How I won a 20,000 Naira surprise Jackpot On Golden chance lotto


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How I won a 20,000 Naira surprise Jackpot On Golden chance lotto
Posted on: January 05, 2023, 06:16:44 AM
On the 4th of January 2023, I received a message from Winners Golden chance lotto with a congratulatory heading, in which they explained that I had won their Jackpot of 20,000 Naira. I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't because the money has been credited to my bank account as I am typing this right now.

Note: this is not a promotional post, no one paid me to write this, but I am happy to share the good news with the Xtremeloaded family because I am so happy. I never worked for this money or even knew anything about the Jackpot.

How it happened

In case you don't know, I play lotto games for fun and as well to make money. I said that because I usually don't play games to make money because I mostly have the money I am staking to win, but the anxiety of waiting for the results and expecting what I played to come out is what I enjoy most.

However, my favourite game is Ghana, from Monday to Saturday evening games, but the game that made me win the 20k Golden chance jackpot was not Ghana Wednesday midweek. I choose to play all my game using Golden chance because they offer me 20% on every money I fund on their platform. For example, If I fund 1000 in my Golden chance betting account, I will get 1200, and you know that the extra 200 can give me 48,000 2sure. Now let me explain how it happened.

On Wednesday, the 4th of January 2023, I funded my Golden chance account to play the Ghana midweek game, but the game closed before I could finish the process. I just played the number I had on the next game, Golden Vision. When the results came, I lost the game.

After a few minutes, I picked up my phone to call someone, but I saw an SMS on my screen, and when I opened it, I was told that I had won a Golden chance jackpot of 20,000 Naira. I thought maybe it came from scammers. However, when I logged into my golden chance account, I saw the 20k there, and I requested a payout of 20K, which landed in my account within 60 seconds.

N20,000 might not be too big, but I didn't work for it, and I never knew anything about their Jackpot, but it came as a big surprise, at least 20k can get me a half bag of rice or one of the Oraimo Earbuds

How to win Golden Chance lotto Jackpot

As I said earlier, I knew nothing about the Golden chance jackpot, but I had to dig deeper to know how it works after winning the Jackpot, so below is the information I found on their website about their Jackpot.

From the little I know, if you wish to win the Jackpot, you must be playing Golden chance indoor games, especially the one that follows after the Ghana games. Everyday Golden chance draws a jackpot from the list of the people that played their game to reward the four last people with 20K each.

However, I don't have the full details on how their Jackpot works, but I will contact them directly to know more, and as soon as I get more info, I will share it on this page.

Finally, Lotto is not child's play, it's gambling, and you should be careful because you can hurt yourself if you don't play wisely. All I can say right now to Winners Golden Chance ventures is Thanks, and God bless them. Unexpected 20k to my bank account in this hardship is not tiny at all. I appreciate them for the money.

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