MultiChoice Nigeria Increases DSTV, GOTV Rates

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MultiChoice Nigeria Increases DSTV, GOTV Rates
Posted on: April 27, 2023, 02:14:24 AM
As a result of growing operational expenses, some pay television providers in the nation have already altered their prices, and others are anticipated to follow suit.

Yesterday, MultiChoice Nigeria announced new rates, following in the footsteps of StarTimes, the Chinese-operated television firm, which did the same thing a few days earlier. Through a text message, MultiChoice Nigeria informed its subscribers of a price change for both its DStv and GOtv packages.

The following is an excerpt from the message that will be delivered to DStv Premium users' decoders on April 30: "Dear Customer, please note that from May 1, your monthly subscription (Premium) will be N24,500." Ensure you're using the service by April 30 to keep your former rate of N21,000 for up to a year.

Under the new plan, the monthly cost of the Compact+ bouquet will increase to N16,600 from the current N14,250. Under the new pricing structure, Compact bouquet subscribers will pay N10,500 (up from N9,000) while Confam subscribers would pay N6,200 (up from N5,300).

N3,500 and N2,500 are the new prices for DStv Yanga and Padi subscribers, up from N2,950 and N2,150.

Subscribers to the GOtv Supa plan will pay N6,400, up from N5,500, while those on the GOtv Max package would pay N4,850, up from N4,150.

Subscribers of GOtv Jolli would have to pay N3,300, up from N2,800, while those of GOtv Jinja and GOtv Lite will have to pay an additional N250 and N100, respectively.

As is customary, MultiChoice Nigeria is offering a price lock to customers who renew their subscriptions before they expire, mitigating the impact of the price increase.

If clients sign up for automatic monthly payments before their current subscriptions expire, they may lock in the cheap rate for another year. Similarly, it allows customers who pay for an entire year at once to continue doing so at the old rates until the new rates go into effect.

Comparing prices across countries, we find that DStv Premium in Nigeria costs $33.11 (N740 to a dollar) whereas in South Africa it costs $879 Rands ($48.48 at 18.1 Rands to the dollar).

Nigerian Compact + customers will pay a monthly fee of N16,600, or about $22.43, while their South African counterparts would pay 579 South African Rand, or about $31.94. It was also found that the price for a compact in Nigeria is N10,500 (about $14.19).

For the three bundles, Kenyan customers may expect to spend either KES 9,500 ($70.06), KES 5,900 ($43.51), or KES 3,300 ($24.34).

Old price VS new price for GOtv and DStv

GOtv PackagesOld priceNew Price
GOtv Supa5,5006,400
GOtv Max4,1504,850
GOtv Jolli2,8003.300
GOtv Jinja1,9002,250
GOtv Lite9001,100

DStv PackagesOld PriceNew Price
DStv Premium21,00024,500
DStv Compact+14,25016,600
DStv Compact9,00010,500
DStv Confam5,3006,200
DStv Yanga2,9503,500
DStv Padi2,1502,500

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