GOtv Jolli Channels List & Subscription price (Updated)


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GOtv Jolli Channels List & Subscription price (Updated)
Posted on: September 12, 2023, 06:42:09 AM
Do you want to know the GOtv Jolli channels? In this post I am going to list all the channels and the subscription price, Jolli is one of the most popular GOtv packages it offers real value for money, especially to those who care more about general entertainments and movies.

GOtv Jolli offers up to 65 channels which consist of Movies, News, Documentaries, Kids channels, Sports, and general entertainment channels. The Jolli Package is not actually the best package because there are others like GOtv Max, Supa, and GOtv Supa+ Plus but to me, it's the best package that offers value for money.

What GOtv Jolli offers

GOtv Jolli is for those who like movies, the likes of "Zee world" and African magic movies but if you want to go beyond that then you might consider other high-cost packages if you are willing to pay more. If you are into sports like football and wrestling then you need to upgrade to GOtv Max or Supa+ packages.

Those who just want all the basic GOtv channels are good to go with the GOtv Jolli Channels because it come with most of the wanted channels.

GOtv Jolli Subscription price

Before we proceed to the list of GOtv Jolli channels, let me show you the current subscription price for the Jolli package. When GOtv first introduced the package the subscription was N2,800 per month but just recently they have increased the price to N3,300 Monthly, so take note of that. You need NGN
3,300 Nigerian Naira to subscribe to GOtv Jolli

GOtv Jolli Channels 2023 upated

To head straight to the reason why you are here, I am going to list the GOtv Jolli channels below along with their assigned numbers that you can press on your remote control to get them on your TV. Categorically Gotv Jolli offers up to:

  • 21 Local channels
  • 3 Sports channels
  • 3 Movies channels
  • 38 Other genre channels

Now what are the channels? take a close look below to see all the GOtv Jolli Channels arranged by categories and note that the bracketed (--) numbers are the assigned numbers for each channel. When you press the number on your remote you will navigate to the channel immediately.

General Entertainments channels

GOtv offers a diverse array of General Entertainment channels, catering to the entertainment cravings of viewers. These channels encompass an array of genres, from drama to reality shows, ensuring non-stop entertainment. Watch gripping series on channels like Africa Magic, catching up on the latest Nollywood hits and riveting African stories. For reality enthusiasts, channels like E! Entertainment provide a dose of celebrity gossip and lifestyle content. Stay updated with international trends on BET, showcasing music, fashion, and pop culture.

  • Africa Magic Yoruba (2)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (3)
  • Africa Magic Igbo (4)
  • Africa Family (7)
  • ROK2 (10)
  • Magic Showcase (11)
  • Trybe (13)
  • Wazobia (128)
  • TVC Entertainments (16)
  • Zee World (30)
  • Telemundo (33)
  • Real-Time (35)
  • E Entertainment (801)
  • Discovery Family (37)
  • CBS Reality (39)

Movies Channels

GOtv offers a captivating lineup of movie channels that bring cinematic magic into your living room. These channels cater to a wide range of tastes, from action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas and timeless classics. With channels like M-Net Movies, you can indulge in the latest Hollywood releases, while TNT brings high-octane action to the screen. For those seeking nostalgia, TCM offers timeless classics from the golden era of cinema.
Additionally, you can dive into international cinema with channels like Studio Universal if you are on the GOtv supa package, which showcases a variety of films from around the world. Whether you're a cinephile or just looking for a cozy movie night, GOtv's movie channels ensure you have a front-row seat to an ever-rotating selection of cinematic gems.

  • Africa Magic Epic (6)
  • TNT Africa (52)
  • B4U Movies (57)

Lifestyle & Culture

GOtv's Lifestyle & Culture channels offer a fascinating window into the world. From documentaries to Food Network's culinary delights, explore history, travel, art, fashion, and more. Immerse yourself in global cultures and trends, all from the comfort of your living room.

  • Spice TV (19)


Embark on a captivating intellectual odyssey with GOtv's rich selection of documentary channels. National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and History Channel serve as portals to the world's wonders and enigmas. From the breathtaking expanse of our planet to unraveling historical narratives, these channels deliver insightful narratives, offering a gateway to knowledge and exploration right in your living room.

  • NetGeo Wild (100)

Sports Channels

GOtv offers a thrilling lineup of Sports channels, catering to every sports enthusiast's passion. From soccer to cricket, basketball to tennis, these channels bring the excitement of live matches, expert analysis, and exclusive content to your screen. Stay in the game with SuperSport, where you'll catch all the sporting action, from local leagues to international tournaments. With ESPN, you get comprehensive coverage of global sports events, including in-depth commentary and highlights. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, GOtv's Sports channels ensure you never miss a moment of the sporting action you love.

  • Super Sports Blitz (60)
  • Supaer Sports Football (61)
  • Super Sports Select 2 (64)

Local Channels

GOtv provides a diverse selection of Local Channels that connect you with your community and culture. These channels offer a unique blend of regional news, entertainment, and programming, ensuring you stay informed and entertained locally. From local news updates to cultural shows and regional events, GOtv's Local Channels keep you rooted in your hometown while broadening your horizons. Whether you're seeking local news or a taste of your region's vibrant culture, GOtv brings it all right to your screen.

  • ONTV (15)
  • Afria TV (17)
  • Sunnah TV (114)
  • Lagos TV (120)
  • Silverbird (121)
  • AIT (122)
  • NTAi (124)
  • NTA 2 (125)
  • Wazobia Max (128)
  • Wap TV (129)
  • Tiwa N Tiwa (131)
  • OGTV (133)
  • Arewa 24 (136)
  • Liberty TV (137)
  • ITV Benin (140)
  • Biscon TV (144)
  • R2TV (145)
  • Rave TV (146)

Teens & Kids channels

GOtv presents a vibrant world of Teens and kids channels that cater to the youngest members of the family. These channels offer a spectrum of age-appropriate content, ensuring entertainment and education for children of all ages. Dive into animated adventures with Cartoon Network, enjoy educational content on channels like Discovery Kids, and let Nickelodeon's beloved characters bring smiles to young faces. GOtv's Teens & Kids channels create a safe and entertaining space where learning and laughter go hand in hand, making it the go-to destination for family-friendly programming.

  • JIMJAM (80)
  • Disney Junior (82)
  • PBS Kids (84)
  • Nickelodeon (87)

Religious Channels

Discover a spiritual journey with GOtv's enriching Religious Channels. These channels offer a sanctuary for viewers seeking faith-based content and guidance. Explore sermons, religious events, and teachings from around the world on channels like Emmanuel TV and Dove TV. Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or a deeper connection to your faith, GOtv's Religious Channels provide a platform for spiritual growth and reflection, right in the comfort of your home.

  • Faith TV (110)
  • Islam TV (111)
  • Emmanuel TV (112)
  • Dove TV (113)

News and commerce

Stay informed and connected with GOtv's News and Commerce channels. Access breaking news, in-depth analysis, and financial insights from around the globe. Channels like CNN, BBC News, and Al Jazeera bring you the latest headlines and international perspectives. Additionally, business-minded viewers can track markets and trends on channels such as CNBC Africa. Keep your finger on the pulse of current events and commerce, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve with GOtv.

  • Arise News (24)
  • TVC News (25)
  • NTA (26)
  • Channels (27)
  • BBC News (70)
  • Aljazeera (71)
  • CNN (72)
  • NTA Parliament (126)

Music Channels

Immerse yourself in a world of rhythm and melody with GOtv's Music Channels. These channels are your gateway to the vibrant universe of music, offering a diverse range of genres, artists, and performances. Tune in to MTV Base for the hottest music videos and chart-toppers, or groove to the beats of Trace Naija for Afrobeat sensations. Trace Gospel uplifts your spirit with inspirational tunes, while Sound City delivers the latest hits. Whether you're into hip-hop, pop, gospel, or global sounds, GOtv's Music Channels ensure you're always in tune with the music you love.

  • Sound City (21)
  • Hip Tv (22)
  • MTV Base (45)

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Finally, GOtv Jolli Channels and its affordable subscription price provide an outstanding entertainment package for viewers seeking quality content without breaking the bank. With a diverse range of channels covering various genres, from movies and sports to lifestyle, culture, and more, Jolli ensures there's something for everyone. Plus, its budget-friendly subscription fee makes it accessible to a wide audience, making GOtv Jolli an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a rich television experience without compromise. Join the GOtv Jolli family today and elevate your entertainment at a price that fits your budget.
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