Pre-order Tecno Phantom X2 Series


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Pre-order Tecno Phantom X2 Series
Posted on: January 21, 2023, 05:57:43 AM
Tecno mobile has done something special by introducing and welcoming their latest flagship Phantom X2 and Phantom x2 Pro, with amazing features. You can preorder the smartphone immediately and be rewarded for acting fast. Read the details below to see where to Preorder the new Phantom x2 series.

Pre-order Tecno Phantom X2 Series in Nigeria

Deposit N25,000 on the brand-new PHANTOM X2 series by preordering it in-store. If you pay in full by January 30, 2023, you'll get a smartwatch and smart sunglasses valued at N50,000 and N10,000.

At the end of the pre-order period, there will be a lottery where one lucky winner will get a full payment refund.
Place your order in advance till January 20, 2023. For your convenience, here is the list of national retailers where you may pre-order a PHANTOM X2.

Abuja- Ggt Phones Mararaba
Abuja- Onuwa global communication
Abuja- TECNO Exclusive Twins Phone Jos
Abuja- Niatic Communication
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive S Namama Kontagora
Abuja- Yisab Nig. Ltd (Post Office)
Abuja- Dee Shallah Communication Limited
Abuja- Mac.T Comm
Abuja- Oma Ventures(2)
Abuja- Royalline luge ShopRite
Abuja- Desylink Communication Limited
Abuja- Pointek Abuja 2
Abuja- Kolia Angel
Abuja- Slot Banex
Abuja- Chi-_Best Communication
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive OC Concept
Abuja- Device & Gadgets Oppsite Banex Plaza
Abuja- Fine Brothers(New)
Abuja- TECNO Exclusive Dr Dre New Bussa
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive Parktel Minna
Abuja- Uj Global Phone Nig Ltd
Abuja- Fontek Communication
Abuja- Buletz Communication
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive Wabilahi Taofiq Bida
Abuja- S-Namama phones & Gadgets
Abuja- Insha Allah Sauki Phones
Abuja- Slot Garki
Abuja- Fine Brothers Lokoja
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive BHG Banex Plaza Abuja
Abuja- Blessed Prince Communication
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive Smith Logistics
Abuja- Nu Dimension Phones
Abuja- Nokia Home Suleja
Abuja- TECNO Exclusive Skyplus Okene
Abuja- C.Mmadu Comm
Abuja- O.G. On Rock Communication
Abuja- 3C Hub Lokoja
Abuja- Explorer Communication
Abuja- Yisab Nig. Ltd (Adankolo)
Abuja- Avix Mobile Communication Minna
Abuja- 3C Hub Abuja
Abuja- JDN
Abuja- Buletz (2)
Abuja- Miracle Phones And Gadgets
Abuja- Konga Banex
Abuja- Micro-Station Lokoja
Abuja- Nagos Solution Communication
Abuja- Dovelink Abuja
Abuja- Tecno Exclusive Dovelink Maraba
Abuja- TECNO Exclusive Alada Phones
Abuja- 0g On Rock Communication2

Ibadan- Top Success HQ
Ibadan- Rashee 2
Ibadan- Femtech
Ibadan- Fast Link Shagamu
Ibadan- Solat Mega Store Mokola
Ibadan- Maxwell Ilesha
Ibadan- Slot Abeokuta
Ibadan- Ben-Teeolak Global Enterprise
Ibadan- Forne Mart
Ibadan- Xright Mowe
Ibadan- Maxwell Telecom
Ibadan- Admor Links
Ibadan- Play Abeokuta
Ibadan- Mchidon Ifo
Ibadan- Tecno Exclusive Fonemart Ilorin
Ibadan- Promo tower
Ibadan- Play Ibadan 1
Ibadan- LaPlace
Ibadan- Makdre Abeokuta
Ibadan- Fast Link ljebu-ode
Ibadan- Solat Mokola
Ibadan- Divine Hope
Ibadan- Anthony Communication
Ibadan- Slot Oshoqbo
Ibadan- Quick Choice ljebu-Ode 2
Ibadan- Bright Daystar
Ibadan- Dayboss Comm 2
Ibadan- S. A. Adewole Communication Ltd
Ibadan- 3C Hub Akure
Ibadan- Solat Challenge
Ibadan- Toaa Phone Store
Ibadan- Quick Choice
Ibadan- Top Success Mall
Ibadan- Top Success Mega store Challenge
Ibadan- Defrayo HQ Owode
Ibadan- 3C Hub Abeokuta
Ibadan- Solat Iwo road
Ibadan- Slot Ife
Ibadan- 3C Hub Ibadan 1
Ibadan- Microstation Iwo
Ibadan- Slot Akure
Ibadan- ljesha Ni Ere
Ibadan- Top Success Akure
Ibadan- TECNO Exclusive Victel Ilesa
Ibadan- Cmore
Ibadan- Samdee
Ibadan- Albarka Network
Ibadan- Slot Ekiti
Ibadan- Our Phones
Ibadan- TECNO Exclusive Amikayble Ekiti
Ibadan- SK Ideal Comm
Ibadan- Great Sunny White
Ibadan- RASHEE 1
Ibadan- Harmonylinks Mokola
Ibadan- Phone Station Ibadan
Ibadan- Tundex mega OGBOMOSHO
Ibadan- Plantom Telecoms Challenge
Ibadan- Femtech Offa
Ibadan- Demmy Global Ogomosho
Ibadan- D-Ray Comm
Ibadan- Oluwaseyifunmi Phonez
Ibadan- Adex Ventures
Ibadan- Mc Comm. Ikirun
Ibadan- 3C Hub llorin 1
Ibadan- Toliblaze Ventures 2
Ibadan- Play 2 Mokola
Ibadan- Fast Link HQ Ijebu-ode
Ibadan- Ik Phones

Kaduna- Smb global shanono 2
Kaduna- Mustapha Communications
Kaduna- Ya-Musamu
Kaduna- Login Information Communication
Kaduna- Afasco Global communication
Kaduna- TECNO Exclusive Advance High Solution Ltd
Kaduna- 3C Hub Sokoto
Kaduna- Sky Communiocation
Kaduna- Nandonia Investment
Kaduna- Smb Shanonoglobal Ventures
Kaduna- UM Communication

Lagos  M Chris 
Lagos        M Chris Ojuore
Lagos        3C Hub
Lagos        Slot Ikorodu
Lagos        Microstation HQ 
Lagos        Slot HQ
Lagos        Slot 1 CV 
Lagos        M Chris Cola
Lagos        Slot Ikotun
Lagos        Slot Ajah 1
Lagos        Slot VI        Manned
Lagos        Finet Awolowo 2
Lagos        Finet Awolowo
Lagos        M Chris 2
Lagos        Slot Surulere
Lagos        Slot Lakowe
Lagos        X right Ayobo
Lagos        Spectrum Ikorodu
Lagos. Slot  Ajah 2
Lagos   M Chris Benja
Lagos        Fussy Tech Ajah
Lagos        3C Hub Badagry
Lagos        Finet Otigba
Lagos        Spectrum HQ
Lagos        Slot Ketu
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Slot HQ
Lagos        3C Hub Apapa
Lagos        Slot Egbeda
Lagos        Slot Apapa
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Alaba
Lagos        Slot Lekki
Lagos        3C Hub Agbara
Lagos        3C Hub Iyana Ipaja
Lagos        Slot Festac
Lagos        Slot Ibeju Lekki
Lagos        M CHRIS IKORODU
Lagos        Slot Admiralty
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Flagship Store ICM
Lagos        3CHub Mushin
Lagos        Transsion Exclusive Carlcare
Lagos        Slot Oyingbo
Lagos        3C Hub Ajah
Lagos        Slot Akowonjo
Lagos        3C Hub Ikorodu
Lagos        3C Hub Festac
Lagos        3C Hub Kodesho
Lagos        SLOT Adeolu
Lagos        Purch Med Rd
Lagos        Pointek Ikorodu
Lagos        Slot Bariga
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Bextamong
Lagos        Microstation Ikorodu
Lagos        Desdee Comm Ibeju Lekki
Lagos        Pointek Marina
Lagos        Konga CV
Lagos        Slot Alaba
Lagos        Slot Marina
Lagos        Pointek Alaba
Lagos        Finet Ikorodu
Lagos        Bailord Ikotun
Lagos        Darling Ronkus
Lagos        X Right Berger
Lagos        M and G Abulegba
Lagos        3C Hub Zenco Plaza
Lagos        Konga Otigba
Lagos        Pointek Medical Road
Lagos        Pointek awolowo
Lagos        Slot Arena
Lagos        Okayfone HQ
Lagos        Slot Lawanson
Lagos        Phonebank Agege
Lagos        Slot Okoko
Lagos        Microstation Mushin
Lagos        3C Hub Alaba
Lagos        X Right Agege
Lagos        3C Hub Ikotun 2
Lagos        Slot City Mall
Lagos        Genus Computer
Lagos        Spectrum Bariga
Lagos        Tecno Exclusive Spectrum Ikorodu
Lagos        Microstation Ikotun
Lagos        E-Plus Communications
Lagos        Teleworld Ojuelegba
Lagos        Slot Abule Ado
Lagos        DSCL VI
Lagos        Slot Yaba
Lagos        Microstation Agbara
Lagos        Slot Ajao Estate
Lagos        Slot Okota
Lagos        Victorious Communication Ibeju Lekki
Lagos        E-Plus Global Commincations Safejo
Lagos        Slot Abule Egba
Lagos        Pointek Saka
Lagos        Pointek Ikotun
Lagos        Cell Phone City Ikotun
Lagos        Tecno Exclusive Spectrum Yaba 
Lagos        Slot Agbara
Lagos        Slot Iyana Ipaja 
Lagos        E-Plus Global Communications 2 Aguda Pako 
Lagos        Avix
Lagos        3C Hub Igandu
Lagos        Akfas Logistics Concept 2 
Lagos        3C Hub Lawanson
Lagos        X Right Abule-egba
Lagos        3C Hub Saka Tinubu 
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Pointek Surulere
Lagos        Microstation Saka 
Lagos        Discount City Telecoms
Lagos        Microstation Ajah
Lagos        Effect Network
Lagos        Value Serve Ventures
Lagos        Konga Saka
Lagos        Raya CV
Lagos        TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Agege
Lagos        Phone 4U Ikotun   
Lagos        3C Hub Marina
Lagos        Finet Ile Epo
Lagos        Finet Otigba 2
Lagos        Slot Shoprite
Lagos        X Right Iyana Ipaja 
Lagos        E-Plus Global Commincations Ejigbo
Lagos        Finet Alaba
Lagos        Bailord Igando
Lagos        EDGE Comm
Lagos        Shoprite M and G 
Lagos        Tegra Eagle
Lagos        X right Command
Lagos        3C Hub Sango

Kano        Star Mobile Kano 
Kano        Mai Gwado Communication 
Kano        Easy Best Phones Comm
Kano        First Global Utilities Limited
Kano        Tecno Exclusive Ustas Yola 
Kano        Nal Communication
Kano        Tecno Exclusive Aliko Maiduguri 
Kano        Aliko Das Communication Nig 
Kano        Ayusah Phone
Kano        Farmcenter Tecno Shop 
Kano        Tec Communication
Kano        Tecno Exclusive AUY
Kano.   Ustaz Cumminication 
Kano        Bulin Transion Shop Maiduguri 
Kano        Toplink        Manned
Kano        Tecno Exclusive Belin Maiduguri 
Kano        El- Kanemi Communication 
Kano        Tecno Exclusive Ayaco Kano 
Kano        Al Farma
Kano        Firdausy Comm.
Kano        Isad Alabaka
Kano        Abba Dubai Communication 
Kano        Alhaji Modu Communication 
Kano        Duriyar Jidda Communication
Kano        AUY Global Communication 2
Kano        Eldawud
Kano        Babangida Global Communication 
Kano        BBZ Communication

PHC        Royalline Phc        Manned-Flexi
PHC        Callus miller
PHC        Exclusive Rewjido Warri
PHC        Rewjido HQ
PHC        Slot Owerri
PHC        Royalline Calabar
PHC        Slot Asaba
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Udec Plaza
PHC        Rewjido Sapele
PHC        Odico Communication
PHC        Raycomm Hq
PHC        Hytel HQ
PHC        Callus Miller 2
PHC        Fine Brother PHC
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Monday Agbor
PHC        Royalline Oron Rd
PHC        Finet Owerri Shoprite
PHC        Royalline Owerri Mall
PHC        Oyibros Comm
PHC        3C Hub Asaba
PHC        3C Hub Owerri
PHC        Slot Umuahia
PHC        Callus Miller Choba
PHC        Slot Aba
PHC        Phone Headquarters Bayelsa
PHC        Rewjido New Plaza
PHC        Callus Miller Presidential 
PHC        Zion Communication
PHC        Micro station Owerri 
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Shop Jilomaac
PHC        Onigx Warri Mall
PHC        Slot Warri 2
PHC        Slot Asaba 2
PHC        C Teco Phones
PHC.    Ezegold St.Micheals Aba
PHC        Phone Headquarter Choba
PHC        Callus Miller Oyigbo
PHC        Ndokwa Agency Phones
PHC        Fine Brothers Owerri
PHC        Callus Miller Ada George
PHC        Rewjido Aggery Road
PHC        Rewjido Artillery 2
PHC        Callus Miller Rukpokwu 
PHC        Callus Miller GRA 
PHC        Monday Phone World 
PHC        3C Hub Umuahia
PHC        Rewjido Warri mall
PHC        TECNO Exclusive EzeGold Uyo
PHC        Rewjido Annex
PHC        Fine Brothers Asaba Mall
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Vinchino
PHC        Phone Planet
PHC        Transsion Exclusive Royalline Calabar 
PHC        Slot PHC GRA
PHC        Pointek Asaba
PHC        Enifome Communication Link
PHC        Royalline Tech
PHC        Ng Mobile
PHC        McKing Nokia Building
PHC        Phone Point
PHC        C Edison Phones
PHC        Yo-Nyce Communication
PHC        Easy Link Comm
PHC        Slot Sapele
PHC        Rewjido Artillery
PHC        JJ Phones
PHC        Itel Center
PHC        Onigx HQ
PHC        Homer Communication
PHC        3C Hub Warri 2
PHC        Nnellis Communication
PHC        TECNO Exclusive Kashmir Umuahia
PHC        Rewjido Asaba
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Easy Link Asaba
PHC        Pointek Phc
PHC        Konga Uyo
PHC        De Prince Emporium 
PHC        Icon Mobile Uyo
PHC        Onigx Comm
PHC        God'S Project Comm
PHC        Slot Aba 2
PHC        Vigho Communication
PHC        3C Hub Uyo
PHC        Royalline Warri Mall
PHC        TECNO Shop OZB Owerri
PHC        Finet PHC 2
PHC        Tecno Exclusive Enassbliss Warri
PHC        Pointek Warri mall
PHC        Slot Owerri 2

Onitsha  Tecno Exclusive K-Ultra Benin
Onitsha  Omegatron HQ Benin
Onitsha. O.G. Winners (Bank Road)
Onitsha.  Finebrothers Abakaliki
Onitsha. Glaceo Onitsha
Onitsha.  Finet Onitsha 2 
Onitsha.  K Ultra
Onitsha.  Ololo Mega Comm
Onitsha.  Slot Benin
Onitsha.  Obejor Comm Nnewi 
Onitsha.   Moscodon
Onitsha.   3C Hub Enugu
Onitsha.   Finebrother-HQ
Onitsha.   Paparazi Comm
Onitsha.   Guaranty Onitsha
Onitsha.   Transsion Exclusive Udec Onitsha 
Onitsha.   Slot Benin 2
Onitsha.   Icom
Onitsha.   Something Else Airport Rd
Onitsha.   Finebrother-Market
Onitsha.   Tecno Exclusive C Net Abakaliki
Onitsha.    Finebrother Nsukka 
Onitsha.    TECNO Exclusive Mobitech Auchi 
Onitsha.    TECNO Exclusive Omegatron Benin 
Onitsha.    Ultimate GSM World
Onitsha.    Transparent Gboko
Onitsha.    TECNO Exclusive Iknorbert Onitsha
Onitsha.    K Ultra 3
Onitsha.    Mobitech 1
Onitsha.    Makata Mobile
Onitsha.    People'S Chioce Communications 
Onitsha.    Fine brothers shopping mall
Onitsha.   Finebrothers Awka
Onitsha.    Saginaw Comm
Onitsha.    Kcee Devices 2
Onitsha.    Transsion Exclusive K Cee Devices Benin 
Onitsha.    Royalline Benin
Onitsha.    K cee Device
Onitsha.    Slot Nnewi
Onitsha.    Slot Enugu
Onitsha.    De-Nebs Comm
Onitsha.    3C Hub Awka
Onitsha.    K Ultra 2
Onitsha.    Finebrother Awka 2
Onitsha.    Keno Comm
Onitsha.    3D Hub Benin
Onitsha.    Mutli Network
Onitsha.    Finet Shopping Mall Onitsha
Onitsha    Slot Onitsha
Onitsha.    Geedan
Onitsha.    Double Val Comm
Onitsha.    5Kings Memories
Onitsha.    Rewjido Benin
Onitsha.    Top Class Telecom 
Onitsha.    Sam Frasco Res.
Onitsha.    TECNO Exclusive Something Else Benin 
Onitsha.    O.G. Winners (Ndupet Plaza)
Onitsha.    Phinet Solution

Pre-order Tecno Phantom X2 Series in Ghana

The newest Phantom X2 series is available for pre-order on Tecno Ghana's e-commerce website with a GH1,000 deposit.

You may place your preorder for a Phantom X2 at any of the official retailers. The administration has announced that "open sales" will begin today and run through January 24.

In addition to the Phantom smartwatch, Tecno is giving away Phantom bags, Phantom earbuds, Phantom smart gift sets, and many other freebies to those who pre-order and pay in full.

Additional perks include 3GB of monthly data for six months and screen warranty protection service for the device.

Pre-orders have begun for TECNO's Phantom X2 series, a cutting-edge new flagship model that has the world's first retractable portrait lens. TECNO is one of the most competitive and popular smartphone companies in the Ghanaian market.

The Phantom X2 Pro is a high-end gadget thanks to its eye-catching and ergonomic uni-body design, flagship internals, huge battery, and highlight retractable portrait camera, all of which are firsts in their respective industries.

The Phantom X2 Pro is an excellent flagship gadget featuring a 6.8-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, dual SIM capability, a 5160mAh battery, and quick 45W charging.

The company's management thinks the audience is about to see a lot of huge shots taken using Tecno's Phantom X2.

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