Enjoy Etisalat Free Browsing on Your Symbian Phone Via SimpleServerApp


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Enjoy Etisalat Free Browsing on Your Symbian Phone Via SimpleServer

Hi guys and welcome to this post, today I like to introduce one of the
powerful software to the Symbian users, the software calledSimpleSer
ver, which canbeusedto enjoying unlimited browsing and
downloadingfor free on Symbian phones, just like JWP app. Thanks to
who evermodthis software for the benefit of others.

To get started
Download SimpleServer software to your Symbian phone here: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/2073412/

The app also required Python for proper Installation, download

Python here: http://infozone.bugs3.com/upload/files/SimpleServer.sis

Create new settings on your Symbianphone as seen below;
Save and set it as your default configuration.
You need to install Python first then install SimpleServer to your

Now open "SimpleServer app” check the setting on it and make sure it
corresponds with below
Access Point : DefaultLocal Host :
Local Port : 8080
HTTP Query :
Front Query : None
Middle Query : None
Back Query : None
Reverse Query : None
Inject Query : www.etisalat.com.ng/contact.ph p
Inject Method : HEAD
Inject Newline : \r\n
Inject Splitline : Default
HTTP Header :
Custom Header 1 : Host
Header Value 1 : music.vodafone.com.tr
Custom Header 2 : None
Header Value 2 : None
Custom Header 3 : None
Header Value 3 : None
Custom Header 4 : None
Header Value 4 : None
Proxy Host :
Proxy Port : 8080
Now Connect and enjoy free browsing and unlimited downloading on
your Symbian Phone!

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