50 prison movies available on Netflix


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50 prison movies available on Netflix
Posted on: June 16, 2023, 03:50:31 PM
Immerse yourself in the gripping world of incarceration with this curated list of 50 Netflix prison movies. From legendary classics to thrilling dramas, this collection offers a diverse range of narratives set within the walls of penitentiaries. Experience the indomitable human spirit as characters navigate the harsh realities of confinement, seek redemption, and forge unlikely alliances.

Delve into true stories of audacious escapes, wrongful convictions, and battles for justice, as well as fictional tales exploring the complexities of power dynamics, resilience, and personal transformation. With each film offering a unique perspective on life behind bars, prepare to embark on a cinematic journey that will captivate and engage. These 150-word descriptions will provide you with a glimpse into the intriguing narratives that await, showcasing the compelling storytelling and powerful performances that define these prison movies.

List of 50 prison movies available on Netflix

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994): A powerful drama about hope and friendship as a banker is wrongfully convicted of murder and forms a bond with a fellow inmate in Shawshank State Penitentiary.

2. Green Mile (1999): Set in a 1930s Louisiana prison, the film follows a death row corrections officer who witnesses the extraordinary events surrounding a mysterious inmate with supernatural abilities.

3. Escape from Alcatraz (1979): Based on a true story, the film depicts the daring escape attempt of three inmates from the seemingly impenetrable Alcatraz Island prison.

4. Cool Hand Luke (1967): Starring Paul Newman, the film explores the rebellious nature of a charismatic prisoner who becomes a symbol of resistance among his fellow inmates.

5. The Longest Yard (2005): A former football star finds himself leading a team of inmates in a football game against the prison guards in this sports comedy-drama.

6. American History X (1998): After serving a prison sentence for committing a hate crime, a reformed neo-Nazi struggles to prevent his younger brother from following a similar path.

7. The Hurricane (1999): Based on the true story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer wrongfully convicted of murder, this gripping film follows his fight for justice while imprisoned.

8. A Prophet (2009): A young Arab man enters prison and gradually rises in the ranks of the inmate hierarchy, navigating power dynamics and criminal activities.

9. The Escapist (2008): A skilled inmate meticulously plans an elaborate prison break while simultaneously dealing with the dangerous underworld within the walls.

10. Shot Caller (2017): A successful businessman turns hardened criminal after a fatal car accident, becoming involved with a gang and struggling to survive within the brutal prison system.

11. Law Abiding Citizen (2009): When a man's wife and daughter are murdered and the perpetrators receive lenient sentences, he takes matters into his own hands, targeting those involved in the flawed justice system.

12. Bronson (2008): Based on the real-life story of Britain's most notorious prisoner, Michael Peterson (known as Charles Bronson), the film delves into his violent behavior and his penchant for showmanship.

13. Felon (2008): After a family man is convicted of manslaughter, he must adapt to the harsh realities of prison life while trying to maintain his humanity and protect his loved ones.

14. The Experiment (2010): Inspired by the Stanford prison experiment, this intense thriller follows a group of volunteers who participate in a simulated prison scenario that quickly spirals out of control.

15. Let's Go to Prison (2006): In this dark comedy, a man seeks revenge on the judge who wrongfully sentenced him by orchestrating a series of comedic misadventures behind bars.

16. The Next Three Days (2010): A desperate husband takes extreme measures to free his wife, who has been wrongfully convicted of murder, by planning her escape from prison.

17. Hunger (2008): Set during the 1981 Irish hunger strike, this powerful film portrays the brutal conditions endured by political prisoners and their determination to fight for their rights.

18. The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015): Based on the infamous psychological study, the film explores the disturbing dynamics that unfold when college students assume the roles of guards and prisoners in a simulated prison environment.

19. Con Air (1997): A group of dangerous convicts hijacks a prison transport plane, leading to a high-stakes, action-packed thriller as a former Army Ranger tries to save the day.

20. Chopper (2000): This biographical crime drama follows the life of notorious Australian criminal Mark "Chopper" Read as he recounts his violent exploits from inside prison.

21. Gridiron Gang (2006): Inspired by a true story, this sports drama follows a probation officer who forms a football team among juvenile inmates to teach them discipline and transform their lives.

22. Undisputed (2002): When a former boxing champion finds himself in prison, he must fight to regain his dignity and reclaim his status as the undisputed champion.

23. Felon (2008): A hardworking family man is thrown into a maximum-security prison after accidentally killing an intruder, testing his will to survive and protect his loved ones.

24. Escape Plan (2013): A structural engineer who specializes in prison security is wrongfully incarcerated and must use his skills to break out of the world's most secure prison.

25. Dog Pound (2010): Three troubled teenagers navigate the brutal realities of a youth correctional facility, facing violence, rivalries, and the possibility of redemption.

26. We Are the Nobles (2013): In this Mexican comedy, a wealthy businessman fakes bankruptcy to teach his spoiled children a lesson, only to end up in a prison run by his former employees.

27. Papillon (2017): Based on the memoirs of Henri Charrière, the film chronicles his harrowing journey as he escapes from a notorious French penal colony in South America.

28. Inside the World's Toughest Prisons (TV series, 2016-present): Investigative journalist Paul Connolly goes inside some of the most dangerous prisons worldwide, exploring their unique cultures and highlighting the challenges faced by inmates and staff.

29. Shot in the Dark (2017): This documentary follows three brave individuals who have dedicated their lives to covering the dangerous world of crime journalism in the city of Los Angeles.

30. The Intent (2016): A gritty British crime drama centered around an undercover police officer who infiltrates a gang involved in drug trafficking and robbery.

31. King of Devil's Island (2010): Based on true events, the film tells the story of a group of delinquent boys in a Norwegian youth detention center who rebel against the strict regime.

32. Gomorrah (TV series, 2014-present): Set in Naples, Italy, this gripping crime drama delves into the ruthless world of organized crime and the impact it has on the lives of both criminals and ordinary citizens.

33. The Invisible Guest (2016): When a successful businessman wakes up next to his dead lover, he hires a prestigious lawyer to help him prove his innocence in a race against time.

34. El Clan (2015): Based on real events, the film explores the dark secrets of an Argentinian family who kidnapped and murdered people during the 1980s, highlighting their double life and criminal activities.

35. The Outsider (2018): Set in post-World War II Japan, this crime drama follows a former American soldier who becomes embroiled in the Yakuza underworld while imprisoned.

36. El marginal (TV series, 2016-present): A former police officer enters a dangerous prison undercover to help free the kidnapped daughter of a judge, uncovering a complex web of corruption and criminality.

37. Blood In, Blood Out (1993): Spanning several decades, the film portrays the lives of three Mexican-American cousins from East Los Angeles as they navigate gang life, prison, and their quest for redemption.

38. Boyka: Undisputed IV (2016): In the fourth installment of the Undisputed series, the film follows the skilled martial artist Boyka as he fights his way through a series of brutal prison matches.

39. Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014): This standalone episode from the acclaimed sci-fi anthology series explores themes of imprisonment and isolation in a future where consciousness can be trapped and manipulated.

40. The Inmate (TV series, 2018-present): A former U.S. Marine finds himself imprisoned in a dangerous Mexican penitentiary, where he must navigate rival gangs and corrupt officials to uncover the truth behind his incarceration.

41. My Name Is Lenny (2017): Based on the true story of notorious British bare-knuckle fighter Lenny McLean, the film delves into his life of violence, criminality, and eventual redemption.

42. 13th (2016): This thought-provoking documentary examines the history of racial inequality and mass incarceration in the United States, highlighting the systemic issues within the prison system.

43. The Fear of 13 (2015): A gripping documentary featuring the captivating story of Nick Yarris, who spent 23 years on death row before being exonerated, as he recounts his experiences and battles with the justice system.

44. Wheelman (2017): A skilled getaway driver must navigate a dangerous night of double-crosses and high-stakes heists after a bank robbery goes wrong, all while trying to protect his family.

45. Happy Jail (TV series, 2019): This docuseries offers a unique look inside the maximum-security prison in the Philippines known for its unconventional methods and the charismatic inmate who runs it.

46. Chicago Typewriter (TV series, 2017): Blending past and present, this Korean drama follows the intertwined lives of a best-selling author, a ghostwriter, and a fan club president, with a mysterious typewriter at the center of their connection.

47. Da 5 Bloods (2020): Spike Lee's powerful war drama follows a group of Vietnam War veterans who return to the country to search for the remains of their fallen squad leader and recover buried treasure.

48. El Recluso (TV series, 2018): When a former Marine is wrongfully accused of the murder of his wife, he must enter a dangerous Mexican prison undercover to find the real culprit and seek justice.

49. The Yard (TV series, 2018-present): Set in a Turkish prison, this gripping drama explores the power struggles, alliances, and brutal realities faced by inmates and prison staff.

50. Inside the World's Toughest Prisons (TV series, 2016-present): Investigative journalist Paul Connolly goes inside some of the most dangerous prisons worldwide, exploring their unique cultures and highlighting the challenges faced by inmates and staff.

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Please note that availability and licensing agreements may have changed since my last knowledge update, so it's recommended to check Netflix or other streaming platforms for the availability of these movies in your region.


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