How to check airtel night plan balance (Step-by-Step Guide)


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How to check airtel night plan balance (Step-by-Step Guide)
Posted on: June 10, 2023, 02:58:38 AM
Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications companies, offers various data plans to cater to different user needs. Among these plans, Airtel Night Plans provide cost-effective options for users who require internet access during late-night hours. If you are an Airtel customer subscribed to a night plan, it's important to know how to check your night plan balance to monitor your usage and ensure you stay within your allocated data limits. In this detailed blog post, we will guide you through the process of checking your Airtel night plan balance step by step.

Step 1: Ensure you have a working Airtel SIM card

To check your Airtel night plan balance, make sure you have an active Airtel SIM card inserted into your mobile device or modem. Ensure that the SIM card is working properly and has a sufficient balance or active data plan to access the network.

Step 2: Dial the USSD code

To check your Airtel night plan balance, you can use the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code provided by Airtel. On your mobile device, open the phone app and dial *323# on your phone's keypad. Then, press the call button to initiate the USSD code.

Fastest method on how to check airtel night plan balance is to dial: *323# on your Airtel phone number.

Step 3: Wait for the response

After dialing the USSD code, you will receive a response on your screen. This response will contain information about your Airtel night plan balance, including the remaining data volume and validity period. The response message may take a few moments to appear, so be patient and wait for it to display on your screen.

To check your Airtel night data balance you can as well follow the instruction's below:
  • Open the dialer app on your phone.
  • Dial *141# and press the call button.
  • Reply with "9" for Data Balance or dial *141*9#.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen, indicating that you will receive an SMS with your data balance details shortly.
  • Wait for a few seconds until you receive the SMS containing your data balance details.
  • In the message, carefully review the information provided until you locate the "Night Data Balance" section.

Step 4: Write down the details

Carefully note down the details displayed on your screen after dialing the USSD code. This information will help you keep track of your night plan usage and plan accordingly. Take note of the remaining data volume, which indicates the amount of data you have left in your night plan, and the validity period, which shows the duration until your night plan expires.

Step 5: Alternative method (via Airtel self-care service)

Apart from the USSD code, Airtel also provides a self-care service that allows you to check your night plan balance through their website or mobile app. Follow these steps to check your balance using the self-care service:

a. Visit the Airtel self-care website or download the Airtel self-care mobile app from your respective app store. Ensure that you have an active internet connection.

b. Log in using your Airtel phone number and password. If you don't have an account, create one by following the registration process provided on the website or app.

c. Once logged in, navigate to the "Data Balance" or "Account Summary" section, where you can find information about your Airtel night plan balance. The self-care service offers a user-friendly interface that provides a detailed breakdown of your data balance, usage history, and plan details.

Step 6: Monitor your night plan usage

Now that you know how to check your Airtel night plan balance, it's important to keep a regular check on your usage. Regularly monitor your data balance and the validity period of your night plan to ensure that you don't exceed your allocated limits or face any unexpected data overages.

If needed, you can consider adjusting your internet usage habits or upgrading to a higher data plan that better suits your needs. You can check other airtel data balance here


Keeping track of your Airtel night plan balance is crucial to avoid unexpected data overages and manage your usage effectively. By following the steps outlined in this detailed guide, you can easily check your Airtel night plan balance using the USSD code or the Airtel self-care service. Stay informed about your remaining data volume and validity period to make the most out of your Airtel night plan. Remember to monitor your usage regularly to ensure a seamless internet experience without any interruptions or additional charges.

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