is the easiest on this list. They have a USSD code that can help you block your card instantly without any stress. You don't even need a smartphone. All you need is the phone number you used to open your account.

To block your Stanbic ATM Card, dial *909# on your phone. Select my bank and then again choose a service request. You will now see the option to block your card. You can also block your card by sending an SMS in this format. Block card NUBAN and send to 30909. For example, Block card 77300477** to 30909. The 773000477** should be your account number.

How to block UBA ATM card

If you are one of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) and wish to block your ATM card, then you can do that right away by dialing *919*10# on your phone. Once you dial it, your UBA ATM card will be blocked but remember you must use the phone number linked to your account.

Another method is to contact UBA directly, especially if you lost your phone at your ATM. You can call them on this phone number, 07002255822 or email them if the issue is not urgent at

How to block Unity Bank ATM Card

The best thing to do when you lose your ATM card is to block it immediately, or even when you still have the ATM card but suspect fraudulent activities in your account, you can block it until you verify with the bank. However, there is no unique shortcode that you can use to Block your Unity Bank ATM card, but there are phone numbers that you can use to request your card to be blocked.

To block your Unity Bank cars, call the following numbers: 07057323227, 07080666000 or 07057323226. You can as well send an email to them through

How to block Sterling bank ATM card

If you wish to block your Sterling bank ATM card for obvious reasons, you must try and visit their branch closer to you because they don't have any shortcode that you can use to block the card instantly.

However you can reach them on their social media channels, but the fastest method is to call them on this number 070078375464. Tell them why you want to block your can, and it will be blocked for you.

How to block Fidelity bank ATM card

Fidelity bank has a unique USSD shortcode that you can use to block your card if it was stolen or lost, and to do that, dial *770*911# using your phone number that is linked to your bank account. After dialing the code, follow the prompt to block your Fidelity Card.

From the options, you will see all your ATM cards linked to the account, and you can choose the one to be deactivated. You can contact Fidelity bank on this number 070034335489 or email them via or

How to block Keystone bank ATM card

You must contact them if you lost your Keystone bank ATM and wish to block it immediately. They don't have any unique code to help you block your card, but you can reach them on the phone and request your cars to be blocked.

You can use this number 070020003000 to call Keystone bank and ask them to block your card immediately. You can also send them mail via

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I have shown you how to block your ATM card, but you must learn to keep your phone and ATM cards safe. I have heard a lot of news about people being withdrawn or transferred to another account immediately after they lost their phone. Even most of the instructions I gave above will not work if you don't have your phone, so be very careful with your phone this season.

If you still have any problems and don't know how to block your bank ATM, kindly use the comment option below, and I will be happy to help. Also, remember that blocking your ATM card means getting a new one, and it's not free.


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